Saturday 08 June 2019 – The Hates, Yes Men, Head Split

The Hates (Houston, TX)

The Hates has been called “Houston’s first and last punk band”, and with over thirty years of blood, sweat, and that familiar mohawk, those words may be more true than their author ever knew. From his very first live show in 1978, Christian Arnheiter (now Kidd) has steered this legendary band through decades of disco, pop, new wave, hair bands, hip-hop, crossover country, and now the newest fad of tribute bands to keep punk rock alive.

In a time when many early eighties groups are getting back together to play reunion shows, the Hates have the distinction of being the oldest continuously performing unsigned punk band. And despite the love/hate relationship the local music scene has had with punk rock over the years, the Bayou City will always be their home.



Yes Men (Houston, TX)

Yes Men is a hard rock/punk n roll band from Houston, consisting of JP Hopper on lead vocals/guitar, Colin Wooten on bass guitar/vocals, Donte Burks on lead guitar, and Edward Aguilar on drums. Tracks from rehearsal Jan. 2016. We play a simple yet rocking style of hard rock, with JP’s lyrics often having a political slight, seeing the issues from both sides of the coin. While most of our tracks on here were pre Donte era, being recorded with former guitarist Gary Clayton in early 2016 at a random rehearsal, we have been working on our album sporadically since fall of that year.


Head Split (Houston, TX)