Sunday 21 October 2018 – The Houston Traditional and Hot Jazz Collective presents Hot Jazz Sundays at Rudz (6-8PM, Free)

Come enjoy Gypsy swing and Traditional jazz out on the patio, every Sunday 6-8.
Musicians, bring your instruments as this is an open jam.
Dancers, swing dance lesson from 6-7, so bring your dancing shoes!
Patrons, this is a free event so tip your bartenders (as always).

Yours in Django,
The Houston Traditional and Hot Jazz Collective


Saturday 20 October 2018 – The Genzales, Differentials, Cornish Game Hen

The Genzales (Houston, TX)

Taking their name (and inspiration) from Johnny Thunders’ birth surname, the Genzales formed in early 2017 with the idea of just writing some songs and playing ragged and energetic rock and roll: punk rock molded in the form of not only their namesake, but other miscreant rock and roll punk forebears as well like Loney-era Groovies, Real Kids, Nervous Eaters…the Lazy Cowgirls. Messy, noisy and never earnest, and always sullied by their roots, their songs always nod to the Kinks and the Pretty Things. Band members consist of remnants of Houston bands like the Born Liars, modfag and the Freakouts, as well as the B-Movie Rats from Los Angeles. New single for ‘Don’t Smoke in Bed’ on Raw Ramp Records coming soon.


Differentials (Austin, TX)
“The Differentials peeled out of an Austin, TX garage in the spring of 2014, and rev up a big block delivery of distinctive guitar rock. With live shows power shifting through rock n roll with reckless abandon… the sound of The Differentials is spreading faster than the fumes of fuel & rubber at a drag strip!”


Cornish Game Hen (Houston, TX)
“Cornish Game Hen: Houston’s premier post -punk, power metal, alt country, neo folk, dub step, chillwave, minimal/dark wave band. You figure it out.”

Thursday 18 October 2018 – JVS Reel and the Bootleggers, Dead Country Gentlemen, Little Screamin Dogman (doors 7pm)

JVS Reel and the Bootleggers (Houston, TX)


Dead Country Gentlemen (San Francisco, CA)

Expelled from the electrified womb of a city that never sleeps, nursed at the tit of alcohol induced delirium, baptized in a river rock n roll, Dead Country Gentlemen is a construct of raw emotions intermingled with hope, loss, love, failure and redemption – a window onto a landscape of broken dreams and scattered illusions.

DCG is a nightly opportunity for things broken to be fixed, a place to hang, discover, disappear and be re-born – a country of sight and sound, pleasure and pain. Halleluiah brother.

Presented for your consumption; fuzz, feedback, distortion and reverb that explodes in a maelstrom of blues driven riffs, heart pounding rhythms and mind-pondering lyrics. A duo of sound and fury coupled with true authentic blue-collar stage ethics distilled from miles of blacktop road and relentless touring. Each show is a real live breathing thing, an uncontrolled beast set loose, a pulse quickening experience that brings the edge dangerously close, close enough to see and maybe fall over. Like life, DCG is meant to be felt and experienced live – like hot breath on your neck they’ll crawl over you and get under your skin – in a good way, like a shot going down – warming, exciting, intoxicating.


Little Screamin Dogman (Sorry, no details at this time)



Sunday 14 October 2018 – The Houston Traditional and Hot Jazz Collective presents Hot Jazz Sundays at Rudz (6-8PM, Free)

Come enjoy Gypsy swing and Traditional jazz out on the patio, every Sunday 6-8.
Musicians, bring your instruments as this is an open jam.
Dancers, swing dance lesson from 6-7, so bring your dancing shoes!
Patrons, this is a free event so tip your bartenders (as always).

Yours in Django,
The Houston Traditional and Hot Jazz Collective


Saturday 13 October 2018 – Only Beast, The Human Circuit, Londale

Only Beast (Houston, TX)

“On their latest album, Again, they not only forge their own path, they burn the bridge that got them there. Full of rock throttle and intense vocals, there are songs here that sound like pain and desperation chimed from the highest towers. This band always does things in a fresh and new way, and the end result of their characteristically novel approach is one of the most intriguing and engagingly different albums I’ve heard in a very long time.” – David Garrick, Free Press Houston

“Collectively, their name suits them – Salinas goes from nuanced to a frenzied, blood-in-the-water attack in a heartbeat; Bernick’s instrumental savvy drives the band’s sound, but there’s something wild and instinctual about his playing, too. Renee prowls the stage like a predator, waiting until the perfect moment to pounce with a big voice expressing timeless motifs. The trio’s dynamic live show has made them one of Houston’s premier bands …” – Jesse Sendejas Jr., Houston Press

“Houston’s Only Beast are a fascinating band, combining elements of post-punk, progressive rock, and goth rock into a sound all their own, with vocalist Danielle Renee wailing atop the mélange like a 21st century Siouxsie Sioux.” – Kelly Minnis, 979 Represent


The Human Circuit (Austin, TX)

The Human Circuit is an independent, Pysch-Pop, Alt-Rock band from Austin, Texas with catchy orchestral grooves ranging from the mystic vibes of David Bowie to the intricate arrangements of Arcade Fire.

