Saturday 04 November 2017 – Scattered Guts * Krullur * Malevolent Force * Insolvent (doors 8pm)

Scattered Guts (Phoenix,AZ)

“Many bands struggle to find their own identity but Scattered Guts offers a fresh, yet familiar sound to the scene. Scattered Guts‘music is littered with heavy riffs and powerful vocals. Drummer Vance Eastland is an absolute monster at creating a relentless, driving beat. Derrick and Zack have a perfect harmony of low-register guitar riffs, laden with shredding-style guitar work.”
-Sandra Acosta-Roberts – Death Weddle Arizona Metal blog

“Describing themselves as “Arizona style stoner thrash”, Scattered Guts appropriately formed on April 20, 2008. The band plays an aggressive style of thrash metal.”

“They’re an energetic and charismatic group which sets them apart from most locals. They joked around in between jams and showed some good stage presence and choreography as well. Their sound is definite American death and dare I say Cannibal-esque”
-Mario Campa –


Krullur (Houston TX)

Malevolent Force (Houston, TX)

If you like hammer-ons and pull offs along with random tempo changes with a mix of old school tradition type metal stuff then you should like us.


Insolvent (Houston, TX)

INSOLVENT is a death metal band from Houston, Texas, formed in 2014. The origins of the group lie with the stunningly brutal vocalist Alice Lima, who traveled to Houston from her native Brazil to visit family in 2010 only to unexpectedly find love in the Lone Star State. Alice met her husband Joe Lovchik at a rock show in Houston and emigrated to the U.S. soon after, leaving behind her band Tharsis as well as a law career to explore the muddy blackness of Houston’s spirited underground.

As the culture shock of the big move began to wear off at last, Alice set to work putting her own band together, deep in the heart of Texas. With her husband locking down the low end, she turned to another recent Texas transplant, guitarist Tom Longnecker of the New York death metal band Bloodseeker, to help forge a histrionic new sound. Nate Smith of Houston stoner-rock instrumentalists Alone on the Moon was installed behind the drum kit, and INSOLVENT was born – a modern, mature outfit influenced by the entire death metal pantheon from Obituary to Origin and ready for all-out aural assault on a world of compromised authority and bankrupt ideas.