Friday, 08 July 2011 – Hot Punk City presents Kimonos * Jealous Creatures * Biscuit Bombs * Zipperneck

Kimonos– (Houston, TX )

The Kimonos are currently recording a new album. The Kimonos are also rewriting their “band bio”.

The Kimonos have been described as “not as good as Whirlwind Heat”. The Kimonos have no idea who that is but are flattered nonetheless.




Jealous Creatures – (Houston, TX )

Taking shape in early 2011, Jealous Creatures began as a collaboration between Houston locals Sarah Hirsch and Josh Barry.

Hirsch had spent time in Austin playing guitar and singing with a number of bands before deciding to return to her hometown and start something fresh. Barry, who had worked his way through a lengthy stint as drummer in Houston new wave band Japanic, was on the lookout for something new.

Reworking Hirsch’s folk-laced demos into riff-driven rock songs, the pair decided to recruit additional members for a full-fledged band. After hooking up with ex-Big Top bassist Lisa Gallo Roth, fellow Japanic keyboardist Rob Smith, and guitarist Ian Hlavacek, the band released its debut album on their own Critter Records label.

The self-titled EP showcases both sides of the band, with full-on rock like “Coffee Stains’ and ‘Faith in Man?,’ paying homage to the gritty pop rock of Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders—while tracks like the subdued Eggs Alone embody a successful mix of raucous indie rock and Norah Jones-like soul.

Currently, the band is pleasing crowds around Texas with their live shows and has plans to return to the studio in June 2011 to record their first full length recording.

Biscuit Bombs – (Austin/Houston, TX )

In 2004 Randy “Biscuits” Turner of the Big Boys put together the Texas Biscuit Bombs with Maximum Rock’n’Roll and Left Of The Dial writer David Ensminger. Their set list included many Texas punk classics (Really Red’s “Teaching You the Fear”, The Dicks “Hate the Police”, and of course many Big Boys numbers), as well as not-so-punk classics (ZZ Top, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Spencer Davis Group).





Zipperneck – (Houston, TX )

A train wreck between the Clash and Loretta Lynn
Mel Hell-Bass & Vox
Jd=Guitars & Screams
101101= drums