“delightfully bizarre, intensely passionate and boy are we glad to have them in Austin.” … “guaranteed to get you on your feet”… “both wild and precise; playful and serious.” — Georgina Cook, KUTX Austin

Londale (Houston, TX)

How would you define a sound that’s a cross between Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, REM, and Glenn Frey?  It’s a trick question. A sound like that defies genre. That’s exactly the goal of Houston’s hottest new band, Londale. Veterans of the Houston music scene, they’ve connected to create unique music that’s heartfelt, edgy, and laid back. The result – an eclectic sound reminiscent of the aforementioned legends. It’s an unexpected combination, but once you hear it, it just feels right.



Friday 12 October 2018 – Easy Credit Group Presents: Potbelly, The Vehement Burn, Vertigo Blue

Potbelly (Houston, TX)

Potbelly is a four piece Alternative Rock band from Houston, Texas. Erik (vocals/guitar), and Erin (bass) formed Potbelly almost four years ago, and recent additions to the band; Austin (lead guitar, keys, backing vocal), and Demarco(Drums) have helped Potbelly to be lucky enough to share the stage with national acts such as The Dirty Heads, Outasight, Mutemath, Alpha Rev, Nothing More, and The Marshall Tucker band. Influences such as Sublime, Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, The Misfits, and countless other bands have pushed Potbelly towards a style that can only be described as unique. Most recently though, Potbelly won the 2010 Houston Press Music Award for best Reggae/Dub band. In 2011, Potbelly was nominated for best Indie rock band and band of the year by Houstons biggest FM rock station; KTBZ 94.5 The Buzz. Coming off of these accomplishments, Potbelly is finishing up their second cd, which will be released sometime in the early months of 2012. Potbelly is a hard working, fun loving, down to earth band that you might be doing shots with at one minute, and the next minute they’re on stage rocking your ears.

Vehement Burn (Houston, TX)

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Vehement Burn was formed in late 2008. With a unique writing/playing style, The Vehement Burn keeps their musical foundation firmly planted in the Fuzz sound founded in the mid- to late- 90’s. The band specializes in authentic Desert/Stoner Rock, mixing in nuances of Progressive Rock and Metal. Their influences include Kyuss, Orange Goblin, Fu Manchu, Queens of the Stone Age, Sasquatch, Cowboys and Aliens, Firestone, Truckfighters, Clutch and Led Zeppelin.




Vertigo Blue (Houston, TX)

Synthesizer driven music – who’s original style clash between Electropop and Electronica.

Michael Naus Jr. who goes by the name Vertigo Blue is a Texas based Composer. His music reflects his own versions of Synth –  Electro Pop and Electronica and has been featured on radio including  i heart radio as well as in club, film, Corporate and Government business and as bumper music on the nightime radio program Coast To Coast A.M. Three of his songs, Glowing In Black Mist, Intensity and On My Own, were featured in READ ON, a 2006 independent film by Jeff Faulkinbury.


Tickets available at:

Sunday 07 October Pegstar presents: Koffin Kats, The Flamin’ Hellcats, D. Kosmo

Koffin Kats (Garden City, MI)

It’s been over 12 years since Vic, Tommy, & E-Ball started The Koffin Kats in their parent’s basements and played for beer in local Detroit bars. A psychobilly/punk band with influences ranging from The Damned to The Stray Cats, The Koffin Kats have covered a lot of ground. Eight albums later, a few member changes, and over 2,000 live shows from international tours… the founding lineup has returned in 2016.

Six years after his departure, Tommy Koffin is back playing guitar with The Koffin Kats. With Vic Victor on lead vocals and upright bass, and E Ball Walls on drums. The trio’s latest album “Party Time In The End Times” is now available on iTunes.




The Flamin’ Hellcats (Houston, TX)

When you get right down to it, perfect rock and roll is a pretty simple thing. All too many people forget that, and cut pure rock with all kinds of additives in the name of creativity. Some of these divergent blends are interesting in their own right, true, but sometimes you just need it straight. Enter the Flamin’ Hellcats. Reveling in the perfection of rock and roll in its most basic forms, the local trio prefers the swagger of swinging eighth notes and walking bass lines, clean vocals and twangy guitars to the snide, overly self-conscious muso embellishments that often drain rock music of its very rock-ness. Paying homage to proto-rockers like Bill Haley and Carl Perkins, but with an ethos born of punk, the Hellcats sound a bit like the ‘50s on fast-forward. Hey, if you prefer your rock with mixers, that’s just fine. But if you want it strong and neat, The Flamin’ Hellcats – whose first album in several years is due soon – serve “101% Texas Vato-Billy,” which equates to about 200 Proof rock and roll. – Houston Press




D. Kosmo (Houston, TX)

“D. Kosmo sings dirty tunes from someplace down deeper than the devil.” David Garrick~Houston Press



Sunday October 07, 2018
Pegstar presents Koffin Kats
The Flamin’ Hellcats, D. Kosmo
Doors: 8:00 PM
All ages
Advance $12.00 / Day Of: $15.00  / Day Of Box Office: $17.00