Saturday 13 May 2017 – GENERATION:landslide! * Mydolls * Texas Mod Crushers


GENERATION:landslide! (Houston, TX)

GENERATION:landslide! is a band whose voice comes from the heart and soul of Houston, TX. There’s a raw element here seemingly absent from a great deal of the current bands that are touring and trying to make it. When I say “raw”, I don’t mean idiotic monkeys bashing things, needles peaking and your ears going into shock. No. These people are songwriters…artists…audiophiles. They have a great passion for music and the common man. They are the champions of “garage”-rock and psychedelia; a band of seekers. The band consists of Tom Underwood on Guitar/Vocals, Kathie Muncy on bass/Vocals, Wil Hudgens on guitar/vocals, and Charles Zittle on drums/vocals. The band’s first recording effort, “Tomorrow Was Yesterday”, was engineered by Steve Bundrick at (the now closed) Z-Lab Studios in Houston, TX (Bundrick has also filled in on drums from time to time). It features the guest talents of Greg Trifaldo, Greg Varhaug, and David Watkins. Tom’s songwriting could be considered somewhere in the neighborhood of Warren Zevon, Lou Reed, and Tom Petty. There’s a strong pop sensibility with a raw punk edge.



Mydolls (Houston, TX)

Mydolls began in 1978 in Houston, Texas with Dianna Ray and Trish Herrera writing songs together. Later Dianna and Trish were joined by Linda Bond/Younger and the three went in search of a drummer. After several attempts of working with drummers, Trish’s cousin, George Reyes joined the band and the sound took off with his powerful connection to Dianna’s bass playing. This gave Trish and Linda a lot of room to play with their guitars in a very unconventional way. Linda would sometimes play the top three strings, while Trish played the bottom three, or vice versa giving the sound a somewhat textural body. The vocals were mainly shared by Trish and Linda with Dianna adding some chanting and George singing while playing drums on a few songs.

Mydolls traveled to London, England after the release of their first 45 and were warmly greeted by Mayo Thompson of the Red Crayola and Rough Trade fame. They were also invited to be on the BBC Radio and be interviewed by John Peel. Mydolls did three major US tours in addition to playing around Texas and Louisiana, which took them though the Midwest to college towns and small alternative venues then all the way to New York City to play the NY Film Festival premiere of Wim Wenders movie, Paris, Texas. Mydolls appear in the movie in the bar scene where Nastaja Kinski reconnects with Harry Dean Stanton. Later, Paris,Texas would win the 1984 Cannes Film Festival.

Dianna’s life partner, Kathy Johnston who played guitar in WWI (Women with Instruments), Black Dresses and They Should Have Been Blondes, guitar, now joins in Mydolls shows now along with Ralph Kaethner on sax.



Texas Mod Crushers (Houston, TX)

“If you’ve ever longed for the Jesus & Mary Chain to return to their early obsessions with motorbike, hot rod and surf songs, then fear not. Texas Mod Crushers marry a crushing, Johnny-Ramone-style guitar blitzkreig to an automotive fixation and blazing salutes to their rock & roll heroes.” – Louder than War