Friday 14 September 2018 – Poor Dumb Bastards, Pocket FishRmen


Poor Dumb Bastards (Houston, TX)

Poor Dumb Bastards were formed in March 1991 by long time hetero life partners and musical collaborators, Mike Porterfield and Byron Dean. The initial interest was to form a band and a sound that captured the twisted and bizarre sense of humor of the two. Drawing on their collective influences and experiences from some of their earlier work, bands like Cretinoid, Plutonium Flatheads and the Byron Weird Group, Mike and Byron created a genre all their own, hence “Texas Drunk Rock” was born. The now legendary live shows and creative duct tape use, has seen the band through some tough times. The death of Guitarist Hunter Ward in 2007 almost put an end to the journey. In 2008 PDB decided to get together and finish the album “Price of Rebellion” a fitting tribute to Hunter. PDB has won three Houston Press band of the year awards and one song of the year in 1997 for the at the time unreleased classic true story of “My Dad Two Whores and a Crackpipe”. Poor Dumb Bastard’s second ever show was opening for Smashing Pumpkins at the now closed Emo’s Houston. Playing with bands like Fear, Killdozer, Joan Jett, Marky Ramone, and many more. This enabled PDB to carve their initials on the bathroom door of the Texas music scene. Through the many years and many lineup changes, these Ill-minded sewer rockers have stayed true to their founding principals. POWER, PERFORMANCE, PERVERSION


Pocket FishRmen (Austin, TX)

How do you sum up a band like the Pocket FishRmen? The quartet trace their roots to the late-80’s/early 90’s Austin art-punk/post-punk scene that spawned bands like Ed Hall, Crust, Fuckemos and others – essentially Central Texas’ weird impoverished cousin to Seattle’s burgeoning grunge scene. But the Pocket FishRmen always held an important distinction among this noisy, lysergicly and pharmaceutically fueled lot that often favored chaos and ambience to song structure and melody. The Pocket FishRmen’s tunes were/are lyrically-fueled and tightly conceived three minute blasts that straddle the genres of punk, art and arena rock – simultaneously humorous, tasteless, rebellious and clever.