Saturday 03 August 2019 – Live and Loud Productions Presents: Storm of Ages, ¡No Acción!, Drink Fight Thugs, Loose Nukes

Storm of Ages (Houston, TX)


¡No Acción!  (CA)

¡No Acción! is a four-piece band with a Punk Rock attitude and a RockN’Roll soul. We grew up in the Salad Bowl of the Salinas Valley, stretching through Watsonville and on to Santa Cruz California. We’re the sons of the working class… los hijos de campesinos y la clase obrera.
“¡No Acción!, an explosively energetic local band whose themes largely target social change (for the better). Note the explosively energetic–this isn’t sit-around-the-campfire-and-whine from the 1960s–it’s pure thrash madness and more like an Iron Reagan focused on affordable housing. ¡No Acción! is Josh on guitar and vocals, Lupe on bass, Americo on drums, and Lazaro on guitar and vocals…”


Drink Fight Thugs (San Antonio, TX)


Loose Nukes (Houston, TX)