Friday 10 February 2017 – Velostacks * HogLeg * Saint Crusher


Velostacks (Houston, TX)
Motorcycles. Leather. Rock n’ Roll. Vive La Velostacks!!! Although originally starting in 2013, it was 2014 that saw The Velostacks transition from a nearly dead idea to a one of Houston’s hardest working rock n’ roll bands. Following a chance meeting at a motorcycle rally, Curtis W. DeGidio (Chrome Kickers, Chelsea Hotel, The Guillotines) and Donnie Stokes (UGH, Satanic Overlords of Rock n’ Roll) quickly went to work. Houston music scene legend, J.R. Delgado (Sugarshack, Humungos, Screech of Death) was brought aboard on bass guitar, with Arthur Hayes (The Next) jumping in on drums and Richard Crishock (Mister Pink, Texas Mod Crushers, Johnny Rioux and the Seven One Three) rounding out on lead guitar. After playing a fury of shows around Houston and Austin, Dave Ng (Latchkey Kids) was brought aboard to take over drums. Playing many gigs and constantly writing, The Velostacksrecorded the “I Live and Die for Rock n’ Roll”, b/w “FU and Your Cocaine & “Brain Dead Cagers” single. As the undisputed kings of motorcycle leather rock n’ roll, The Velostacks, with help of their dedicated fan base ,The Sleazestack Militia, declared their intent of raising Hell and taking names. Late 2015 saw more personnel changes as Curtis moved from rhythm guitar to guitar and lead vocals. Bass duties were picked up by Houston’s rock n’ roll legend Christian “The GFN” Best (The Down and Dirties, Hell City Kings, Whiskey River Revival) and drums passed to Nate Bandor (The Grizzly Band). With this lineup, The Velostacks will be entering the studio in December 2015 to record their first LP “Black Magic & Motor Oil” due out in early 2017.




Hogleg (Houston, TX)

Houston rock and roll, includes members from Dixie Waste, Poor Dumb Bastards, Red Hawk, with ex Born again Virgins vocalist James Redd.



Saint Crusher (Houston, TX)

Saint Crusher is an up and coming DBEAT punk band from Houston. The band is comprised of punk and metal veterans from the Houston DIY scene. With pummeling drums, ear bleeding guitars, and rough take no shit female vocals, Saint Crusher will be happy to kill your ears and drink your beers!