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Friday 22 August 2014 – Rudyard’s 36th Anniversary Show Day 1 featuring Pura Pharm * The Ex-Optimists * The Last Place You Look * Dead Mineral (Free)

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PuraPharm (Houston, TX)

PuraPharm is a 4 piece psychedelic electronic experimental space rock group based out of Houston, Texas. Our music ranges from ultra mellow space grooves to in your face psychedelic rock n roll with long drawn out endings and plenty of FX pedals. Sax/clarinet and the occasional DJ add to the overall wall of sound. We are constantly looking to play with other bands of similar genres in other cities, and here in Houston.

“Holy God in Tifa’s 7th Heaven, have you heard this girl? It’s like Nina Hagen was fronting the Legendary Pink Dots! She’s got a voice like a living orgasm that just pounds right out of a wall of psychedelic rock until you fall on the floor like the heroin just kicked in. No wonder she’s up for a Best Female Vocal award this year. ”  - Jef With One F – Houston Press: Rocks Off 100




The Ex-Optimists (College Station, TX)

“I’m honestly kicking myself now for not listening to this sooner. College Station band The Ex-Optimists have been on repeat in my headphones for a while now, drowning me in a turbulent squall of Sonic Youth guitars, driving ’90s indie-drone-rock melodies, and hazy, softspoken vocals, and I’m enjoying the hell out of it.

On “Nitemare City,” the guitars are watery and sharp-edged in equal measure, drifting around you like psychically-controlled knives that periodically dart in to gouge out a chunk of your flesh. In the meantime, frontman Kelly Minnis serenely murmurs and croons like he’s already lost in the swirling murk; that is, until the whole damn thing explodes in a ball of fury partway through before coalescing back into its more stable previous state. The closest thing I can come up with is Houston’s own Muhammad Ali, except that this quartet sounds like they’re fueled less by beer and more by green, leafy substances.

Then there’s B-side “February,” which dives sideways into nearly Dinosaur Jr., quick-stepping along through an insanely-catchy melody while the overfuzzed guitars set fire to the scenery. Occasionally feels like I’m listening to a rougher-edged Silversun Pickups — there’s definitely a hazy, shoegaze quality to it, beneath the out-and-out noise. “- Space City Rock



The Last Place You Look (Houston, TX)

thelastplaceyoulook is an American rock band that formed in Houston, Texas. Their debut extended play, The Lies We Tell Ourselves, was released on May 30, 2006. This was followed up with the debut of their first full-length album See The Light Inside You, on January 29, 2009, which featured singles ”Don’t Make It So Easy” and ”Band to Save Me”. In December 2011, the band released a music video and single of “Do You Hear?” a cover of the Christmas song “Do You Hear What I Hear?”. A third as-yet untitled album is currently in production with the first single expected to be “Rip It Out.”


Dead Mineral (Houston, TX)

Formed in 2005 under the name Novox, Dead Mineral have been blasting Houston area bars and clubs with mostly instrumental dual guitar driven rock that wraps beauty inside searing noise. Members collectively hail from other Houston bands including Dry Nod, Sprawl, The Drunks, STOMA, The Keenlies, Run Trip and Fall, Rusted Shut, Project Grimm, Texas Guinness Lovers.

“This four-piece formed in 2005, originally billing themselves as Novox. They released a split seven-inch on Four Letter Music with Fired For Walking this year. The Dead Mineral side features their track “Hyper-Vigilance,” a melodic, shifting instrumental number. Houston’s first and foremost “Ouija Rock” band (note, if anyone wants to hop on that bandwagon, you’re likely to be the second) is definitely worth a listen, especially for those who admire Explosions In The Sky but want something a little surlier.” – Houston Press