Friday 06 September 2019 – Rudyard’s 41st anniversary featuring Poizon, DaggerHead, Cop Warmth, Shapeless Power, Molt (18+, Free)

Poizon (Houston, TX)

Comprised of Shawn Adolph (THE FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS, WEIRD PARTY), Kyle Gionis (SUGAR SHACK, WEIRD PARTY, WELFARE MOTHERS), Josh “Wolf” (SECRET PROSTITUTES, SNOOTY GARBAGEMEN, THE ENERGY, CRIME WAVE), and Halston Luna, POIZON is subtly punk-as-fuck in a way that many bands can’t grasp.

“Whatever Houston’s POIZON thinks of religion, their debut full length, Church Is Poizon, should become your new doctrine. Full of garage-fueled punk that’s close to Australia’s The Victims mixed with Zero Boys, the entire release is an in-your-face reminder that punk rock doesn’t have to fit the mold you’re used to.” – Free Press Houston


DaggerHead (Houston, TX)


Shapeless Power (Houston, TX)

Cop Warmth (Houston, TX)

“Cop Warmth is one of those bands that has a distinct live and on-record experience. Their live shows are ridiculously sloppy affairs, where descriptions that would encompass ‘masterful and crystal clear live sound’ would occur just as infrequently as ‘wore matching uniforms’ or ‘kept pants on for entirety of performance.’” -the Skyline Network

“… show stealing sidewalk guerrilla gutter rats Cop Warmth who have never not put on a good show. These guys are like sharks and the second they stop moving they die.” -Houston Free Press

Molt (Houston, TX)
New band featuring members of Peasant