Wednesday 13 March 2018 – Mountain Tamer, Salem’s Bend, Atalla, Black Road (doors 7pm)

Mountain Tamer (Los Angeles, CA)

Mountain Tamer formed their signature fusion of heavy psych and stoner rock in 2011 on the outskirts of San Francisco. Featuring guitarist and vocalist Andrew Hall, drummer Casey Garcia and bassist Dave Teget, Mountain Tamer garnered local success with their hypnotic live performances, incorporating lucid jam sessions and traditional stoner/doom structures,  seamlessly blending splashes of psychedelia with metal.

After self-releasing several demos, the band released their  s/t debut album in 2016  on Argonauta Records in Italy.

Mountain Tamer toured heavily following the release, playing with notable acts along the way such as Mondo Generator, Weedeater and Dead Meadow.  Gaining momentum performing across the US,  the band signed with Magnetic Eye Records out of NY along with Nasoni Records in Berlin to release their second full length offering.  Godfortune//Dark Matters released digitally in August, 2018 on Magnetic Eye,  which will be followed by a vinyl release of the album  in September through Nasoni.

The album has already received critical praise from multiple blogs and publications for its unique approach and genre-bending aesthetics.

“The album ‘Godfortune Dark Matters’ displays a spectrum of songwriting talent that captures some of the best tonalities from the ’90s grunge scene and the modern stoner metal/rock movement.” – Metal Assault


Salem’s Bend (Los Angeles, CA)

Three dudes crawled into a garage-turned-studio and dug out some tracks from the nether realms of Sabbath, Priest, Toad,Zeppelin, and other ’70s rockers. Infusing those with a multitude of other musical entities, they subsequently slithered out as Salem’s Bend.


Atalla (Sorry, no info at this time)


Black Road (Chicago, IL)

Hailing from Chicago and inspired by the great artists who came before, Black Road has set out to create a sound that simply FEELS GOOD. Merging rock, stoner metal and doom, the heavy blues explosion captivates the listener. With a cassette and vinyl release through DHU Records (Netherlands), as well as a CD release with BloodRock Records (Italy), Black Road is already pumping out the grooves all over the globe. Be sure and catch a live show if you can, because the songs are even more powerful and kick ass when performed live!