Friday, November 18, 2011 – Titan Blood (7″ Release) * The Energy * Weird Party * The Mahas

Titan Blood (Houston, TX)

Titan Blood is a project of TB Collective. Influenced by Strength Thru Oi, Killed By Death Vol. 1, & D’Angelo. 7” out soon. DL the first tape here:



The Energy (Houston, TX)

On their first LP, Houston supergroup The Energy sounds like a band possessed by death. Imagine the spirit and ghastliness of “Death Trip,” from the Stooges’ Raw Power, drawn and quartered across eight tracks and you can understand The Energy’s First Album. Made up of members of No Talk, Hell City Kings and Wicked Poseur, The Energy’s noise is incredibly blunt and discards vaguery for outright depravity. Lead singer Arthur Bates sings about committing suicide or “jerking off to a riot” (“I Won’t Let You Waste Me”), sounding like Joey Ramone on a handful of downers. Every single one of the LP’s eight tracks throbs with desperation, especially the four-part “Stabbing in the Dark.” This is easily one of the bleakest albums to come out of Houston in the past few years, and it was birthed by more than capable hands from one of the city’s most vital musical nuclei. – Houston Press

Weird Party (Houston, TX)

Weird Party is nothing but a big pile of sweaty, audacious, ready-to-scrap Rock and Roll. Etched in their new 7” is all the snot, spit, and fire of the finest punk. Live, they are possessed men who rage with a fury that infects any unwitting crowd. Hell, they might even steal your girlfriend at the end of the night if you’re not careful. The thing is, for all the wild shows and kick-ass Rock and Roll, you won’t find another band that is as smart, droll, and dedicated to their craft as these guys. – Free Press Houston




The Mahas (Houston, TX)

Jacob Majors–Bass
Tom Triplett–Guitar
Billy Boyd–Drums
Scott McNeil–Guitar/Vocals



Thursday, November 17, 2011 – Generation Landslide * Dead Roses * Chelsea Hotel

Generation Landslide (Houston, TX)

GENERATION:landslide! is a band whose voice comes from the heart and soul of Houston, TX. There’s a raw element here seemingly absent from a great deal of the current bands that are touring and trying to make it. When I say “raw”, I don’t mean idiotic monkeys bashing things, needles peaking and your ears going into shock. No. These people are songwriters…artists…au

diophiles. They have a great passion fo…r music and the common man. They are the champions of “garage”-rock and psychedelia; a band of seekers. The band consists of Tom Underwood on Guitar/Vocals, Kathie Muncy on bass/Vocals, Sellers Thomas on guitar/vocals, and Charles Zittle on drums/vocals. The band’s first recording effort, “Tomorrow Was Yesterday”, was engineered by Steve Bundrick at (the now closed) Z-Lab Studios in Houston, TX (Bundrick has also filled in on drums from time to time as well as big Al Murphy). It features the guest talents of Greg Trifaldo, Greg Varhaug, and David Watkins as well as featuring the guitar talents of former member Wil Hudgens. Tom’s songwriting could be considered somewhere in the neighborhood of Warren Zevon, Lou Reed, and Tom Petty. There’s a strong pop sensibility with a raw punk edge.

Dead Roses (Houston, TX)

“We’re not just a band…..we’re a fucking tragedy” – with these immortal words, they launched into their debut set on Valentine’s Day of 2004, and H-town’s infamous DEAD ROSES were born. Since then, they have played shows with notable acts such as the DEMOLITION DOLLRODS, GLASS CANDY, DEAD MOON, BOBBY CONN, LOST SOUNDS, LES GEORGES LENINGRAD, FATAL FLYING GUILLOTINES, MEAT PUPPETS, and DIRT BOMBS. Heart broken, sleep deprived, glam damage is this group’s forte. Their formidable line-up includes former members of the LEPERS, INTROVERTS, CULTURCIDE, PAIN TEENS, TRUTH DECAY, VULGARIANS, NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE, THE HAUNTING ALLURE OF ELKE PALLENBERG’S VOID, SWARM OF ANGELS, HIGH ALMOND CONTENT, NTX PISTOLS, DISCOMFORTRON, BALACLAVAS, FUTURE BLONDES, DIAMONDS AND PEARLS, AFTER PARTY, UNGARISCHE DEUTSCHE FREUNDSCHAFT, DOTS, MYSTERY FLAVOR, and BRIDE OF PINBOT to name a few. DEAD ROSES have recorded and re-recorded their epic first release nine times, but refuse to put it out until it absolutely meets their impossibly high standards of excellence. Other activities/interests include socializing with international superstars, needlepoint, speaking with fake foreign accents, experimenting with eyeliner, and getting kicked out of ALICE COOPER concerts.

