Friday December 23, 2011 – Yip Deceiver * Wild Moccasins * The Ton Tons

Yip Deceiver (Athens, Ga)

Yip Deceiver is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Davey Pierce, which was originally intended to be a solo project, but has since become a collaborative effort with Dobbratz. The tour is in support of Yip Deceiver EP, the band’s self-titled debut available on February 8 via Dobbratz’s imprint Aerobic International on CD, 12″ single & and at all DSPs. Yip Deceiver’s music is an exciting take on experimental dance pop with strong hooks, playful take on new wave, 80s R&B and electro.




Wild Moccasins (Houston, TX)

With a collection of songs that web male-female vocals of couple Zahira Gutierrez and Cody Swann, as well as pop-infused percussion and string work, Wild Moccasins, a quintet of 20-somethings from Houston, TX, offer a sound that balances a musical guile beyond the band’s years.
Wild Moccasins are perhaps best known in their native Texas for their uncanny ability to sell-out live shows. The mere release of their EP, Microscopic Metronomes & then Full Length, Skin Collision Past, actually resulted in some significant amount of press noting how they are one of the few local acts that have no trouble selling out a show.
The explanation behind their passionate fan base can be found in the one aspect of Wild Moccasins that is most prevalent: their energy. The passion for music that all five members emit both in the studio and on the stage is one to marvel at.


The Ton Tons (Houston, TX)

A soulful blend of psychedelic blues and indie-rock, The Tontons are spectacle. Their driving arrangements and beautiful melodies evoke magnetism and suspend reality. Raw energy veritably emanates from this Houston, TX quartet. The Tontons’ creative method is different from other musicians’; their writing technique, rehearsal and performance style are uniquely their own. This produces a mesmerizing hybrid of disparate musical genres making them difficult to categorize and giving them broad appeal and popularity. The band released their first EP in 2008 titled “Sea and Stars” which earned them the award for “Best New Act” by the Houston Press and showcases at SXSW 2008 and 2009. They followed up with a self-titled full-length album, gaining them respect and praise.



Thursday December 22 – Rudyard’s 50th Beer Tasting Dinner with Joe Apa and Jason Kerr

December 22, 2011 is the 50th Beer Dinner:

An Epic Event and evening planned around:

Redstone Mead, Old Speckled Hen,

Blanche de Chambly, Westmalle Tripel,

Three Philosophers, La Trappe and

Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron

5 courses of food by Joe Apa and Jason Kerr

7 beers, 5 courses, a Christmas bargain at $50 per person. Sign up at the bar or over the phone. 7pm

Cheers! Happy Holidays!!


Thursday December 22, 2011 – Devil Killing Moth * Smile For Diamonds * Poetic Mental Aggression

Devil Killing Moth (Houston, TX)

Devil Killing Moth is a two piece acoustic garage band that sets their own sound in accordance to their mood.

Based out of Houston, Texas, Devil Killing Moth is a two piece acoustic band that sets no limits. The sound is original, spacey, and very deep, with a blend of guitar effects and vocal melodies that elicit one to pause and create their own interpretation of the music.





Smile For Diamonds (Seattle, WA)

Loud and erratic, Smile for Diamonds delivers a heated show every time. Hailing from Colorado and now Seattle; this 4 piece came together in the summer of 2009. All from different backgrounds with different influences they are determined to bring a complete performance. Smile for Diamonds’ self titled and self released EP was released digitally in February of 2010. Recorded in downtown Seattle at …Orbit Audio and mastered at Tone Proper studios, this EP offers 5 songs based around the effects of losing a loved one and moving on with out them.
Fans of melodic, shoe-gaze indie rock as well as lovers of the heavier and more technical side of music will not be disappointed by the sonic experience this band has to offer. Commited to their music, this quartet brings a passion that is rare in today’s music scene. In 2010 Smile for Diamonds established their presence here in the northwest and took their show on the road. After an amazing tour of the northwest and west coast Smile for Diamonds has returned to Seattle with a new fire to bring their vision to a broader audience in 2011.

Poetic Mental Aggression (Houston, TX)

im just a musician looking to find other musicians create music thatll never be created again go to a club with that ideology and represent it on stage .




