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Saturday 25 October 2014 – The Linus Pauling Quartet (7″ & Video Release) * Wo Fat

October 25th, 2014 | Comments Off

LP4The Linus Pauling Quartet (Houston, TX)

Pure guitar muscle and Texas Stoner Metal Psych insanity with universal themes like drugs, beer, sci-fi/fantasy, and Bongs of Power. If you like your riffs heavy, the solos unyielding, and the smell of the bong to billow out of your stereo, the LP4 is your band.

“a core point about the Linus Pauling Quartet isn’t merely that they’re a great psych band, but a great band period, able to embrace a lot of styles and moods and work them well. ” – Ned Raggett, Allmusic.com

“Anthemic, stupid and selflessly unrestrained, the LPQ eventually attain self immolation of sorts during the sprawling chaos.”– Phil Mc Mullen, Ptolemaic Terrascope (UK)

“Variety through dementia indicative of excessive drug use and boredom.”– Flipside

“Compulsory listening for anyone interested in modern American guitar rock, or just plain alternative music.”–Crohinga Well (Belgium)

” [the band] should consider doing a few less bonghits”–Michael Davis of Option Magazine

“A quartet of Texas weirdos who’re smart enough to play it real stupid, mining that fine line between drug-induced idiocy and conceptual genius for way more than you might’ve thought it was worth.”– Kevin Moist, Deep Water.

“I don’t know what kind of drugs they’ve put in the Texas water supply, but I hope they keep doing it, because now we have these mutant sons of Yeti.”–Factsheet 5

“…possibly the most enigmatic yet bombastic rock band to emerge out of Texas inthe last 10 years.”–Mats Gustafsson & Lee Jackson – The Broken Face(Sweden)

“… a 2,500-microdot dose of conceptual zig-zaggery so daunting that Roger Dean would get a hernia trying to sketch the album sleeve. Imagine Captain Beefheart’s magic Band “reworking” Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother right on the cusp of the Rapture. ” –Fred Mills – Magnet(US)

“Not surprisingly for a product of the same hometown as the Red Krayola and Rusted Shut, Houston’s Linus Pauling Quartet is equal parts demented and lovable. A sevenpiece with several guests, the Quartet specializes in waves of psychedelic slog thicker than humidity coming off Buffalo Bayou in August. At the same time, C6H8O6 doesn’t abandon humor or melody in its overwhelming sonic onslaught…Like Slater says in Dazed and Confused, “You couldn’t handle that shit on strong acid, man.” On second thought, maybe that’s the only way you could.” – Christopher Gray, Austin Chronicle


Wo Fat (Dallas, TX)

You can wade through as many press quotes about “Texas-sized” as you want or see how many top-whatever lists Wo Fat have made since the Dallas trio got started in 2003, but none of that is going to be the same as staring down their swampadelic fuzz groove for yourself. If you want to know the monster, shake its hand.

In 2014, Wo Fat will release The Conjuring, their fifth full-length and second through Small Stone. Like their last two, 2012’s The Black Code and 2011’s Noche del Chupacabra, it’s a heavy-riff/heavy-jam blast of a time – the kind of record that turns the vaguely interested into converts and that makes the corners on squares look even sharper. Guitarist/vocalist Kent Stump, bassist Tim Wilson and drummer/backing vocalist Michael Walter are jazz-combo tight and their roll is easy and natural, like you remember Fu Manchu being, but bigger-sounding and in the case of The Conjuriing, darker as well.

There’s been a creature lurking in the woods since Wo Fat’s 2006 debut, The Gathering Dark – their second album, 2009’s Psychedelonaut, pulled back on the threat some to lighten the mood – but whether it’s the motor-driven rush of “Read the Omens” or the you’re-already-lost-in-it riff-exploration of 17-minute closer “Dreamwalker,” The Conjuring is indeed a backwoods ritual. Bluesmen have sold their souls for less.

Veterans of Roadburn, Desertfest and a prime slot at Freak Valley 2014, and self-sufficient with Stump handling the recording at his own Crystal Clear Sound in Dallas, Wo Fat push their jams farther than they’ve ever gone before on these five tracks. Topped off with a mastering job from Nolan Brett at Stump’s studio and an otherworldly cover courtesy of Alexander Von Wieding, the beast that Wo Fat’s tectonic riffage calls to earth has never seemed more real or more alive than it does on The Conjuring.

over the last eight years since their first record, Wo Fat have become not only the standard bearers for traditional stoner rffing, but also one of heavy rock’s most essential and forward-thinking acts. The stylistic ground they cover here, from jazzy improvisation to thunder-thighed boogie and into psychedelic expanses beyond would be enough to make The Conjuring impressive, but the fact that Wo Fat accomplish these things while still sounding cohesive and unpretentious — please allow me to introduce you to the 17-minute jam that doesn’t lose itself in navel-gazing self-indulgence and leave its audience behind — makes their fifth a shoo-in as one of 2014’s best albums. ” – The Obelisk


they nail the shit out of doomy stoner rock. They’re the intersection of Kyuss’ anthemic Sky Valley-era stuff, Clutch’s doom rock boogie, Electric Wizard’s Sabbath-on-cough-syrup apocalyptic mist, and, duh, Sabbath itself. And though a billion—yes, billion—bands have done that, Wo Fat do it perfectly. The Conjuring is a hell of an album: excellently sequenced, varied enough to not induce boredom while not risking stylistic whiplash, and all the songs are fucking great. While (obviously) I enjoy doom that drags you across the coals to make you a better/different person (a la Neurosis, Eyehategod, Lord Mantis, etc.), there’s something to be said for just making some kick-ass stoner rock. Wo Fat sound like they could do that in the middle of Matrix and Star Wars marathons on some holiday weekend.” – metalsucks.net


The musical concoction they brew has equal parts heavy power blues, psychedelica, doom and stoner with a pinch of excellent jamming. And man it is an amazing drink they offer and like Sæhrímnir, the pig Æsir and einherjar slaughtered every night and feasted on only to come back to life the very next day, “The Conjuring”comes back by each spin, growing into a delicious drink that I can’t stop guzzling down.” – The Sludgelord


“Rejoice all you psychedelonauts, Wo Fat is back with another heaping helping of their trademark brand of malevolent blues rock. On their latest offering, The Conjuring, the boys from Big D take the custom sound they’ve crafted over the previous four albums and sculpt it into a stoner blooze masterpiece.” – metal-observer.com



(Doors 9pm, 21+, $8)