Chelsea Hotel (Houston, TX)

This Houston, TX band is fronted by Robert Conn on guitar and vocals. Conn was one of the original members of The Pagans and Defnics from Cleveland, OH. Robert was also on The Plague “Just Say No” classic thrash punk album….. Conn maintains his raw edge “punk n’ roll” style of writing with Chelsea Hotel…..Bass duties are handled by Jewels. This Houston girl knows how to rock with the best of ’em, and she’s all about playin’ some kick ass Texas rock n roll!!!…. Curt DeGidio is on 2nd guitar. He is a great addition to the lineup. Curt hails from Cleveland, OH and did time with The Chrome Kickers as well as other projects… Drums are handled by Houston’s own Andy Chaos who just kills a drum kit with the power he puts out!! This is a rock n roll lineup you don’t want to miss….. The band has had Robb “Dog” Loughmiller on drums, former Junkyard man Max Gottlieb on guitar, Billy Kenner on drums and a brief time with Lonnie Vincent of The Bulletboys who sat in for a few gigs and practices in late ’08/ early ’09. Thanks to all who have passed through this band we call CHELSEA HOTEL, for that very reason!

Thursday November 17, 2011 – Rogue Improv

Rogue Improv – (Houston, TX )

Rogue Improv is a long form improv comedy ensemble performing shows every Thursday (except for the last Thursday each month) beginning at 8:00 p.m. at Rudyard’s British Pub at 2010 Waugh, Houston, TX, 77006. $5 cash admission, great bar, great food.

In each show, Rogue takes a suggestion from the audience, using it as the inspiration to create a completely improvised, unscripted, 25-30 minute theat…rical universe. Rogue concentrates on “grounded” improv that instinctively creates the funny. Come see it to believe it. Rogue also offers classes for new aspiring improvisers and workshops for parties and corporate events.

Tuesday November 15, 2011 – Bootown Presents: Grown Up Storytime #41

Bootown – (Houston, TX )

The Grown-up Storytime series is a late-night event that takes place the third Tuesday of every month at Rudyard’s British Pub, a bar and venue located in the heart of Montrose. You send us stories, we pick the best ones, and assign them to a rotating crack-squad of expert story readers who show up the night of and wow our socks and/or pants off. It’s on a Tuesday – what else are you going to do?

Interested in submitting a story or reading someone else’s story?!? Email us at grownupstorytime@bootown.o​rg


Saturday, November 12, 2011 – David Barnes * Andrew Ripp

David Barnes (Nashville, TN)
As singer/songwriter Dave Barnes tells it, he had a Harry Potter moment while in college. Like the poor, misunderstood boy living under the stairs with his Uncle and Aunt, Barnes also belonged to a magical tribe, but up to that point hadn’t realized it. “I was thinking I was weird, or something was wrong with me. But when I found the magazine Performing Songwriter, I thought, ‘you mean there’s a g…roup of people …who relate to this? Who have a hard time talking when there is a melody in their head or will run off and call their voicemail so they can remember how this one lyric goes?’”

That’s right, Dave, you’re a wizard. Well, a songwriting wizard, anyway. So get out of that cramped room and get to Hogwarts—er, Nashville.

A few years later, Barnes graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Recording Industry Management—“I’m one of the few musicians in the world actually using my major,” he laughs—and became a performing songwriter himself, relocating to Nashville to see what might happen.

At first very little was happening, with Barnes cutting his teeth in a 50-capacity room—and drawing just seven people at one point. But just a few years later, after crisscrossing the country and selling vanloads of two independent albums—Brother, Bring The Sun and Chasing Mississippi, the artist had landed songs on television and in films, and was well known to thousands who’d discovered his soulful, supple way with a melody, wrapping itself around a lyric that sneakily burrows under the skin. Those fans include Vince Gill and Amy Grant (who made guest appearances on Chasing Mississippi) and John Mayer, who said on his blog: “Go where this guy is taking you. My man’s aim is true!”

Where is Barnes taking listeners? Judging by a spin of his latest, Me and You and the World, just about anywhere. The Steely Dan jazz-pop of “Someday.” The Blind Boys of Alabama-style gospel of “Carry Me Through.” The lighters-in-the-air sing-along chorus of “When A Heart Breaks.” The crowd favorite and first single, “Until You.” Or, perhaps, the delicate, cello-laced ballad of “On A Night Like This.” It’s all here.

