Tonight (Friday, November 18, 2011) – Titan Blood (7″ Release) * The Energy * Weird Party * The Mahas

Tonight, Titan Blood’s 7″ Release with The Energy,  Weird Party, and  The Mahas

I don’t think we can add anything more to what has already been said in the local papers about this show

Houston Press


Free Press

Saturday December 31, 2011 – Joint Chiefs * Lick Lick * Cheek

Joint Chiefs (Houston, TX)

Joint Chiefs’ music has been described many ways in the nearly three-and-a-half years since the band first formed here in Houston. Fans and critics who latch first onto Jay Maulsby’s vocals can easily mistake the Chiefs for a bad heavy metal band (wrong clothes and long, fractured songs), and Maulsby’s testosterone wail has caused a few otherwise unwarranted cries of grunge over the years. Notice the rhythm wall of Lisa Harrington’s drum kit and Scott Beliveau’s percussion, and you might think you were hearing a groove band stuck within a band that won’t stick with a groove. Focus your ears on Brett Needham and his rumbling Chapman Stick bass and you start to hear a bent toward embryonic prog rock, a tendency further embellished by Doren Bernard’s jazzy guitar noodles and squawking sax contributions. Pat Stallings’s guitar weaves all over the map, a trouble-shooting utility instrument that adds heft to whatever multi-hyphenated stylings the Chiefs happen to be pursuing at the moment. To further confuse the issue, Joint Chiefs began life as a progressive funk band, taking advantage of a groundswell of underage fans back in that genre’s Sprawl- and Billy Goat-dominated heyday.

Joint Chiefs sound a little bit like Rush one moment, a little like Black Sabbath the next, a lot like King Crimson in sporadic bursts, and, in inspired flashes of dissonance, like a flock of screaming geese being sucked into a jet turbine. Guitarist/sax player Bernard describes the Chiefs’ songs — mostly constructed of a democratic hodgepodge of ideas in the rehearsal room — as “weird or silly riffs, something rhythmically strange but not mechanical.” “We don’t want to be a techno band, which I’m sure would be easy to do,” he says. “A nice degree of sloppiness thrown in to keep it fun. We’re real interested in textural layering, like putting a lot of sounds together and seeing what it comes out like.” Maulsby’s lyrics alternate between mood paintings and social commentary, but unless you read a lyrics sheet, you’re more likely to be impressed by the visceral punch of the vocals than by their content.

As far as relative positioning within the realm of Houston’s rock product goes, the Chiefs share more common musical ground with prog-rock implants King’s X and Galactic Cowboys than with the blues derivatives or punk-rock deconstructions that surround them — probably more than anyone in the King’s X, Galactic Cowboys or Joint Chiefs camps might like to admit — and it’s easy to think that if the shaggy quintet would shape up its act (just flash a few tattoos, maybe, or at least stop showing up on stage wearing those crappy shorts their mothers gave them three Christmases ago), they might find themselves signing on the dotted line for some deep-pocketed employer with a tour bus and a friend doing video in L.A. – Houston Press (1994)


Lick Lick (Austin,TX)

Songs that strut by, give you a flirty wink, then kick you in the shins.  Girl power, boy bravado.  Epic guitar, organ growl.  Welcome the the sound of LICK LICK!  Formed in TEXAS in 2006, LICK LICK are the world’s preeminent progressive punk psychos.  LICK LICK love power chords, odd beats, and wicked humor–Devo, Black Sabbath, and Frank Zappa in a Texas bar brawl!  Featuring members of Brown Whörnet, Les Saucy Pants, Middlefinger, Pocket Fishrmen, Sexy Finger Champs, and the Fence Cutters, LICK LICK have spread their sound through their highly-regarded eponymous CD and throbbing performances across Texas.  As one reviewer wrote, “LICK LICK jars your brain up jolly good!”

Lick Lick is officially coining a new genre: prunk. “It’s progressive punk,” explains guitarist Eric Roach. “All of us have been playing for 25 years, so there’s a lot of influences crammed in there, but all of the parts are really short.” Prunk doesn’t even begin to describe the sensory overload found on the local quintet’s eponymous debut late last year. With the group’s ties to Les Saucy Pants, Sprawl, and Brown Whörnet, the album belches like the culmination of Austin’s avant-noise rock scene of the last decade, absurd math-metal flushed with psychedelic organ. Imagine the Butthole Surfers covering X.


Cheek (Sorry No verifiable information on-line)

Thursday December 29, 2011 – Project Grimm * Dead Mineral

Project Grimm (Houston, TX)

A decidedly less experimental group than its most direct predecessor, the Mike Gunn, Project Grimm was formed in 1995 by Gunn frontman and guitarist John Cramer to satisfy his urges to be a bit more straightforward in his approach to guitar rock. Interested in looking to build a band around this new direction, Cramer called local drummer Rick Costello (of Houston band Bleachbath) who volunteered his services straight away. Drew Calhoun joined on bass, and former Schlong Weasel (University of Houston “branch”) member Jim Otterson rounded out the lineup as second guitarist. Their first show, on July 3, 1995 was followed by recording sessions that would result in their first album, Lying Down out on Linus Pauling Quartet’s Ramon Medina (also a former Schlong Weasel-er) Worship Guitars label in 1996. The pace of recording and releasing would slow down considerably for the band, which wouldn’t quite get around to releasing the follow-up until 2003. In the meantime, Bo Morris would take over on drums for the kicked out Rick Costello, and Cramer would work with former Mike Gunn colleague Scott Grimm on his Dunlavy project. July 2003 would see the release of Project Grimm’s second album, Huge Beings (released on Camera Obscura’s Australian sister label Camera Lucida), but it would also see the band split — on the very day of the album’s release. Leader John Cramer would later appear as a solo artist working under the name the Powers of Light & Darkness, and played sporadic shows around Houston. – All Muisic

