Friday 14 April 2017 – Great White Fire * Beyond Oblivion * Dead Stuff * Endmaker


Great White Fire (Houston, TX)

Great White Fire is a Houston based band that delivers heavy bass grooves, low end 7-string guitar riffs, punchy and driven drums and vocal stylings from 2 vocalists with one goal in mind and 2 different ranges. The end result is a balanced and eclectic sound of punk, hardcore and metal. Derived from the likes of old Houston staples Fault, Fallenline, Arizenme, Pinche Gringos and Spiders for Eyelids, Great White Fire is all about pushing the creativity of each other while constantly writing and evolving



Beyond Oblivion (Houston, TX)

We are a Houston based metalcore band with a message of hope, inspiration, and determination. For the ordinary man and woman we present our message.



Dead Stuff (Houston, TX)

Thrash, doom, grind, black, death, prog, stoner metal from Houston, Texas.



Endmaker (Houston, TX)

Endmaker is a unique grindcore band from Houston Texas. Formed in 2016 by Jason Allen (Radio Flyer & the Wagoneers), Jonathan David (Dixie Waste, Last Will), and Dave K (Pigeon Down), Endmaker is heavily influenced by the punk and D.I.Y. scenes of Houston and Washington D.C. Individually, Endmaker’s members have released over thirty records spanning both cities.

In late 2016, Endmaker released House of Butterflies, a diverse, four song digital download with lyrics and art. House of Butterflies was recorded by Craig Douglas and Chris Kritikos at Origin Sound and Southwing Audio studios. In February 2017, Endmaker released the music video for the song “Lead”.

Endmaker will release two new songs as part of a split 7” with Washington D.C’s Lord in late 2017.