“I always want my songs to be served individually,” Barnes says. “As we approach production, what I’m always the most conscious of is, ‘is this song sounding like it needs to sound?’ I do want the record to sound good, but I’m a lot more concerned with an individual song. That’s all that anybody’s listening to at one point anyway.”

Me and You and the World refers to Barnes’ expanded lyrical perspective. Profoundly affected by his work with the Mocha Club (—which builds orphanages and supplies medical care in Africa—and service trips he’s taken to the continent, the songwriting began shifting. As he says, “You can beat your fans up when you write about yourself all the time. I never want them to be like ‘okay, give us a break you egomaniac.’ Now I love to write about my experiences, but I think this record is much more about realizing there are so many other stories to tell.”

Born in South Carolina, Barnes grew up in rural Mississippi, first gravitating to the hip-hop popular with his classmates (first CD: Young MC), then latching on to the soul, blues and soulful rock favored by his Jackson-born mother and Clarksdale-born father. “We listened to so much Motown and old school R&B. That was just completely normal for Dad, growing up in that world. He’s told me so many stories of being in Clarksdale, going down to the City Hall and seeing these amazing bands playing.”

Newly arrived in Nashville, armed with just his acoustic guitar, Barnes gravitated to the folk scene. After playing his fair share of solo acoustic shows, though, Dave made has way back to his roots, and found himself looking for music with both depth and groove. This lead Barnes to embrace Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan and seemingly everything in between. “I’ve been on a massive Toto kick lately,” he shares, gleefully, just after communicating his affection for Phil Collins’ melodies in Invisible Touch-era Genesis.

This would be a good time to mention that it’s a bad idea to take Barnes seriously all of the time, or perhaps most of the time. A YouTube search turns up almost as many homespun comedy clips as fan-shot performances. In fact, Barnes has a stand-up comedy sideline, selling out a 350-seat Nashville theater for a show that included no guitars. “I just remember, in the middle of the routine, thinking, ‘this is maybe the most fun I’ve ever had.’ Because it was working well and people were responding.”

A sense of humor also helps when arduously building an independent career. “You get a lot of ‘hey, yeah, come play at the college—you can play in the cafeteria while people are eating.’ And it’s like, ‘yesss!’ ‘And you’re staying with a student.’ ‘Oh, great.’ And there were those shows where you’re like, ‘oh my gosh, am I really playing in a basement?’”

Once earning a following though, Barnes played shows for years before he realized that often his audiences were singing every word of his songs along with him. “When I play, I’m so in the zone that I don’t really pay attention,” admits the artist, who performed hundreds of shows while still unsigned. “It’s only recently that I’ve appreciated that. Now, there are a couple of places in the set where I stop singing the song and let the audience sing. Not having a radio presence (yet), and being able to play places where people are singing songs loudly, it’s pretty amazing.”

Amazing, yes, but not unexpected, given Barnes’ talent and stage presence. The response also speaks to the power of his songs, equal parts depth and hooks, both thought-provoking and dance-inspiring. It’s so contagious that even newcomers have been known to join in. Barnes recalls, “there I was, three years ago in a room just writing a song because it needed to be written—and here I am today in a room in front of 500 to 1,000 people with everybody singing it. And that’s a weird feeling.”

Despite Nashville’s reputation as a cutthroat industry town, best known for commercial country and Christian music, a group of young, pop-oriented singer/songwriters is simultaneously thriving. Barnes counts locals like Matt Wertz (with whom he’s toured), sometime-McCartney keyboardist Gabe Dixon and Mat Kearney as friends and peers. It’s a non-competitive, supportive community, he says, but the peer pressure is definitely there.

“The great thing about being in Nashville is that you’ve got to constantly write stuff that keeps your friends on their toes,” he says. “I’ve got so many talented friends that I don’t want to be the guy where everyone says: ‘Did you hear Dave’s new record? Isn’t it, um, interesting?’”

Strangely enough, Barnes never made a conscious decision to arrive where he is today. As he puts it, one thing just led to another, without much of a master plan. “I am thankful that many young singer/songwriters ask me, ‘dude, how did you do it? Give me the roadmap.’ But the truth is,’ I don’t know.’ I can’t tell you that I’ve ever planned anything. And I like that, because it must mean I am meant to do this. Right?”

