Monday 23 October 2017 – Rudyard’s Open Mic Comedy Night (Free!! doors 7:30pm)

Houston Press Best of 2013 Winner
Best Open-Mike Comedy Night Houston 2013
“With a decent amount of local talent, Houston deserves more stages to feature homegrown comics. Thankfully, Rudz has stepped forward to devote one night a week to nurturing newcomers and showcasing seasoned vets…you can check out a rotating cast of characters, for free — you’d be pretty hard-pressed to find a more fun way to spend a Monday night. Especially if your next Monday night involves going to a funeral. Trust us, this’ll be waaaay funnier.” – Houston Press
Our Free Comedy Open Mic Show Opens At 7:30. Show starts at 8:00

Sunday 22 October 2017 – The Dread Lair Presents: Forceps * Bloodstrike * Sculpting Atrocity * Putrid Womb (doors 6pm)

Forceps (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

FORCEPS is a 4 piece Death metal band based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, born in 2006.

During these 10 years the band made several shows in Brazil and released two DEMOS and one EP. Despite some times of inactivity due to changes in the lineup, the band kept its presence in the minds of local and international fans because of its identity and originality.

Musically influenced by elements of various Death Metal sub-genres such as Brutal Death Metal, Grindcore and Technical Death Metal, bringing in their lyrics a catastrophic vision of the future in a world ravaged by human action. A voracious critique of humanity’s relation to itself and with the planet in today’s world. It is a narrative desperate about the decay of the planet and the horrendous methods and consequences of post-human efforts to prevent extinction.

The first demo was released in 2007, followed by a three-track demo entitled “CORPOREALITY” in 2010, both had a good response from the public and in 2012 the band signed with the North American label Ossuary Industries and released the EP entitled ” HUMANICIDE “,

Since then FORCEPS stood out in shows across Brazil, playing alongside internationally renowned bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Hatebreed, Brujeria, Otargos (FRA) and Symbiosis (PT) and Brazilian renowned bands Krisiun, Torture Squad and Claustrophobia.

The band returned in 2016 with a new lineup after completing the recording and production of their first full-length album. Now with the experienced musicians, Bruno Tavares (guitar) and Thiago Barbosa (bass) joining forces with long-lasting members Doug Murdoch (vocals) and Emmanuel Ivan (drums), the band is re-energized and ready to release their new album containing ten tracks “MASTERING EXTINCTION”, in addition to making its first international tour in 2017.


Bloodstrike (Golden, CO)

The initial idea for the punishing old school death metal assault that would become Bloodstrike was first conceived by guitarist Jeff Alexis (ex-Silencer) and vocalist Holly Wedel (ex-Nexhymn) in 2013. They recruited Joe Piker (ex-Dripfed) on guitar, Ryan Alexander Bloom (ex-Havok) on drums to round out the band and began developing a collection of massive riffs and crushing arrangements. Bloodstrike’s veteran lineup exploded onto the Denver metal scene in June of 2014 with their three-track Necrobirth demo. The demo gained instant popularity with the death metal underground and drew comparisons to bands like Bolt Thrower and Entombed for both its ear-catching simplicity and blood-curdling heaviness. Impressed by the success of the demo and the work ethic of the band members, Redefining Darkness Records signed Bloodstrike to its roster in September of 2015 and quickly released their debut album In Death We Rot. After a successful round of touring and writing in 2016, the band went back into the studio in the spring of 2017 to record their second full-length album, Execution of Violence.


Sculpting Atrocity (Houston, TX)

Sculpting Atrocity is a Technical/Brutal Death Metal band from Houston TX formed in July 2009. The band concentrates on writing the most brutal and technically challenging music they can. Lyric ideas focus mainly on Hatred, Occultism, Mythology, and Gore. Starting out as a three piece with just Cory, Tom, and Aleq, they wrote and recorded “Contempt Beyond Comprehension” the first Sculpting Atrocity song. Tom decided to leave the band due to musical differences in October 2009. In November they added Dar as the additional guitar player. In early March the band added Brian to the lineup on Bass. The band then recorded the debut album “Ambiguous Deity Obscurus” and the album was self-released in December, 2010.


