Friday 12 July 2019 – a m b i e n t n i g h t featuring Ju4n, Curved Light, Acid Jeep (All Ages)

Ju4n (Austin, TX)

Superb mastery of analog sequencing is the hallmark of Austin based solo artist Juan Cisneros, aka JU4N, who has been a vital staple of the local synth scene for many years. Originally known as VC Childkraft, JU4N’s ambient crystalline sound design creates a sensation of mind/body separation, effectively lulling the listener out any sense of time and space. Cisneros’ programming and restorative tones become conduits for heightened electro-psychic hygiene, as future-scaped washes of tranquil synth patches and samples serve as a serene mental hiatus. JU4N’s music is fragile yet evocative, with an undeniable shimmer of nostalgia that is equally comforting and endearing


Curved Light (Austin, TX)

“The crown jewel of the always reliable ambient label Constellation Tatsu’s new batch of tapes (all worth checking on their own merit, by the way) is this new collection of polychromatic compositions by the synthesist Curved Light. Most of the pieces on Flow and Return are pretty short, but the sequences are colorful and detailed, offering plenty of nooks and crannies to explore. You can get lost in the shimmer—even on short interludes like ‘Glacial Float’—which makes it a suitable soundtrack for any inner travels you have planned in the near future. Listen close, then drift away.” – Noisey/VICE


ACID JEEP (Houston, TX)

General Purpose LSD vehicle.



$10 / All Ages
Visuals by Terry Suprean