Friday 04 January 2019 – Joe Lovechik’s Birthday show: Alone on the Moon, Great White Fire, The Thief and the Architect, Parallel Waves

The 4th Annual Birthday Show for Joe Lovchik of Alone on the Moon!



Alone On The Moon (Houston, TX)

Alone on the Moon is a video-obsessed, instrumental post-rock/stoner/post-metal band from Houston, Texas. The group formed in 2012 as a collaboration between Joe Lovchik (guitar) and Seth Johnson (bass). Joe and Seth met through mutual friends and found they had the same vision for a heavy, instrumental sound. Nathan Smith (drums) was quickly recruited to fill out the jam sessions, and the trio began writing. Soon, the band made a unique impression in their hometown with their epic songcraft and psychedelic projections. Guitarist Ahmad Saad joined Alone on the Moon in 2015, adding a rich, new layer to the group’s heady outpourings of distortion.

The band recorded its first EP in 2015 and quickly began producing pupil-dilating live spectacles across Southeast Texas incorporating video projections, lighting arrays, and Class 2 lasers. Alone on the Moon’s vivid debut album, Spectra, was release in August of 2018 and is available on all digital download and streaming platforms.


Great White Fire (Houston, TX)




The Thief and the Architect (Houston, TX)

We are the entity known as The Thief and The Architect, reprogramming and adjusting sonic frequencies into harmonic waves.


Parallel Waves (Houston, TX)