Saturday 19 October 2019 – The Satanic Overlords of Rock N Roll, The Schizophonics, Poizon

Satanic Overlords of Rock n Roll (Houston, TX)

Evil Rock N Roll in the vein of the Dwarves, Black Sabbath, Turbonegro and all of the other Devil loving rock bands you seem to enjoy!


The Schizophonics (San Diego, CA)

The Schizophonics are, in one word, EXPLOSIVE. Their frenzied live performances tap into the same unstoppable combination of rock ‘n’ roll energy and showmanship that fueled the MC5 in the heyday of the Grande Ballroom. When they hit the stage, they grab your attention and don’t let go. They’ve built up a formidable reputation in their home base of San Diego and a fervent following among locals. “One of my favorite live bands ever!” proclaims Tim Mays, who has run the Casbah for over 25 years and seen literally thousands of live bands come through his doors in that time. “The Schizophonics bring the goods every time they play,” he enthuses. “Pat Beers is like a cross between Jimi Hendrix and James Brown – yelping, wailing, shralping the guitar with his left hand while gyrating all over the place; Kyle joins in the mayhem on bass and Lety keeps it real behind the kit.”

But the Schizophonics are more than just an outstanding live act, they’re also committed to writing great, memorable songs, a skill singer/guitarist Pat Beers has continued to hone, channeling such influences as Jimi Hendrix Experience, the Sonics, the Stooges, the MC5, James Brown, and Little Richard.

Pat and drummer Lety Beers first met in Casa Grande, Arizona, before pulling up stakes and moving to San Diego in 2008. They formed the Schizophonics the following year, and have worked tirelessly since then, playing literally hundreds of live shows up and down the West Coast, and further afield. A 2013 tour of Spain with El Vez – who had recruited them as his backing group – resulted in the group’s first record release, a three-song 7” EP on the Munster label. In December 2014 they took their act to an arena-sized venue for 91X’s Wrex the Halls concert, on a bill that also included Billy Idol, Spoon, Cage the Elephant, and Interpol. Afterwards 91X program director Mike Halloran declared them, “The most exciting band I have seen in many, many years. They must be seen to be believed.”

In July 2015 the Schizophonics’ second single, “Put Your Weight On It” b/w “Red Planet,” was released on the Ugly Things label. This summer they started work on their debut album at Earthling Studios with producer Mike Kamoo. Their future plans also include a European tour in September and October, this time taking in Spain, Italy, France and England.  – Mike Stax, Ugly Things Magazine


Poizon (Houston, TX)

Comprised of Shawn Adolph (THE FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS, WEIRD PARTY), Kyle Gionis (SUGAR SHACK, WEIRD PARTY, WELFARE MOTHERS), Josh “Wolf” (SECRET PROSTITUTES, SNOOTY GARBAGEMEN, THE ENERGY, CRIME WAVE), and Halston Luna, POIZON is subtly punk and punk as fuck at the same time, unpretentious while maintaining an unheralded ability to capture the listeners attention by just, you know, doing what they’re doing.




Friday 18 October 2019 – The Ex-Optimists, A Sundae Drive, Only Beast

The Ex-Optimists (College Station, TX)

Pop songs played with guitars plugged into amps turned up way too loud to get over a drummer who hits them too hard, hollered to be heard.



A Sundae Drive (Houston, TX)

ASD is kinda punk, shoegaze, new wave, dreampop & indie rock. Since ’05, ASD’s been making melodies & harmonies play w/ noise & effects. Songs of love & loss, childhood mishaps, politics & justice, & some good old-fashioned angst are the themes revisited by these 4 out of Houston. We are Zeek (guitar & vocals), Sergio (guitar & vocals), Mike (drums) and Jennifer (bass, keyboards, & vocals). 




Only Beast (Houston, TX)

“Only Beast will be getting things started, which is like saying a freight train will be on stage. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this three piece in my life.” – David Garrick, Free Press Houston

“Houston’s Only Beast are a fascinating band, combining elements of post-punk, progressive rock, and goth rock into a sound all their own, with vocalist Danielle Renee wailing atop the mélange like a 21st century Siouxsie Sioux.” – Kelly Minnis, 979 Represent

Thursday 17 October 2019 – Haunting Vision Presents: Regional Justice Center (Seattle), Molt, Private Eye, Substance (All Ages)

Regional Justice Center (Seattle, WA)


Molt (Houston, TX)


Private Eye (Houston, TX)



Substance (Houston, TX)



Thursday, October 17, 2019
Haunting Vision Presents:
Regional Justice Center (Seattle)
with Molt, Private Eye, and Substance
All Ages, $10, Doors 8pm


Sunday 13 October 2019 – The Almas, Little Outfit, Quaranteen

The Almas (New Munster, WI)

The Almas are an international touring hard rock band from New Munster, Wisconsin, USA. They impart the truest essence of Rock n’ Roll through guitar driven licks, road dog attitudes, and a high energy, professional live performance!  Their music has a very large and refreshingly organic sound that follows in the many traditions of the yester-year of Rock N Roll. The Almas are touring the US and Canada in support of their album “Back To Bad” to bring the new wave of Rock n’ Roll entertainment to your city.


