Friday 09 March 2012 – Bootown Presents: Mijo

Bootown – (Houston, TX )


At Rudyards. Our non-traditional take on the Benshi show returns! We will grape one of the greatest pieces of Amurrican film history to date: ROADHOUSE. Enough said.

ps – moustaches galore.

BooTown is dedicated to creating fun, original, collaborative theatre using interdisciplinary methods in non-traditional settings in order to cultivate new audiences.


Thursday 08 March 2012 – Benefit Show For The Family of Megan Lindsey

Benefit For The Family of Megan Lindsey
$5  Doors 7PM

Static Collision
Life As Lions
Nine Minutes


Bachelor/ Bachelorette Auction
Raffle Prize Give Away


Static Collision (League City, TX)

Static Collision is a punk/metal/rock band coming out of the southern parts of Houston Texas. July 2010 this project was an Idea. In March of 2011 the band played its first show. Holding 5 members, Static Collision has become a regular within the Houston scene and continues to play live as often as possible. 2012 is here and SC is ready to rock Texas.




Life As Lions (Houston, TX)
A new rock band from Houston TX
David Rees
Bryan Shelton
Michael Filewicz
Keaton Branch




Floorbound (Houston, TX)

With some bands, what you see is what you get. Fortunately, that is not always the case. Enter Floorbound. With their debut EP, Autumn Eyes, the boys burst on the scene in July ’05 and haven’t looked back since. Now, with the release of their long awaited follow-up EP “We Hold the Horizon”, and a rapidly growing fanbase that belies their small town roots, Floorbound is out to make a name for thems…elves.

Floorbound’s music is imbued with a sense of urgency that makes it both instantaneously accessible and incredibly infectious. Imagine the pop sensibility of The Used mixed with the melodic intensity of Thrice, and you begin to get an image of just a handful of the things Floorbound brings to the table.

In a world where the word “genre” has become overused and stale, it is hard to categorize new bands. This is especially true with Floorbound because their sound draws from such a wide variety of music. From the in-your-face, guitar driven rock of “Only the Lonely”, to the post hardcore tinged “Miracle”, to the cinematically epic choruses of “Maia”, it is plain to see that Floorbound refuses to be pigeonholed into one genre or subgenre.

Floorbound, in one word, is rock. Energetic choruses have fans singing along before the end of their first listen, and remain stuck in the heads of listeners for days. This catchiness is the predominant reason why Floorbound is achieving such great heights so quickly. With a loyal fanbase that is growing at an exponential rate and their eyes set on the prize, it is apparent that the boys of Floorbound will not be denied in their quest for greatness.


Nine Minutes (Houston, TX)

Eric Howerton – Vocals
Brad Farabough – Guitar
PJ Pennington – Guitar
Corey Spears – Bass
Chris Moye – Drums


Better Luck (Katy,TX)

“For some reason, back in 2002 we were super anti-fans of whine-rock goofballs Sum 41. We know it had less to do with them being from Canada (patriotism seems misplaced in any music argument that doesn’t involve Toby Keith) and more to do with a girl and how she interpreted the lyrics to their hit “Fat Lip,” but we’re hazy on specifics.

At any rate, the genre always seemed ludicrous, but a couple of weeks we stumbled across BetterLuck, arguably frontrunners of Houston’s growing pop-whine-rock genre. Their HateLoveLifeParty EP turned out to be very strong, and possessed of more depth than we we’re expecting.” – Houston Press Artist of the Week



Saturday 03 March 2012 – Dogz On Parole (CD Release)* Zipperneck * The Freak Outs * Penny Arcade

Dogz On Parole (Houston, TX)

With a blend of influences, Dogz on Parole is like a unique recipe. All the ingredients come together to form the sound and fell of the band. The band never set out to be sound Punk or sound like Metal. We just are, what ever comes out and we think sounds good becomes ours.

The band believes in helping other bands out, we’ve had enough of the mentality of being in competition with each other. Mu…sic is a universal language that is understood through-out the entire world no matter the spoken language in a country. The is enough room for all of us in music. Let’s put an end to the bitterness. Support local bands! Support the unsigned, we are the future.

Gone are the days of the big record labels having the power to filter us and only allow what they thought was good enough to sell. Let the people be the judge!