Putrid Womb (Houston, TX)

4-piece slamming brutal death metal from Livingston, Texas. They released two demo tracks as digital downloads on Bandcamp in early 2016, before spending much of the year building a dedicated fanbase playing shows in the Houston circuit, as well as networking and writing music. Debut full-length album is due for release in 2017 under their label, Rotten Music. For fans of Devourment, Kraanium, Six Feet Under, Dragging Entrails, Obituary, Devour the Unborn, Mortician.


Sunday 22 October 2017
The Dread Lair Presents:
Forceps with
Bloodstrike, Sculpting Atrocity & Putrid Womb
$5 Advance, $7 Day of Show
Doors 6pm
Show 6:30pm
Advance Tickets Available at:


Saturday 21 October 2017 – Generation Landslide! * Bad Samaritans * Fail Mary (doors 8pm)

Generation Landslide! (Houston, TX)

GENERATION:landslide! is a band whose voice comes from the heart and soul of Houston, TX. There’s a raw element here seemingly absent from a great deal of the current bands that are touring and trying to make it. When I say “raw”, I don’t mean idiotic monkeys bashing things, needles peaking and your ears going into shock. No. These people are songwriters…artists…audiophiles. They have a great passion for music and the common man. They are the champions of “garage”-rock and psychedelia; a band of seekers. The band consists of Tom Underwood on Guitar/Vocals, Kathie Muncy on bass/Vocals, Wil Hudgens on guitar/vocals, and Charles Zittle on drums/vocals. The band’s first recording effort, “Tomorrow Was Yesterday”, was engineered by Steve Bundrick at (the now closed) Z-Lab Studios in Houston, TX (Bundrick has also filled in on drums from time to time). It features the guest talents of Greg Trifaldo, Greg Varhaug, and David Watkins. Tom’s songwriting could be considered somewhere in the neighborhood of Warren Zevon, Lou Reed, and Tom Petty. There’s a strong pop sensibility with a raw punk edge. Now, currently engaged in working on material for their next recording effort, the group will be taking a break from live performances until sometime next year. GENERATION:landslide! returns to playing out starting on March 19 at Notsuoh, we will be debuting our newest member, Sellers Thomas. Sellers will be replacing longtime guitarist Wil Hudgens who has left to pursue other musical ventures


Bad Samaritans (Houston, TX)




Fail Mary (Wharton, TX)

Fail Mary is an indie rock duo based in South Texas consisting of drummer Chris Glass and singer/guitarist Connor D. Jones.

The pair formed Fail Mary in November 2014 during their time at Wharton County Junior College as a fun side project to play at open mics and talent shows. Soon after, the band started recording and releasing early demos at a rapid-fire rate. Most notable of these is their six-track demo EP, The City Skyline, which released February 2015.

Fail Mary spent the next two years street performing and playing small shows. All the while, the band stayed busy writing new material and experimenting with new techniques for an official release. By early 2017, the duo found their footing, their voice, and their identity.

Their experiments manifested themselves in Fail Mary’s debut release in April that year: a self-produced, self-recorded, self-released EP about heartbreak and abandonment entitled Showcase Your Sorrow—showing marked improvement over their previous recordings.

– – –

Fail Mary has released Showcase Your Sorrow under a Creative Commons license, meaning anyone is free to copy, share, and adapt these songs (as long as credit is given, and no money is made).

This means you can upload these songs to torrent sites, burn CDs and give them to your friends, use our music in your podcast, or create a music video for free without fear of legal retribution (you can not, however, sell those CDs or place ads in that podcast/video).


Friday 20 October 2017 – Gulf Coast Reading Series featuring John Andrews, Christopher Brean Murray, Charlotte Wyatt, and Sam Thilén (6:30-9pm, Free)

Gulf Coast Literary Journal Presents
Gulf Coast Reading Series

John Andrews, Christopher Brean Murray, Charlotte Wyatt, and Sam Thilén.
Friday October 20, 2017
Doors open at 6:30. Reading will begin promptly at 7:00 pm.