Dead Mineral (Houston, TX)

Formed in 2005 under the name Novox, Dead Mineral have been blasting Houston area bars and clubs with mostly instrumental dual guitar driven rock that wraps beauty inside searing noise. Members collectively hail from other Houston bands including Dry Nod, Sprawl, The Drunks, STOMA, The Keenlies, Run Trip and Fall, Rusted Shut, Project Grimm, Texas Guinness Lovers.










Wednesday December 28, 2011 – Winter Wonderglam 2011: Dead Roses, Chelsea Hotel, Fiskadoro, After Party, Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery

Dead Roses (Houston, TX)

“We’re not just a band…..we’re a fucking tragedy” – with these immortal words, they launched into their debut set on Valentine’s Day of 2004, and H-town’s infamous DEAD ROSES were born. Since then, they have played shows with notable acts such as the DEMOLITION DOLLRODS, GLASS CANDY, DEAD MOON, BOBBY CONN, LOST SOUNDS, LES GEORGES LENINGRAD, FATAL FLYING GUILLOTINES, MEAT PUPPETS, and DIRT BOMBS. Heart broken, sleep deprived, glam damage is this group’s forte. Their formidable line-up includes former members of the LEPERS, INTROVERTS, CULTURCIDE, PAIN TEENS, TRUTH DECAY, VULGARIANS, NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE, THE HAUNTING ALLURE OF ELKE PALLENBERG’S VOID, SWARM OF ANGELS, HIGH ALMOND CONTENT, NTX PISTOLS, DISCOMFORTRON, BALACLAVAS, FUTURE BLONDES, DIAMONDS AND PEARLS, AFTER PARTY, UNGARISCHE DEUTSCHE FREUNDSCHAFT, DOTS, MYSTERY FLAVOR, and BRIDE OF PINBOT to name a few. DEAD ROSES have recorded and re-recorded their epic first release nine times, but refuse to put it out until it absolutely meets their impossibly high standards of excellence. Other activities/interests include socializing with international superstars, needlepoint, speaking with fake foreign accents, experimenting with eyeliner, and getting kicked out of ALICE COOPER concerts.

Chelsea Hotel (Houston, TX)

This Houston, TX band is fronted by Robert Conn on guitar and vocals. Conn was one of the original members of The Pagans and Defnics from Cleveland, OH. Robert was also on The Plague “Just Say No” classic thrash punk album….. Conn maintains his raw edge “punk n’ roll” style of writing with Chelsea Hotel…..Bass duties are handled by Jewels. This Houston girl knows how to rock with the best of ‘em, and she’s all about playin’ some kick ass Texas rock n roll!!!…. Curt DeGidio is on 2nd guitar. He is a great addition to the lineup. Curt hails from Cleveland, OH and did time with The Chrome Kickers as well as other projects… Drums are handled by Houston’s own Andy Chaos who just kills a drum kit with the power he puts out!! This is a rock n roll lineup you don’t want to miss….. The band has had Robb “Dog” Loughmiller on drums, former Junkyard man Max Gottlieb on guitar, Billy Kenner on drums and a brief time with Lonnie Vincent of The Bulletboys who sat in for a few gigs and practices in late ’08/ early ’09. Thanks to all who have passed through this band we call CHELSEA HOTEL, for that very reason!

Fiskadoro (Houston, TX)

FSKD is jen and rich. sometimes travis. sometimes duane. we’ve been known to borrow gear from kirston and also from the IJ camp. it goes like this: after 3 demo tapes came the SEE JUNGLE EP/select hit on college radio ‘johnson space center’/next is the DREAD NIGHTS EP/these were released on the death is a star label/in the near future will come the WAX LIPS/DEAD_EATERS 7″ on the early astronauts label then and now and later shows/always shows/HOUSTON/DALLAS/LAKE JACKSON/secret lake jackson and its back alley post-punk community/the tangier(s) of this gulf coast conspiracy FSKD allies include yet are not limited to/A THOUSAND CRANES/IN THE POURING RAIN/SGT BADASS/THE GREAT TRAVIS KERSCHEN 15 minutes into this future and what has really changed?/a little more broke/a little closer to the end of oil/ensnared in the digital hive and looking for a way out/through dub echo, electric fog, bass and future memories/WE JUST KEEP IT TOGETHER////////////

the SEE JUNGLE EP is available for free download at:

After Party (Houston, TX)

Formed in 2008 as a side project for Ralf Armin (Dead Roses, Pain Teens, Culturcide, Truth Decay, Bride of Pinbot, Swarm of Angels, Really Red) and Kirston (Apocalypse Forecast), After Party is the band that always brings the party and closes the house. After Party will play anytime and anywhere that there has been a party, or will bring the party if one is needed.

FYI, that track is the first recording from last year and was recorded with the internal mic on Ralf’s little tape player. It’s supposed to sound that bad and we haven’t recorded anything since then. Should have something up by the middle of June. Might even use a superior format, but haven’t decided yet.

Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery (Sorry, no information On-Line)