Zipperneck (Houston, TX)

Garage / Punk / Rock
A train wreck between the Clash and Loretta Lynn.



The Freakouts (Houston,TX)

Ash Kay-Vocals

“Think The Runaways meets The Ramones with a liitle bit of The Sex Pistols thrown in for good grace”



Penny Arcade (Houston, TX)

Penny Arcade is an energized and fun led by an excentric front lady, Ema Kidd, that rocks the heads off anyone who is standing too close. Backed by the killer guitarist, Falcrow who shreds face-melting guitar riffs and Jimy the Fiend who is the world renowned worlds best drummer! Currently, Penny Arcade is working on their first two week tour playing in different states on the East Coast but it booked to play their first out of state tour! For four days, Penny Arcade will blow the minds of the good folks of Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Dallas TX!!

Keep out on the look out for Penny Arcade!


Friday 02 March 2012- Poor Dumb Bastards * The Down and Dirties * Dollyrockers

Poor Dumb Bastards (Houston, TX)

PDB was formed in March 1991 by long time hetero life partners and musical collaborators, Mike Porterfield and Byron Dean. The initial interest was to find a means to get into Emo’s for free, later they discovered Emo’s was always free. Drawing on their collective influences and experiences from some of their earlier work, bands like Cretinoid, Plutonium Flatheads and the Byron Weird Group, Mike and Byron set out create a genre all their own, hence “Texas Drunk Rock” was born. Add the non bass playing talents of Steve Scholtes and the competent, metronomic drumming of Chi Chi Macoola, and PDB were able to carve their initials on the bathroom door of the Texas music scene. Through the many years and many lineup changes, but these Ill-minded sewer rockers have stayed true to their founding principals. POWER, PERFORMANCE, PERVERSION


The Down and Dirties (Houston, TX)


BREWED IN HOUSTON, TEXAS SINCE 2001… The Down And Dirties were created in Houstons (in)famous Montrose District in the spring of 2001, when Christian GoodFerNuthin and Bill Fool decided that rock and roll needed a savior. That salvation came in the form a four piece rock and roll band you won’t easily forget.

The Down And Dirties are here to show the world what good, “old fashioned” rock and roll is, taking the best part of every decade of rock, mixing it together and delivering a sound the world seems to have forgotten in recent years. The Down and Dirties take the fun loving attitude of the 60s, the energy of the 70s punk revolution, the catchy hooks of the 80s glam era, and the straight ahead driving force of the early 90s into the new millennium with a vengeance you never thought possible.

THIS IS Rock and Roll the way it should have been all along…


Dollyrockers – (Houston, TX)

The DollyRocker vision began in the winter of 2006 by Mike Porterfield and Steve Scholtes, both members of Houston punk rock band Poor Dumb Bastards. Eventually the lineup was completed with the addition of guitarist Dave DaVegas, former Manhole/Come On Come On vocalist AliceSin Gibson and ex Toho Ehio/I End Result drummer extradordinaire, Sean Feeley. The sounds and songs of the band are rooted in a mix of hard rock, rockabilly, outlaw country and southern blues. DollyRockers released their critically acclaimed 10 song debut CD, Hellbound Hoedown.

Thursday 05 April 2012 – Rogue Improv

Rogue Improv – (Houston, TX )

Rogue Improv is a long form improv comedy ensemble performing shows every Thursday (except for the last Thursday each month) beginning at 8:00 p.m. at Rudyard’s British Pub at 2010 Waugh, Houston, TX, 77006. $5 cash admission, great bar, great food.

In each show, Rogue takes a suggestion from the audience, using it as the inspiration to create a completely improvised, unscripted, 25-30 minute theat…rical universe. Rogue concentrates on “grounded” improv that instinctively creates the funny. Come see it to believe it. Rogue also offers classes for new aspiring improvisers and workshops for parties and corporate events.


Monday 27 February 2012 – The Great Nostalgic * Blackie Dammet * The Bear

The Great Nostalgic (Austin, TX)

Austin’s The Great Nostalgic, living up to their name, make shimme- ring narrative pop with staying power. Jangling guitars, nimble bass lines, pulsing rhythms, and mysterious yet catchy vocals nod to past decades of rock and roll, but fresh arrangements and smart lyrics snap us to the present.