Andrew Ripp (Los Angeles, CA)

To call Andrew Ripp a singer/songwriter is to leave something deep out of the equation. It’s true. He sings. And when he sings, something catches in your chest and you wonder why your heart is reacting to what is coming in your ears. It’s true. He’s a songwriter. He intricately weaves words into stories that have somehow aged and ripened and are sweet to ingest.

But there is more. Maybe it has to do with the rock-infused tones that are ever present. Maybe it is more soulful than pop, or maybe it is more pop than soul? Or is it rock with some soul and a hint of pop with the songwriting of a well-lived life? Whatever you call it, Andrew has it.

A native of Chicago, Illinois, Andrew began this musical journey with simply a voice, a guitar, and an awkward fifteen-year-old view of the world. As he grew and matured, so did his music. Moving out to Los Angeles in 2003, doors soon opened for Ripp to record and work with rock producer Bob Marlette and write for pop star Ryan Cabrera.

Ripp’s debut album Fifty Miles to Chicago, which he co-wrote and co-produced, released in 2008 to many-a-round of applause. Compared to the likes of Ray Lamontagne, Maroon 5, and Jason Mraz, Andrew toured the country, performing songs from this album, and won fans quickly with his pure tones, strong lyrics, and that other thing that we have yet to define but definitely contributes to his awesome.

With the release of his sophomore album She Remains the Same, Andrew is seeing the world in a new way. Nashville, Tennessee is his current address, and with a maturing faith, this album speaks to the new place where he is- both physically and spiritually.

It’s about truth. It’s about faith. It’s about life and living it well. Produced by Dave Barnes, this record peels back another layer of Andrew’s talent while giving the audience a unique sound experience. Meant to be an album full of life, you can’t listen and not be warmed by the sounds.

Listeners of this album will immediately want more. And luckily, according to Andrew, this story is still unfolding. Which can only mean (fingers crossed) that he will continue to write, sing, and create sounds that change the atmosphere.

According to his fans? That is music to their ears.

Friday, November 11, 2011 – The Suffers * Soup * Only Beast

The Suffers (Houston, TX)

Comprised of current and former members of Los Skarnales, Heptic Skeptic, Idigenous, and others, The Suffers are just a few guys(and girl) having a good time playing music that they love.




Soup (Austin, TX)

SOUP has been moving feet since 2006 when two musicians with like-minded tastes began playing local bars and clubs in the East Texas area. Between Colt Pope’s sweet, crooner voice and Anthony Parrotta’s rhythmic bass a new sound began to form. After developing a devoted following, the pair decided to move away from a two man gig and start a full band. Anthony knew just the right men for the job. S…imon Page grew up in Ft. Worth with Anthony and began tearing up the guitar at the age of 16; Josh Bickley played drums alongside Simon in the alt/rock band Lean. The ripping sound of the guitar and the driving beat of the drums mixed with the already mellow sounds of the bass creating the perfect back drop for the painfully soulful wail of the vocals. In 2008 SOUP had their debut show and live recording at Banita Creek Saloon in Nachogdoches, Tx. Feeling the pressures of small town life versus big life dreams, all of the members felt it was time to relocate to a bigger stage. Centered in Austin, SOUP has been building a following around Texas for half a decade. Having a essence of “soulful, blues-rock” with taste of grunge, SOUP believes there is no sound like the live sound, and they are guaranteed to entertain an audience of any age.

Only Beast (Houston, TX)

“Anti-matter in leprous hands. They will summon demons and use them as coffee tables to prop their feet on.”
– Stephan B. Wyatt (Illegal Wiretaps) describing Only Beast





Thursday, November 10, 2011 – Black Eyed Vermillion * Whiskey Dick * Viva Le Vox

Black Eyed Vermillion (Austin, TX)

BLACK EYED VERMILLION was born Gary Christian Vermillion in 1969 as the product of a one night stand between an unemployed circus freak and a jackal. Abandoned by his mother, he was adopted by a roaming tribe of Buddhist Monk street sweepers, eventually causing him to find inner-peace within the gutter.

… At age 7, young Vermillion fell into an open sewer. After being trapped for three days he was f…inally rescued; unconscious and badly hurt. When he awoke he could only communicate in swear words for a year and his voice was severely damaged from the septic fumes. He also sustained a head injury, resulting in his first set of black eyes which would lead to the nick name he still bears to this day.

