Thursday, September 1 – Rest^vrant

Rest^vrant (Victoria, TX)

Troy Olaf Murrah and J State met at either a keg party or a football game while attending rival junior high schools in a small South Texas town called Victoria. They didn’t start playing music as a band until years later after moving to Los Angeles to write the Great American Bromantic Comedy screenplay and work at a slot car race track/Cirque du Soleil respectively. Their musical collaboration be…gan one fateful evening after “last call.” An indefatigable desire to keep the good times rolling would inspire the well-intentioned abuse of a Wurlitzer organ, an empty beer box and some slide guitar that went deep into the night in the confines of a moldy Silverlake apartment . This was the first Restavrant show, played to a drunken friend who was so riveted he promptly passed out. Some of the artists that inspired this radness are Mississippi Fred Mcdowell, The Fall, Too $hort, Doo Rag, George Jones, A Tribe Called Quest, Ugly Casanova, Hank Williams, Bo Diddley, Bobby Fuller, Mel Brooks, Desmond Dekker and the Aces, The Country Teasers, The Pogues, The D.O.C., Joseph Cornell, Run D.M.C., Halle Berry, Chuck Berry, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cap n Jazz, Woody Guthrie and Cisco Houston, The Clash, Afrika Bambaata, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Mance Lipscomb, The Pharcyde and Val Kilmer.



Tonight (Friday, 29 July 2011) – The Squishees * Ghost Town Electric * Dead Mineral

Here is a nice show preview from Non-Alignment Pact

“When I lived in Houston (and they were still around), the Squishees were my favorite local band. I first saw them at No Tsu Oh in 2001? with I wanna say Black Cat Music and the Down and Dirties. I remember they did “Baby Let’s Play God” by the Big Boys and either “This Ain’t No Picnic” or ” Party With Me Punker” by the Minutemen (or both). At the time they were called the Slurpees, and their drummer was a guy who went by the name David Banner I think, who played a lot of fast, riffy fills. They sounded like a cross between the punk-funk greats and the Dead Kennedys. ” -from The Return of the Squishees By Danny Mee


For more details on the show, go to our calendar.

Tonight (Saturday, 09 July 2011) – Hot Punk City presents No Love Loss * Here Holy Spain * Mydolls * Vivian Pikkles & The Sweethearts Über Alles

Tonight is the second part of a two day celebration of the release of Punk Rock Scholar David Ensminger’s new book, Visual Vitriol.

To celebrate my 330 page book on punk street art and subcultures, Visual Vitriol, I have organized cool cheap concerts at Rudyards both Fri. and Sat. night. Friday will include Zipperneck, Kimonos, and Biscuit Bombs (who will be playing a bevy of punk jukebox faves from 13th Floor Elevators and the Nerves to the Dicks and Big Boys!). Saturday night features the classic Mydolls, new art punkers No Love Less, Dallas visitors power trio Here Holy Spain, and grrrl punk rioters Vivian Pikkles! 5 bucks each night. Be there. ” – David Emsinger

More details on tonight’s show here.

Rudyard’s Pub 33rd Anniversary Party with Automatic Thrill * Texxxas,* Richard Cagle & the Voodoo Choir

Here’s to 33 years of fun in the Montrose!
Come eat & drink & collect raffle tickets for the Great Bar Stuff Giveaway from 6-9pm downstairs! Get a raffle ticket for each purchase starting at 4pm. 

The door opens at 9pm for the bands – &, yes, Kiddos, it’s free! The bands?

Automatic Thrill (Houston, TX) –

Houston’s very own heavy metal, rock’n’roll, local band developed for your aural pleasure.

