Thursday, September 1 – Rest^vrant

Rest^vrant (Victoria, TX)

Troy Olaf Murrah and J State met at either a keg party or a football game while attending rival junior high schools in a small South Texas town called Victoria. They didn’t start playing music as a band until years later after moving to Los Angeles to write the Great American Bromantic Comedy screenplay and work at a slot car race track/Cirque du Soleil respectively. Their musical collaboration be…gan one fateful evening after “last call.” An indefatigable desire to keep the good times rolling would inspire the well-intentioned abuse of a Wurlitzer organ, an empty beer box and some slide guitar that went deep into the night in the confines of a moldy Silverlake apartment . This was the first Restavrant show, played to a drunken friend who was so riveted he promptly passed out. Some of the artists that inspired this radness are Mississippi Fred Mcdowell, The Fall, Too $hort, Doo Rag, George Jones, A Tribe Called Quest, Ugly Casanova, Hank Williams, Bo Diddley, Bobby Fuller, Mel Brooks, Desmond Dekker and the Aces, The Country Teasers, The Pogues, The D.O.C., Joseph Cornell, Run D.M.C., Halle Berry, Chuck Berry, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cap n Jazz, Woody Guthrie and Cisco Houston, The Clash, Afrika Bambaata, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Mance Lipscomb, The Pharcyde and Val Kilmer.



Tonight (Friday, 29 July 2011) – The Squishees * Ghost Town Electric * Dead Mineral

Here is a nice show preview from Non-Alignment Pact

“When I lived in Houston (and they were still around), the Squishees were my favorite local band. I first saw them at No Tsu Oh in 2001? with I wanna say Black Cat Music and the Down and Dirties. I remember they did “Baby Let’s Play God” by the Big Boys and either “This Ain’t No Picnic” or ” Party With Me Punker” by the Minutemen (or both). At the time they were called the Slurpees, and their drummer was a guy who went by the name David Banner I think, who played a lot of fast, riffy fills. They sounded like a cross between the punk-funk greats and the Dead Kennedys. ” -from The Return of the Squishees By Danny Mee


For more details on the show, go to our calendar.

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Tonight (Friday, 15 July 2011) Horseshoe (Reunion Show)

Fans of Horshoe rejoice for tonight the band reunites.

Chris Gray of the Houston Press writes

“In the olden times, before the days of the Web, a posse of tall-walkin’ Texas trash known as Horseshoe rode roughshod over the concrete plains of Montrose. Fearsome front man Greg Wood and his band of brigands terrorized saloons such as the Blue Iguana and Fabulous Satellite Lounge with a blend of rock and country that was meaner than Uncle Tupelo, more soused than Whiskeytown and left its mark on all who heard it. (Wood was also fond of reading extended passages from Penthouse Forum out loud at shows.)”  (Full article)

Also William Michael Smith of the Houston Press explains why lead singer Greg Wood’s health scare sparked the reunion.  (Link here)

More Details on our event post Here