Thursday December 22, 2011 – Rogue Improv

Rogue Improv – (Houston, TX )



Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls trapped in Gentlemen and Ladies Bodies! Come all at the same time to….


Houston – this is your second main event hosted by The New Movement and we have INCREASED THE AWESOME!

This time, we’ll have four shows – yes FOUR ALL NEW SHOWS for only $5!

This week:
Shyla Hungerford, Adrian Frimpong, Matt Graham, Brady and Kelly Moore
Outside Vladamir –
Jim and Lisa Valentine, Andrea Kawaja, Royal Millen, Lucas Stokesberry
One Up Yours –
Antoine Culbreath, Matt Gawloski, David Toscano, Cris Skelton, Saurabh Pande, Tim Anderson
Jousting Bieber-
A bunch of nancy-boys and tarts from England. (amirite?!) ask Royal Millen, Matt Gawloski, Lucas Stokesberry, David Toscano, Jessica Brown, and Kelly Moore

AUDIENCE!!!! Be there by 8 and stay til 930 to make your vote count! There will be only one team to come out of THIS WEEK to take on NEXT WEEK’S WINNER! And it’s ALL based on your votes!

This is the most fun! Tis the season for Hunger Games/ Thunderdome/ Cage Match/ MAIN EVENT!



Tuesday December 20, 2011 – Bootown Presents: Grown Up Storytime #42

Bootown – (Houston, TX )

The Grown-up Storytime series is a late-night event that takes place the third Tuesday of every month at Rudyard’s British Pub, a bar and venue located in the heart of Montrose. You send us stories, we pick the best ones, and assign them to a rotating crack-squad of expert story readers who show up the night of and wow our socks and/or pants off. It’s on a Tuesday – what else are you going to do?

Interested in submitting a story or reading someone else’s story?!? Email us at grownupstorytime@bootown.o​rg

Saturday December 17, 2011 – The El Birthday Metalfest (6PM): Project Armageddon * Venomous Maximus * Warbeast * Sactus Bellum * Las Cruces * Mr. Plow

In honor of my brithday, and that of my good friend and bandmate Jan Kimmel, I’m putting together the El Birthday Metal Fest. Co-headlined by local occult-metal kings Venomous Maximus and DFW thrash supergroup Warbeast, The El Birthday Metal Fest features my band, Sanctus Bellum, San Antonio doom legends Las Cruces, a reunion show from local fuzz rock icons Mr. Plow (1st show w. original lineup in 5 years), and local doom mainstays Project Armageddon.

The El Birthday Metal Fest

Project Armageddon 1:10
Venomous Maximus 11:50
Warbeast 10:30
Sanctus Bellum 9:10
Las Cruces 8:00
Mr. Plow REUNION SHOW 7:00
Doors at 5pm

Project Armageddon (Conroe, TX)


Alexis “Dok” Marie
Raymond Matthews
Brandon Johnson


Venomous Maximus (Houston, TX)

Houston’s Venomous Maximus gurgles with the sounds of proto-metal gods Pentagram and Blue Cheer as well as new-school leaders like High on Fire. The headspace of this band falls somewhere between a Alejandro Jodorowsky film and a New Orleans voodoo den. Hail Satan and pass the chicken feet.

Bands we’ve played with: High on Fire, Mastodon, Pentagram, Eyehategod, Fu Manchu, The Sword, Valiant Thorr, Red Fang, deadhorse, Royal Thunder, Tombs, Early Man, Torche, Honky, Dixie Witch, Black Cobra, Priestess, Black Tusk, Bison BC, Dead Meadow, Green and Wood, Gypsyhawk, Suplecs, Ancient VVisdom


Warbeast (Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX)

With the “retro-thrash” trend in full-swing, and hordes of bands trying to re-create “old school metal”, Texas monsters WARBEAST offer the real thing. Their music is not the result of careful study of 80’s thrash or classic metal; it just comes naturally because that is who they are. Krush The Enemy, their debut CD on Philip Anselmo’s Housecore Records, features ten tracks covering a wide range …of metal terrain aimed squarely at the neck-snapping headbanger in the front row. For WARBEAST, “metal” means high speed riffing, thunderous double bass, roaring vocals and plenty of blazing guitar solos.

