Thursday 08 March 2018 – Closer * Heck Nugget * ImposterBoys

Closer (Brooklyn, NY)

“Their sound is raw and urgent and scratchy and visceral, but it’s also thoughtful and dynamic. There are long stretches of twinkly, atmospheric guitar that remind me of Explosions In The Sky, and those moments feed right into the cathartic climaxes. There’s a stretch of one song where someone reads a slightly muffled poem over an instrumental…And when Closer lurch into high gear, as on the scorching opener “Gift Shop,” they can sound almost like black metal.” – Stereogum

“All I want is something familiar,” bellows drummer Ryann Slauson from the song’s fiery outset – a line she repeats throughout –  the punch of the instrumentation met with the rabid gusto of that gnarly, powerful lead voice that drags the whole thing forward, through its cascading landscapes, all immense peaks and considered troughs.” – Gold Flake Paint

“NYC hardcore is alive and well if it can produce bands as ferocious and tight as Brooklyn’s Closer, who are readying the release of their debut album “All This Will Be.” Featuring members of Real Life Buildings, the trio has recently unveiled this video for single “Gift Shop,” which reveals drummer vocalist Ryann Slauson’s screaming talent and a group of skilled musicians who, within the format’s overall preference for aggression and despair, are not indifferent to dynamic changes and sonic variety.” – The Deli NYC


Heck Nugget (Houston, TX)

Heck Nugget is Connor McBride, Michael Bartkowiak, and Henry Merschat. Formed in 2016, the pop-punk and indie rock trio has been heavily influenced by such bands as Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, and Queens of the Stone Age. The band recorded “Sleeping With the Forcefield On” in late 2016 as a total DIY effort with the band performing all recording and mixing duties themselves. To say it was a learning experience is an understatement.  Currently, the guys are working on booking shows all around Texas and writing/recording some demos for a new album.


ImposterBoys (Houston, TX)

Three girls fond of form fitting black pants and naps. Living in good ol’ Houston, TX. Playing songs that make you bob yer head.



Doors @ 8PM
$8 Door