Sunday 08 October 2017 – The Next/SA Creepers * Pat Todd and the Rank Outsiders * The Genzales (doors 7pm)


The NEXT/SA Creepers (Texas and California)

Once there was a time in Austin Texas, when there was only one punk club. There were more than a few discos, but one punk club. It was called Raul’s. The NEXT was a early punk band that performed there regularly. We put every new band or act that we could find on stage at our shows. It was all part of the name, The NEXT. If you were new and did your own thing, we wanted you. We promoted art and sound. Many great people and bands helped our dreams come true. It wasn’t about the money it was about art and character. We love you for you being you, and we hope you share your love for the art and sound of All those who are making this show great. We’re bringing you what we got. You show us what it’s all about. That is why our t-shirts are printed with Raul’s Lives. That’s how we rolled in 1977. Now it’s this way. We are proud the be on this show with such great bands. This will be good !!


Pat Todd & the Rank Outsiders (Los Angeles, CA)

For over twenty years, THE LAZY COWGIRLS were the undisputed kings of Los Angeles underground Rock ‘n’ Roll, releasing countless singles and albums for labels such as Sympathy For the Record Industry, Crypt, Bomp!, and Gearhead. Wayne Coyne, of The Flaming Lips, called them an “American Institution”. The Cowgirls may be no more, but their founder, vocalist and songwriter, Pat Todd, has released a two CD set with his new band, Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders entitled “The Outskirts of Your Heart”. The album is nothing less than the culmination of two years of hard work, love and determination…

Produced and engineered by former Sparks guitarist, Earle Mankey (The Cramps, Concrete Blonde, The Beach Boys, Possum Dixon), at his home studio, “Earle’s Rankoutsider Wreckroom” (whom some have called the “modern Sun studios”), the album reflects the diversity of American Rock ‘n’ Roll, from raunchy rockers like “Alive as Yesterday” to heartfelt laments like “Christmas Day”. As a live band they are a powerhouse- playing one song after another, with everything they have to give. On any given night, they seem to stop time.


The Genzales (Houston, TX)

Taking their name (and inspiration) from Johnny Thunders’ birth surname, the Genzales formed in early 2017 with the idea of just writing some songs and playing ragged and energetic rock and roll: punk rock molded in the form of not only their namesake, but other miscreant rock and roll punk forebears as well like Loney-era Groovies, Real Kids, Nervous Eaters…the Lazy Cowgirls. Messy, noisy and never earnest, and always sullied by their roots, their songs always nod to the Kinks and the Pretty Things. Band members consist of remnants of Houston bands like the Born Liars, modfag and the Freakouts, as well as the B-Movie Rats from Los Angeles. New single for ‘Don’t Smoke in Bed’ on Raw Ramp Records coming soon.