Saturday 15 July 2017 – Adam Bricks * Cavern Hymnal (doors 8pm)



Adam Bricks (Houston, TX)

From the NYC Antifolk scene to Houston’s tight knit growing music community, Adam Bricks is known for his intense story based songwriting. Since his first release, “Clock Crash EP”, in 2011 he has played throughout the east coast as well as in his home state of Texas. Last April he put out his first full length, “City Songs”, a tribute to his home-city of Houston as well as his NYC Stomping grounds.





Cavern Hymnal (Houston, TX)

“Their music was an amalgam of indie rock and folk. The strumming vibrated off the walls and floor, up your legs, and into your skull. Cavern Hymnal played a trick however. Indie Folk music carries a certain vibe of relaxation and calm. Sharespace was well into its beer when the last song played, slow and melodic, relaxing almost, but then came a crescendo of drums and guitar like a splash of water. End on a high note? Sure, why not.” – Free Press Houston


Saturday 15 July 2017
Adam Bricks * Cavern Hymnal
Doors 8pm