Saturday 14 April 2018 – The Millbrook Estates, The Halfways, Palm Daze, Matra Lov

The Millbrook Estates(Austin, TX)

Spring 2017 – The Millbrook Estates took flight from the cocoon known as Roaring Sun. In a town saturated with many forms of psychedelia, this outfit strives to maintain the essential ingredients that truly produce such sounds – constantly pushing the musical boundaries of time and harmony, and engaging lyrically into searches within, to find answers for the confused world without. This group has no qualms with cozying up to passages of folk, jazz, proto, or any other type of mind/soul expanding music of any time period. The ever-changing nature of their songs leaves you blindly anticipating what could come next, and always surprised by what you find, creating a true psychedelic experience of sound.

The Halfways(Austin, TX)

Born from the sonic spaces between reality and fantasy, The Halfways are a psych noir quintet currently residing in Austin, Texas on Planet Earth.


Palm Daze (Austin, TX)

Palm Daze is a psychedelic dream-pop trio out of Austin, Texas. Formerly known as Isaiah the Mosaic, the three have been playing together most of their lives – Eric and Ryan for the past 16 years, and joined by Tyler for the last 7. They describe their sound as oceanic dream pop creamsicle drop top … atmospheric loops layered over lush, melodic synth orchestration, with a heavy emphasis on drum and bass.


Mantra Love (Houston, TX)