Thursday October 06, 2011 – Honkey * DeadEnd Cowboys * The Burns


Honky (Austin, TX)

The first thing you see on the flyer for the Honky show at the Funhouse is what’s in parentheses: “(J.D. Pinkus of Butthole Surfers).” “If people come to see a psychedelic show, they’re definitely going to leave having seen something different,” says the parenthetical Pinkus of his new band. While “the Butts,” as he calls them, incorporated a 17-year-old Pinkus in 1985 on their way to patenting their acid-dipped Southern art-punk freak-out, Honky is straightforward rock and roll.

“We’re not trying to be groundbreaking; this is the most timeless music there is,” says Pinkus in an Austin drawl, adding that the band’s sound is “so basic it’s hard to explain.” But let’s give it a shot: Put an old Molly Hatchet record on the spinner and put your Urban Cowboy tape in the VCR. Turn up the record player, turn down the TV, and hit yourself about the head–hard–with an iron skillet. To hear Pinkus tell it, Honky makes the ladies shake their butts, which in turn makes the men buy more beer. “A winning combination,” he calls it. “When we have 300 people at our shows, they tend to drink like they’re 600.” Despite the acid-fried/Southern-fried distinction of the two very different bands, there are similarities, however thin. On songs like “Your Bottom’s at the Top of My List,” from House of Good Tires, Honky’s third full-length (a fourth will be out on local label Dead Teenager this spring), Pinkus and crew closely approximate the way the Butts lulled you in with a whispered folk song, then dragged you out through a sludgy jam on the other side. Are the two bands different sides of the same coin? That’s a bit of a stretch, but if it’s me–or one of the many longhaired unkempt acid diehards–who’s tossing, I’m going to bet on the Butts to land faceup. “I have a band that’s a little bit more like the Butthole Surfers, too. In fact, we’re probably more like the old Butts than the Butts were,” Pinkus says of Areola 51, in which he is joined by guitarist Brett Bradford from Scratch Acid and drummer Max Brody from Ministry. Dead Teenager’s putting that one out, too. Me and the longhairs can’t wait to hear it.” – Seattle Weekly


DeadEnd Cowboys
(Houston, TX)


Spaghetti Western Porn Soundtrack for Bull Riding While Under the Influence Of Jim Beam.



The Burns
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Saturday October 01, 2011 – Letters To Voltron * Taunto * Haksaw Man

Letters To Voltron – (Houston, TX )

From the future form the past, Letters to Voltron began their quest to conquer the world through auto-erotic musical stylings and homemade macramé. Shortly after being introduced into modern society Robert Callicotte and John Wayne Comunale, and Marty Eck abandoned the macramé and started their own internet company at the age of twelve only to have it fold after six and a half months. Leaving thousands of disgr…untled shareholders in their wake the three pressed on with their sex crazed Robot to take on several other musical endeavors, including being loosely associated with Taint Magazine for a very short time. Now, under the Omega Prophet umbrella L2V are poised to take their endeavors into the 10th dimension.


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Hacksaw Man
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Tonight (Thursday, August 25, 2011) – (Early) Rudyard’s Beer Tasting Dinner with Joe Apa (Late) Hell City Kings * Flexx Bronco * Skeleton Dick * Zipperneck

Tonight, on the early side, we have another fine food and beer pairing by our own Joe Apa.

Then later, we have a $5 for 4 bands show at Rudz tonight
Hell City Kings (Local Assholes who suck according to most hipsters but Josh Wolf is in the band so that throws a wrench in that), Flexx Bronco (voted best punk in San Francisco. Not Kidding. By a village voice paper too), Skeleton Dick (voted best punk in Houston. Not Kidding. By a village voice paper too), and  Zipperneck (Female fronted Cock Sparrer)

Here is a video by HCK