Tony Fulco-singer

Stevie Sims-drummer

Ryan Poole-guitar

Travis Massacre-guitar

Chadwick Davis-bass



Texxxas – (Sorry No Info on line)

The vision/concept for this album came to me several years ago. I knew I wanted to produce a Blues album, but instead of putting together a band, writing the songs, rehearsing and then recording, I wanted to do it all at once. I wanted it to be a true Zen moment. So, I invited some of the best musicians in Houston to join me in this adventure. The simple concept for each session is; four of us walk into our garage studio without knowing what we’re going to play. “Not caring about yesterday or what’s going to happen tomorrow. It’s just about what happens this moment”. In most of the sessions, the players had never met each other, much less ever played together. We wrote the song right then, and turned on the recorder to capture the results. Streaming our parts is the best way to describe it. Each of the songs on this album took an average of two and a half hours to write and record. After the initial songs were written and recorded, I brought in Rick Thompson to play keys on all of them, Gary Sapone played Harmonica on two of the tunes, James Hoover replaced my bass on Uptown/Downtown, and Gideon Cheshire helped me fine tune the lyrics. I’m proud of the outcome of this project and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it. The Blues is all about feeling, and on this project, we all poured our hearts into it.

Saturday, August 27, 2011 – Punk Rock Payback: Poor Dumb Bastards * The Hates * The Wrong Ones

Poor Dumb Bastards (Houston, TX) – PDB was formed in March 1991 by long time hetero life partners and musical collaborators, Mike Porterfield and Byron Dean. The initial interest was to find a means to get into Emo’s for free, later they discovered Emo’s was always free. Drawing on their collective influences and experiences from some of their earlier work, bands like Cretinoid, Plutonium Flatheads and the Byron Weird Group, Mike and Byron set out create a genre all their own, hence “Texas Drunk Rock” was born. Add the non bass playing talents of Steve Scholtes and the competent, metronomic drumming of Chi Chi Macoola, and PDB were able to carve their initials on the bathroom door of the Texas music scene. Through the many years and many lineup changes, but these Ill-minded sewer rockers have stayed true to their founding principals. POWER, PERFORMANCE, PERVERSION

Punk Rock Payback. Wear your PDB gear get in free. (in a stroke of marketing genius, t-shirts will be available at the door).
Lineup to be annouced.   One “lucky” Bitch or Bastard will have the thrill of lifetime, the opportuity to design the evenings attire for the Big Bastard himself…No electricity or fireworks please… ”  – Poor Dumb Bastards


The Hates (Houston, TX)

Legendary newspaper journalist Bert Woodall might just have hit the nail on the head, by giving the HATES the epithet: “Houston’s First and Last Punk Band”.

Almost 30 years since the band’s formation, prime mover Christian Arnheiter a.k.a. Christian Anarchy is the only original member left, but his band has become an institution that still wreaks some old-school punk rock havoc upon the Houston, Texas music scene.

On January 4, 1996 Hobart Rowland of the Houston Press said:

Christian Arnheiter has every excuse to sit and sulk. For two decades, his band the Hates has been thrashing away in blissful obscurity, all the while upholding the tattered flag of the punk aesthetic. And now he has to watch as bands such as Green Day, Rancid and the Offspring cash in on the resurgence of a sound that his Houston group had a hand in fashioning in the first place. If he had a mind to, Arnheiter might muster up a few putdowns to go with his been there, done that attitude. But instead of anger, all Arnheiter can come up with is indifference. True punks, Arnheiter will tell you, stow their frustration. They save it for their songs; they use it for inspiration; they take it out on their guitars. And rest assured, Arnheiter is as true as they come, a living, breathing, Mohawked anachronism.


The Wrong Ones (Houston, TX)

“The end of the world has been on people’s minds lately, what with the Mayans apparently penciling in the apocalypse next year and the Rapture rain-checked for October of this ‘un. That preoccupation with the end of the world is why we skipped straight to ‘Doomsday Transmission” on the Wrongs Ones’ new album, Deceiver (Cutthroat Records).

In most of their moments, the Wrong Ones are a textbook punk band. That’s not meant as a knock against them, but what expectations you hold in your head when you’re told that an album is a punk album will be met within standard parameters when you throw on Deceiver. True, it’s a bit angrier than modern punk, and there is a curious lack of artistic difference in that sung vitriol.” – Houston Press