While the band continues to showcase a knack for storytelling, driving melodies and percussive instrumentation reign supreme on this sophomore release, Hope We Live Like We Promised (King Electric Records, April 2011). For this record, TGN tracked with Stuart Sikes (The Walkmen, Cat Power, Modest Mouse) and Justin Douglas (Austin’s Shine Studios).


Blackie Dammet (Houston, TX)

Darin Lee (guitar & lead vocals)
Adam Bogard (bass & vocals)
Michael Lisenbe (drums and vocals)
Sounds like when they dropped that rock on Piggy…except you’re Piggy, and the rock is Blue.



The Bear (Sorry, no verifiable information on-line at this time)

Saturday 25 February 2012 – Down Fi * Chelsea Hotel * Dead Roses

Down Fi (Indianapolis, IN)

Craig Bell is the original and current bassist for Rocket From the Tombs, the
legendary proto-punk band from Cleveland, Ohio in the mid 1970’s. He continues today to record and tour with the band.

Lately, however, The Down Fi claims the lion’s share of Craig’s attention. The band is a stripped own power trio that delivers dense, intense, and explosive rock and roll.

With Craig on bass and vocal, Sam Murphy on
guitar, and Blane Slaven on drums, no sounds are sacrificed in this tightly packed lineup.

Recordings and performances showcase Craig’s songwriting new and old (the infamous, Final Solution, Muckraker and America Now) as well as selected blasts from the last century’s punk past.

The Down Fi is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN but is happy to get in the van and go anywhere they might be needed!


Chelsea Hotel (Houston, TX)

This Houston, TX band is fronted by Robert Conn on guitar and vocals. Conn was one of the original members of The Pagans and Defnics from Cleveland, OH. Robert was also on The Plague “Just Say No” classic thrash punk album….. Conn maintains his raw edge “punk n’ roll” style of writing with Chelsea Hotel…..Bass duties are handled by Jewels. This Houston girl knows how to rock with the best of ‘em, and she’s all about playin’ some kick ass Texas rock n roll!!!…. Curt DeGidio is on 2nd guitar. He is a great addition to the lineup. Curt hails from Cleveland, OH and did time with The Chrome Kickers as well as other projects… Drums are handled by Houston’s own Andy Chaos who just kills a drum kit with the power he puts out!! This is a rock n roll lineup you don’t want to miss….. The band has had Robb “Dog” Loughmiller on drums, former Junkyard man Max Gottlieb on guitar, Billy Kenner on drums and a brief time with Lonnie Vincent of The Bulletboys who sat in for a few gigs and practices in late ’08/ early ’09. Thanks to all who have passed through this band we call CHELSEA HOTEL, for that very reason!


Dead Roses (Houston, TX)

“We’re not just a band…..we’re a fucking tragedy” – with these immortal words, they launched into their debut set on Valentine’s Day of 2004, and H-town’s infamous DEAD ROSES were born. Since then, they have played shows with notable acts such as the DEMOLITION DOLLRODS, GLASS CANDY, DEAD MOON, BOBBY CONN, LOST SOUNDS, LES GEORGES LENINGRAD, FATAL FLYING GUILLOTINES, MEAT PUPPETS, and DIRT BOMBS. Heart broken, sleep deprived, glam damage is this group’s forte. Their formidable line-up includes former members of the LEPERS, INTROVERTS, CULTURCIDE, PAIN TEENS, TRUTH DECAY, VULGARIANS, NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE, THE HAUNTING ALLURE OF ELKE PALLENBERG’S VOID, SWARM OF ANGELS, HIGH ALMOND CONTENT, NTX PISTOLS, DISCOMFORTRON, BALACLAVAS, FUTURE BLONDES, DIAMONDS AND PEARLS, AFTER PARTY, UNGARISCHE DEUTSCHE FREUNDSCHAFT, DOTS, MYSTERY FLAVOR, and BRIDE OF PINBOT to name a few. DEAD ROSES have recorded and re-recorded their epic first release nine times, but refuse to put it out until it absolutely meets their impossibly high standards of excellence. Other activities/interests include socializing with international superstars, needlepoint, speaking with fake foreign accents, experimenting with eyeliner, and getting kicked out of ALICE COOPER concerts.