At 11 Vermillion set out to see the world but mostly saw it from behind bars. As he stumbled around the world from bus stations to bars to shelters to jails, he was always just lucky enough to cross paths with some of the most talented people in the underground music scene. Stevie Tombstone, One Armed Willie, Handsome Andy Gibson, Cornelious ‘the Pain’ Wickenburg, Joe Buck Yourself, Heathen Bill, Stix the Clown, Whiskey Dick and of course the legendary Shelton Williams the 1st were just a few of the people that would help him realize that he had absolutely NO musical talent! But they also taught him that it didn’t matter as long as there was a song in his heart.

These days Black Eyed Vermillion is being backed by The Vermillionaires; a solid line-up consisting of Fritz ‘Burger’ Nation and Johnny ‘Sunshine’ Johnson on Guitars, Kurtis D. ‘Millionaire’ Machler on Bass and Bircho Birch on Drums. Combining the elements of American roots music with the dark anger of punk and grindcore, they will be attempting to play as many gigs as possible, depending on everyone’s ever demanding Rehab schedule.

Whiskey Dick (Fort Worth, TX)

WHISKEYDICK is Fritz and Rev. Johnson, a two piece acoustic rebel-neck country machine from Fort Worth, Texas. Touring the U.S.A. singing about drinking, smoking, raising hell, getting kicked out of bars and thrown in jail. Harder Beat says “Fritz plays rhythm guitar but his specialty is seducing your eardrums with his booming-from-the-belly low vocals. During solos, Rev. Johnson, lead guitar, does things with an acoustic that most can’t do with an electric.” Producer Eric Knutson describes our songs as redneck, porch sittin’, rebel guitar pickin’ music.

We have released three albums, “Rebel Flags and Whiskey”,”First Class White Trash” and “Drunk as Hell” plus are well into writing our fourth album . We’re professional musicans not weekend warriors, and like all blue collar hound dogs, we play shows 4 to 5 nights a week.

WHISKEYDICK has been together for 5 years with the same two original members, Fritz and Rev. Johnson, and have played over 1,000 shows. After previously being in metal bands, we decided to get back to our country roots and since have gone down the road to salvation, via Hell.

Tracks from all three WHISKEYDICK albums have been played on KNON 89.3 with d.j.?s Thrashing Alan and Slamming J. On the same station our third album ?Drunk as Hell? was played in its entirety as well as performing live in studio on the air.

We have played “Ride For Dime” 3 and 6, R.O.T. Rally, Bikelahoma, B.A.R. Rally and SxSw in Austin, Tx

We have sold c.d.?s worldwide, England, France, Germany, soldiers in Iraq just to name a few.

We have performed with such bands as Ray Wylie Hubbard, Foghat, Joe Buck Yourself, Antiseen, Andy Dick, Texas Hippie Coalition, Within Chaos, Wayne ?The Train? Hancock, Honky(Pinkus from the Butthole Surfers), Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies, Nashville Pussy, Green Jelly, Reverend Horton Heat, Lonesome Wyatt (those Poor Bastards), .357 String Band, Nick Oliveri (Queens of the Stone Age), and The Supersuckers.

Along with the thousands of fans worldwide we have left our mark with Dez Fafara of Devildriver, Rex Brown of Pantera/down, Tom Maxwell of Hellyeah/Nothingface, Billy Milano of SOD/MOD, Jeff Pinkus of Butthole Surfers/Honky, Nashville Pussy, Reverend Horton Heat, and Gary Lindsey (Assjack front man)

Special guest appearances on albums include, Jeremy Thompson from Nashville Pussy, Gary Lindsey of Black Eyed Vermillion/Hank III(Assjack). Nashville Pussy?s song ?Hate and Whiskey? featured on the album ?First Class White Trash?, ?You Left the Bottle? written by Jeff Pinkus of Butthole Surfers/Honky featured on the ?Drunk as Hell? album.

Viva Le Vox (Lake Worth, FL)

Viva le Vox is a ragtag group of ne’er do-wells hailing from the swamps and shores of southeast Florida. They have a sound that’s hard to describe, influenced by everything from the sleaziest Dixieland jazz to the most sordid punk rock. The sound is by turns loud, fast, and creepy…it’s uneasy listening, crafted for discerning musical misfits everywhere. Live performances will find a crowd of exorcised souls drenched in sweat, dancing up a frenzy.

Viva Le Vox has always been a band with a rotating circus of characters, from two members to five, four, and three. Though some variations of the group have lasted longer than others,the backbone of the band’s sound has stayed constant nearly from the start, and has now boiled down to the “gruesome twosome” that is currently touring the country.