Little Outfit (Houston, TX)

Upon the realization that Amie Krebbs ( Lead Vocals) and Nathan Taylor ( Lead Guitar and Vocals) were from the same ilk vocally it was a natural progression from the formidable 3 piece that Little Outfit had become to the now 5 piece rocking Americana ensemble Little Outfit is now.

Featuring Randy Hill, Robert Vigil and Alex McCall as the thundering rhythm section,Little Outfit has been on the road and all over Texas for the better part of 6.5 years playing Red Dirt and Roots Rock venues, and festivals like Super Bowl Live to The Americana Festival in Conroe.

Rooted in the modern Americana movement, Little Outfit delivers crafted songwriting with open melodic arrangements and soulful harmonies. Americana/Folk-Rock with Texas swagger.


Quaranteen (La Vernia, TX)

​Quaranteen is a young rock band from La Vernia, Texas. Their sound has been influenced by both classic and alternative rock spanning  from the mid 70’s to modern music of today.



Saturday 12 October 2019 – Unified Space, ST 37, High Desert Queen

Unified Space (Houston, TX)

Unified Space makes music drawn from the traditions of Krautrock, space music, and improvisation. Swirling psychedelia, motorik rhythms, and minimalism.


ST 37 (Austin, TX)

ST 37, long-running specialists in bubbling-mercury riffage and German-flavored trance rock… – David Fricke (Rolling Stone)These Texas astronauts stuff their hash pipes to the brim and pay homage to Can, Amon Duul and Chrome…their psychedelicatessen of originals is stocked with brain-melting skree… – Fred Mills (Magnet)

My favorite track on the album is “Concrete Island, an adaptation of J.G. Ballard…on first listening…I recalled reading this book so vividly and so perfectly, I was amazed. This recollection was unlike any feeling I have previously known or felt from music… – Adam Strider (StriderNews)

From the moment the credits open, the band launches into a continuously evolving and strangely beautiful ethereal drone lasting the duration of the 1926 silent film classic. (from a review of ST 37’s soundtrack to Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”) – Michael Bertin (Austin Chronicle)

A friend of mine said I would get a “kick” out of it…I did. – Byron Coley

..paint-blistering guitar and some elegant phased bass work poised atop droning vocal splendor… – Phil McMullen (Ptolemaic Terrascope)

The piledriving Hawkwind-y/Wipers stuff near the end is still my favorite. – Jello Biafra


High Desert Queen (Houston, TX)

Introducing High Desert Queen whose sound can be best described as Texas Desert Rock. We are from Houston,Tx featuring former members of Manhole, Childman, Vice Grip, Toho Ehio, The Dolly Rockers and The Black Math Experiment.

“Somewhere between the deserts of Texas and the unknown come High Desert Queen. Taking its influences from legendary stoner rock bands Kyuss, Sasquatch, and QOTSA, High Desert Queen have risen to the top of the Houston music scene. Their live shows are a journey into the open roads of the badlands from Big Bend to Joshua Tree, with no speed limit or second chance.” -Thom Young, featured writer in PBS Newshour, Huffington Post, and author of INSTAPOET.

Friday 11 October 2019 – Presents The Goodnight Summer Tour 2019 with Vehement Burn, deep ella, The American Revival

The Goodnight Summer Tour now on it’s 12th year.

A proper rock send off to the summer months!


Vehement Burn (Houston, TX)
Large and powerful heavy grooves that make you move. Stoner Rock at its best! Vehement Burn was formed in late 2008. With a unique writing/playing style, Vehement Burn keeps their musical foundation firmly planted in non radio, modern, heavy rock and roll. The Burn frequently goes on jam tangents with lengthy hard driving head moving riffs. This band has a very big sound with endless ethereal intricacies.


Deep Ella (Houston, TX)

Deep Ella is an American alternative rock band from Texas. Deep Ella has found a unique sound all their own. Combining electro art rock and a pop-friendly sound, the brainy music group delivers emotionally driven rock songs with eclectic elements that are familiar but not a replicant.


The American Revival (Austin, TX)
The American Revival came into this world as the backing band for Brandon Callies, but it soon grew wings of it’s own once the members began writing outside of the singer/songwriter genre. There is and aggressive undertone to this group’s style of rock n roll both musically and lyrically. Presents
October 11th, 2019
The Goodnight Summer Tour
Vehement Burn, deep Ella, The American Revival
$8-$12, doors 8pm, 21+
Tickets available at Eventbrite


Wednesday 09 October 2019 – Bloom, Dumb Pups, Pipedream, Pastime

Bloom (Boston, MA)

bloom. is a duo formed by matt dipietro and torre cioffi in mid 2017. they released their first ep “take time to find” in october, recorded by gary cioffi at maximum sound. after endlessly writing, bloom. was starting to form their sound. in july 2018, they released a 3 song ep “familiar strangers”, which was recorded at the lumberyard recording studio with ace enders and nik bruzzese. the release was followed by a year of tour before releasing the ep, “withered,” in may 2019. follow bloom. on social media, to be a part of an amazing journey.



Dumb Pups (Houston, TX)


Pipedream (Houston, TX)


Pastime (Bangor ME)