Saturday 08 July 2017 – We are the Asteroid * Supergrave * Smashed Idols (doors 8:30pm)


We are the Asteroid (Austin, TX)

Featuring ex-members of Ed Hall, The Butthole Surfers and The Pain Teens.



Supergrave (Houston, TX)

Supergrave was formed in 2014 and just recently in 2017 reformed with a solid lineup consisting of Allison Gibson – Vox (all female hard core band Manhole from Houston Texas, the Dolly Rockers, Baron Von Bomblast), Eev Rodriguez – Bass ( Manhole from Houston Texas, Sister Munch in NYC), Adrian Arrellano – Guitarist (Bang-Shifts ), and Andy Kaos Vehnekamp – Drums (Evil Incarnate, Jungle Rot, Doomstress Alexis, Texas Massacre). Bringing all of their influences together that include punk, hardcore, new metal that bring forth their own unique punk sub-genre best categorized as death punk.


smashed Idols

Smashed Idols (Houston, TX)

The Smashed Idols hail from Houston, Texas where we rip up the scene with hooky guitar, bass, and drumz. We like to mix it up with hot space sauce and alien lyrics. The jam Bring The Invasion was influenced by Stephen Hawking’s warning that we need to colonize other planets before we get visited by our nasty neighbors.