Saturday 08 September 2018 – Live and Loud Productions presents: The Velostacks, Brewtality Inc, The Guillotines, American Psychos

The Velostacks (Houston, TX)

Motorcycles. Leather. Rock n’ Roll. Vive La Velostacks!!! Although originally starting in 2013, it was 2014 that saw The Velostacks transition from a nearly dead idea to a one of Houston’s hardest working rock n’ roll bands. Following a chance meeting at a motorcycle rally, Curtis W. DeGidio (Chrome Kickers, Chelsea Hotel, The Guillotines) and Donnie Stokes (UGH, Satanic Overlords of Rock n’ Roll) quickly went to work. Houston music scene legend, J.R. Delgado (Sugarshack, Humungos, Screech of Death) was brought aboard on bass guitar, with Arthur Hayes (The Next) jumping in on drums and Richard Crishock (Mister Pink, Texas Mod Crushers, Johnny Rioux and the Seven One Three) rounding out on lead guitar. After playing a fury of shows around Houston and Austin, Dave Ng (Latchkey Kids) was brought aboard to take over drums. Playing many gigs and constantly writing, The Velostacks recorded the “I Live and Die for Rock n’ Roll”, b/w “FU and Your Cocaine & “Brain Dead Cagers” single. As the undisputed kings of motorcycle leather rock n’ roll, The Velostacks, with help of their dedicated fan base ,The Sleazestack Militia, declared their intent of raising Hell and taking names. Late 2015 saw more personnel changes as Curtis moved from rhythm guitar to guitar and lead vocals. Bass duties were picked up by Houston’s rock n’ roll legend Christian “The GFN” Best (The Down and Dirties, Hell City Kings, Whiskey River Revival) and drums passed to Nate Bandor (The Grizzly Band). With this lineup, their first LP “Black Magic & Motor Oil” was released early 2017.


Brewtality Inc (Austin, TX)
Established in 1999, Brewtality Incorporated plays the kind of working class, beer guzzling, punk rock that has earned the band opening slots for the likes of U.S. Bombs, The Cromags, Citizen Fish, The Queers, and M.O.D. When you see Brewtality Inc. live, expect a raw, energetic, non-stop Ramones-style set with beers held high overhead. The guitars are loud yet distinctive, and the bass lines throw up all over you as the drums pound away at you like a whiskey hangover. If you’re on the wagon, Brewtality Inc. may just knock you off and run you over.


The Guillotines (Houstpon, TX)
Born from the ashes of the 70’s NYC/Cleveland punk scene, Bill DeGidio (A.K.A. Robert Conn) wanted to form a band that would reflect his days being in the legendary 70’s Cleveland punk band The Pagans, but didn’t want a carbon copy but rather newer version of a historic sound. Through many variations of great bands such as The Defnics, The Plague, and AK-47’s in Cleveland, Bill finally found himself in Houston, TX. “Why Houston?” One may ask – Well, Houston was good enough for Cheetah Chrome, Nikki Sikki, as well as bands like ZZ Top, Humungous, DRI, and many others who have followed, so yeah… why Houston?

So, anyway… after many other bands in Houston, Robert Conn along with his wife Julie (A.K.A. Jewels) formed a punk band called Chelsea Hotel, who have seen members the likes of Maxx from Junkyard and even Lonnie of The Bullet Boys… Yeah, that Bullet Boys (place “Smooth up In ya!“)

The Guillotines have evolved since then to become a high energy 3 guitar attack of rock n roll the like of MC5, The Stooges, and Kiss – and to this day carries on the sounds they helped create as well as too create a whole new sound in itself!

The band now enlists Stevie Rider on drums!! Curtis W. De Gidio (Velostacks, Chrome Kickers) on 2nd lead/vocals and Glenn Gilbert (Vanity Crimes/Supergrave) on lead guitar.
The Guillotines have also enlisted the help of their friend Don Cilurso (Texas Terri & The Stiff Ones, Deviletones, King of Kings) to produce their new full length album and as a result, the new album promises to be a contradiction of itself, mixing raw songs reminiscent of their roots with refined clean, but loud and snotty rock n roll!! Who are The Guillotines? You are about to find out…



American Psychos (Houston, TX)

American Psychos invented drop d tuning, garage band, and auto tune. They have toured the world and Texas twice. They have written over a thousand highly regarded punk songs with a team of unspecified people trying to unravel their meaning. “It might take a decade,’ claimed the guy in charge of the team of unspecified people. American Psychos also refers to themselves in 3rd person and spreads their own rumors.



Saturday September 08, 2018
Live and Loud Productions presents: The Velostacks, Brewtality Inc, The Guillotines, American Psychos
Doors 8pm
$8 Cover