Sunday 11 March 2012 – Ponderosa

Ponderosa (Atlanta/Athens, GA)

“Ponderosa naturally carries the type of swagger that most bands spend years rehearsing. Their catalog of campfire songs, southern rock anthems, and drunken, two-step shuffles has won the admiration of listeners—and the envy of musicians—throughout the Southeast Region. Featuring former members of The Butch Walker Band, Sovus Radio and Variac, Ponderosa’s rhythm section has the chops to craft timeless, impeccable songs. Singer Kalen Nash’s voice has often been described as “golden,” though this gold is equal parts honey and whiskey. The group’s three-part harmonies, jaw-dropping performances, and rock-and-roll lifestyle make them truly peerless, which is why Ponderosa is already a favorite among industry professionals..” -William Cane (Performer Magazine)

Thursday 01 March 2012 – Mr. Lewis & the Funeral 5 * Gut Radio * Tyburn Jig

Mr. Lewis & the Funeral 5 (Austin, TX)

(Mr.) Lewis composes with cinematic sweep, taking a confident, playful, mix-and-match approach to genre. Just try to resist a devil that plays punk rock with a dash of tango.”—- Austin Music Magazine—- “If it’s closing time, and a circus barker trapped you in the circus freak-show tent, fear not. Let Mr. Lewis & the Funeral 5 be your soundtrack to escape.” —-Margaret Moser, Austin Chronicle—- “Mr. Lewis & the Funeral Five’s polka/lounge/murder ballads stung like Molotov cocktails thrown through the window of a church.” —-Audra Schroeder, Austin Chronicle—- “When fedora-wearing, experimentation-loving punk rockers get fed up with the status quo, anything can happen, and it does on the Austin sixpiece’s upcoming debut, Murder and the Art of the Dance” —-Darcie Stevens, Austin Chronicle SXSW Wed. pick— “Mr. Lewis & the Funeral 5 bring the curtain down with the sweeping theatricality of Kurt Weill by way of Nick Cave on latest Murder and the Art of the Dance.” —-Greg Beets, Austin Chronicle SXSW show guide —- . “Mr. Lewis & the Funeral 5 teach Murder and the Art of the Dance, like binding Tom Waits in the shackles of Tav Falco and demanding a tango.” —-Austin Chronicle —- “Murder and the Art of Dance swaggers up and delivers an emotional striptease that you simply can’t avert your eyes from.” ——-


Gut Radio (Baytown, TX) was kind of like Chernobyl, but better.

One day, special agent Red Taint noticed that crew leader Death Shark was online, so he sent a Fb text. Through a short conversation the two realized that they would be converging on the same metropolitan area within a few months. A few months after this indeed happened, a pact was made that the bearded rock and roll that would espouse from their alliance would shake the earth from the sonic orgasm that is….




Tyburn Jig (Houston, TX)

Hotter than the Texas badlands and slicker than a Gulf Coast oil spill, The Tyburn Jig is a four piece original band of outlaws. Their music defies categorization but channels a brooding amalgam of demented surf and cow-punk. Perhaps you could call it Western Murder Noir. They are equal parts lust and legend, love and danger. Whatever it is, you can’t stop dancing.