Saturday 04 May 2019 – Rudyards and Under the Radar Brewery present Guitar Battle 2 (doors 7pm)

Rudyards and Under the Radar Brewery present…
Guitar Battle 2!!
10 of some of Houston’s very talented guitar players will go head to head live at Rudz!
Pint night starts at 7pm
Guitar battle at 8 pm
Live music from Parallel Waves ( ) at 9:30pm
Glassware and swag for guests that buy Under the Radar Beer.
How it will go down:
Each guitar player will have a guitar solo spot to show off their skills (usually about 3-8  minutes).  Your illustrious host, Jamie, will announce each player on stage and give out 15 score sheets to selected guests in the audience. The guest will then rate each player on a scale of 1 to 10.  At the end of the show, Jamie tally up the scores and determine the winner who will receive a mega prize from Under The Radar Brewery.