The roots of WARBEAST are firmly entrenched in the legendary 80’s Texas underground metal scene. Vocalist Bruce Corbitt was the voice of speed metal splatter kings Rigor Mortis, who achieved major label success on Capitol Records in 1988. Guitarists Rick Perry and Scott Shelby were the riff machine behind Gammacide, one of Texas most furious thrash exports. Bassist Alan Bovee joined Gammacide when they re-united in 2006, and drum tornado Joe Gonzalez provided blast beats and mayhem for Dallas death metal band Demonseed.

The band was originally formed in the fall of 2006 under the name Texas Metal Alliance for a one-time performance to play a benefit show for Hammer Witch bassist/vocalist Wayne Abney. Abney had suffered a near-fatal motorcycle accident in August 2006. TMA’s performance for the benefit included special guest members from some of Dallas/Ft. Worth’s original thrash bands… Gammacide, Rigor Mortis, Rotting Corpse and Hammer Witch. After the benefit, some of the core members that made up TMA decided to make it a real band.

TMA initially played songs by the individual member’s previous bands. Now they focused on writing new material, and playing many shows throughout Texas. Two demos were recorded, and Bruce brought them along when Rigor Mortis was doing a tour in which they were supported by one of Philip Anselmo’s side projects, Arson Anthem. Bruce passed the demos on to Philip, who liked what he heard and wanted first shot at signing the band to his new Housecore Record label. After speaking with Philip and hearing his enthusiasm for the project, no other offers were even considered. In Anselmo’s own words: “Bruce is a commanding fucking presence. His performance on Krush The Enemy is the best he’s ever been. Rick and Scott’s use of chugging power riffs, mixed with classic progressions and twisting harmonies are executed flawlessly. Jose Gonzales plays the ever-loving shit out of the drums. Alan Bovee’s playing is as solid as a vice grip.”

In early 2009, the band changed their name to WARBEAST, feeling they had outgrown Texas Metal Alliance. In April they spent 2 weeks in New Orleans recording Krush The Enemy, with Anselmo producing. Engineered by David “The Puma” Troia, who has worked with bands such as Mudvayne, DOWN, OTEP, and Arson Anthem, among others. 100 proof metal has been forged here, and among many standout tracks are the blazing “Scorched Earth Policy”, the menacing “Stalker” and the apocalyptic “We Are The Vultures”. Once again, we’ll let Philip say it best: “every song is its own SONG; riff-delirium, thunderous cadences and classic Thrash vocals delivered in TRUE, classic Thrash style. WARBEAST will prove to be major players in the very near future…you can bet your ass on that.”


Sactus Bellum (Houston, TX)

Classic Doom Metal

Ben Yaker – Bass
Jan Kimmel – Guitar
Justin Waggoner – Vocals
Cory Cousins – Drums
Maurice Eggenschwiler – Guitar

Ben first. Soon thereafter, Jan. Then Doug for a little bit. Then Jim for a little bit. Now Justin. Then Derek for a longer bit. Now Cory. And later Maurice. No further changes planned.


Las Cruces (San Antonio, TX)

The American doom metal band Las Cruces was formed in San Antonio, Texas, in 1994. After a couple of releases for the Brainticket label and a self-financed EP in 2001 they more or less broke up.

In February 2005 they announced that they were active again and working on their 3rd full-length album to be released in the summer.


Mr. Plow (Houston, TX)

