Saturday 09 March 2019 – Hearts of Animals, Unified Space, Will Csorba

Hearts of Animals (Houston, TX)

In all of the years of reviewing records, the one I didn’t get to would haunt me for what seemed like forever. When Houston’s Hearts of Animals dropped the 2014 album Another Mutation, I was sad that I never got around to giving it a proper review. I walked around with that misstep noodling around in my head for a good while, that is until I heard an early version of their latest record, Human Size. The days of lo-fi aesthetic are gone and replaced with a more focused and fuller sound than on previous records. Where past albums from the band sounded like a mere solo project, Human Size takes the band’s mesmerizing set from the first Day For Night, and capitalizes on it in every way. In just nine songs they remind you why you’re such a fan, and why you’ll probably always be as well. — Houston Press


Unified Space (Houston, TX)

Unified Space makes music drawn from the traditions of Krautrock, space music, and improvisation. Swirling psychedelia, motorik rhythms, and minimalism.


Will Csorba (Houston, TX)

Will Csorba is a prolific young Texan of the resurgent American Primitive guitar school, already several albums and EPs deep. His work takes a cinematic approach to the discipline, frequently guiding the listener from its roots in old-time and blues through modern drone, raga, pastoral and experimental styles. Csorba plays close attention to compositional elements in his pieces, enhancing the idea of his music as a journey, but isn’t afraid to use improvisation as one of those elements; the songs rarely wind up where the listener expects, but whether it’s by intent or chance only Will can say.