Saturday 17 June 2017 – Wizzerd * Hell’s Engine * Dirty Seeds


Wizzerd (Kalispell, MT)

Wizzerd rose from the fallen branches of frozen trees late into October  The Devil had risen in search of blood, and with him he brought an omen of death upon the Earth…Wizzerd.  Fuzzy distortion and high gain on their stone(d) instruments, Wizzerd weaves epic tales of battle, magic, demons, and great journeys into the Unknown.




Hell’s Engine (Houston, TX)

Under dogs of the scene with a very big, nasty bite…. These four Houston punk rock n’ rollas originally formed in 2004, and after both a hiatus and some restructuring, reformed in 2015. With only a self-titled demo recording to claim, they’ve recently hit the studio and released a new EP. If that’s not enough, their single “Chopper Slut” will be released on a 7-inch vinyl split with New Jersey’s Electric Frankenstein on Self Destructo records this fall, 2016. With influences like Turbonegro, Motorhead and D.R.I…… Hell’s Engine will surely not be running low on fuel anytime soon.



Dirty Seeds (Houston, TX)

The Dirty Seeds. No gimmicks, just four strangers gathered together by an ape-like stoner prophet from the future to save humanity with loud rock n roll.

After coming together in 2012, The Dirty Seeds honed their riff heavy brand of stoner rock around the greater Houston area before travelling to Dallas to record their debut EP, King Kush, at Crystal Clear Sound with Kent Stump of Wo Fat at the controls in 2014.

Described as, “No frills, no BS, just unabashed stoner rock that echoes driving ninety down a deserted road full of Lone Star while you run from the cops kind of vibe,” The Dirty Seeds continue to expand beyond their home base of Houston, TX to bring riff heavy rock to the masses.  Along the way, they have had the privelage of sharing the stage with such bands as Wo Fat, Mothership, Karma To Burn, Black Pussy, Ape Machine, Duel, Monster Truck, White Light Cemetery, Choke, Destroyer of Light, Switcblade Jesus, Greenbeard, Joy, Mac Sabbath, and Project Armageddon.