Formed in the mid nineties without a name or singer. Greg, Jeremy and Dave got together on Friday nights at Jeremy’s house right behind the original location of the Goode Company BBQ on Kirby. While the patrons at the Goode company were dining on BBQ outside on a picinic table with old country music playing through cheap outdoor speakers, the sound of Mr. Plow was being forged; overbearing the a…tmosphere with a big thick wall of bass and groove. After a few attempts of playing shows with a couple vocalists that never worked out, it was finally suggested that Jeremy’s good friend and law school cohort Justin Waggoner join the band. Soon thereafter the name Mr. Plow was decided upon based on a favorite episode of the Simpsons and a catchy jingle therein. The first album, Head On, was soon recorded and released. Mr. Plow played several gigs around Houston at places like The Mausoleum, The Oven, Mary Jane’s, Fitzgeralds, and Emo’s. Cock Fights and Pony Racing was released a couple years later. This album had a more produced sound albeit very bass heavy and thick by design to mimick the sound of a band favorite album, Kyuss-Blues for the Red Sun. By this time the band was reaching out to places like Austin and Dallas for a gig here and there, as well as playing more venues in Houston such as Rudyards. It was at Rudyards where the band met Joel Omelcheck, sound guy extraordinaire who recorded their most recent album, Asteroid 25399. Asteroid was considered the crowning achievement recording by the band but lacked as much public interest as their previous efforts despite being nominated as Album of the Year by 94.5 The Buzz rock DJ Zakk United who invited the band to play the Scout Bar as a part of the Texas Buzz. Some of the Mr. Plow catalog even saw airplay on the radio at this time slot, especially the stand out track from Asteroid 25399, Dead Eye Dick. Eventually, Greg Green left the band to pursue an out of state education to become a doctor. The band tried to carry on with another bassist but floundered after a couple gigs. Today the band memebers remain good friends and Greg is back in Houston. Justin is playing with a new Band called Sactus Bellum with the bass player, Ben Yaker, who briefly replaced Greg in the Plow. Jeremy and Greg play weekly in a band without a name and no gigs as of yet, playing mostly covers. David has been playing bass with a cover band called Likely Story for the last few years as well. The band is at least open to the possibility of playing again at some point some day.





Friday, December 16, 2011 – Black Queen Speaks * Tyburn Jig * Deep Ella

Black Queen Speaks (Houston, TX)

“Off with their heads,” the Black Queen Speaks. Then she courts them all – not separately but simultaneously. The musicians – Mike (vocals), D2 (guitar), Pez (bass), Josh (drums) – meld, they fuse. They are no longer individual talents; they are one . . . protrusions from the hydra head. And as she fuses them with each other, she fuses them with the music of the ages. They are transformed, and so is the music. No longer music from the past or the present, but music that transcends time and space . . . music that stimulates tribal dancing, chanting, swaying . . . pulsating. Taking the listener to the brink . . . bursting forth in a rush of warm, perfumed essence, alternating so rapidly that you collapse, exhausted. But you don’t care. You’re happy, you’re satiated until… in a nanosecond, you want MORE. And the Queen is happy to accommodate one and all. She dances through everyone. You love her. And she loves you. Weep not for this, your destruction. In every ending lies a beginning.

And we are all more pleasant without them, these heads


Tyburn Jig (Houston, TX)

Hotter than the Texas badlands and slicker than a Gulf Coast oil spill, The Tyburn Jig is a four piece original band of outlaws. Their music defies categorization but channels a brooding amalgam of demented surf and cow-punk. Perhaps you could call it Western Murder Noir. They are equal parts lust and legend, love and danger. Whatever it is, you can’t stop dancing.




Deep Ella (Houston, TX)

From the emotional well-spring of singer-songwriter Jeff Crowder, came the integral foundation for Houston-based artistic rock band, Deep Ella. With meaningful lyrics and organic melodies as the backbone of the project, the band released the record “Last Year’s New Thing,” in 2002. LYNT was characterized by a mix of diverse songs with a range of styles that embody the wavering passion of a progressive youth. Drawing together the experience of local success, consistent gigs, and a loyal fan base, the band began tinkering in the studio, using a few EPs to mold their sound. Deep Ella spent the better part of 2006 holed up in Helberg House, the band’s home studio, working on their sophomore album “Empty Seas and Memories.” The devotion of a decade paid off. Building on their talents, Deep Ella perfected an intricate mix of lusty vocals, aggressive guitar work and eclectic rhythms. The momentum of the “Empty Seas” release in 2007 allowed the band to explore regionally, supporting national acts like Blue October, Civil Twilight and the Paper Tongues. Deep Ella is set to release their much anticipated third album “ the Spider,” July 17, 2010. Produced by bassist Matt Noevesky, of Blue October, “ the Spider” is the culmination of a colorful vision of seasoned artists dedicated to transcending the sphere of modern rock.