The  Gulf Coast Literary Journal is a literary magazine founded by Donald Barthelme and Philip Lopate over twenty years ago, Gulf Coast continues to be published today out of the creative writing department of the University of Houston. We publish poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, interviews, and reviews, as well as a full-color visual art features and critical art writing.  For subscription information and submission guidelines: 


Tonight’s Authors: John Andrews, Christopher Brean Murray, Charlotte Wyatt, and Sam Thilén.

John Andrews‘ first book, Colin Is Changing His Name, was a finalist for the 2015 Moon City Poetry Prize and was published by Sibling Rivalry Press in June 2017. His work has appeared in Redivider, The Queer South: LGBTQ Writers on the American South, Columbia Poetry Review, The Boiler and others. He holds an M.F.A. from Texas State University where he served as managing editor for Front Porch Journal. Currently, he is Ph.D. student at Oklahoma State University and an associate editor for the Cimarron Review.

Christopher Brean Murray is a PhD candidate in the creative writing program at the University of Houston. His poems have appeared in Forklift OhiojubilatNew Ohio Review, North American Review, Pleiades and other journals. He’s the winner of the Inprint Donald Barthelme Prize in Poetry for 2017, and has received awards from the American Festival for the Arts and the Academy of American Poets. From 2014-2016 he was the online poetry editor of Gulf Coast.

Charlotte Wyatt attended Fordham University, which led to an early career training sea lions in New York City zoos. She hails most recently from Northern California, where she serves as a Director of Admissions for the Napa Valley Writer’s Conference. She is a second year MFA student at the University of Houston.


Sam Thilén is an MFA candidate at University of Houston and Assistant Editor in Poetry for Gulf Coast.  She studied English and Spanish at University of Florida, where she served as editor-in-chief for the undergraduate literary magazine Tea.  Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in TeaThe Fine PrintPrairie, and The Boston Review.  Sam loves Finland, word origins, and petting other people’s dogs.

Thursday 19 October 2017 – ILA Minori

ILA Minori (San Antonio, TX)

Often compared to artists the likes of Joan Baez or Ani DiFranco, Ila Minori is a Mexican-American singer and songwriter whose music features intimate folk-pop sounds and touching personal stories.

Her sound is understated, elegant and honest, allowing beautiful melodies to collide with honest and heartfelt lyrics that deal with the artist’s recent life events and feelings. Her recent album, “Traveling with ghosts” is a earnest depiction of Ila’s recent journey through Italy. She was half the world away, yet she still carried her pain, uncertainty and darkness with her. However, she let it all go and found love, creativity and inspiration in the process of exploring the Mediterranean country. Based in Rome for part of the year, Ila traveled up to Trentino, a northern region of the country, where she found creative inspiration in the sheer beauty and comfort of the Alps. Here’s where the album came to life,leading to new opportunities, tour dates and record deals – as the album is released in partnership with Bakraufarfita Records (Berlin)

Tuesday 17 October 2017 – Bootown presents Grown Up Storytime #107 (8pm & 10pm shows)

Grown-Up Generic

Bootown – (Houston, TX )

The Grown-up Storytime series takes place the third Tuesday of every month at 8pm and 10pm (that’s right, TWO shows per night) atRudyard’s British Pub, a bar and venue located in the heart of Montrose. You send us stories, we pick the best ones, and assign them to a rotating crack-squad of expert story readers who show up the night of and wow our socks and/or pants off. It’s on a Tuesday – what else are you going to do? AND…it’s only $5.

Interested in submitting a story or reading someone else’s story?!? Email us at or fill out the handy dandy form below!

“…BooTown’s totally amazing, super original and completely hilarious show, Grown-Up Storytime.”
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“BooTown’s a party!”
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“How has Houston survived without BooTown’s monthly “Grown-up Storytime” comedy bash?”
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