Friday 04 January 2019 – Joe Lovechik’s Birthday show: Alone on the Moon, Great White Fire, The Thief and the Architect, Parallel Waves

The 4th Annual Birthday Show for Joe Lovchik of Alone on the Moon!



Alone On The Moon (Houston, TX)

Alone on the Moon is a video-obsessed, instrumental post-rock/stoner/post-metal band from Houston, Texas. The group formed in 2012 as a collaboration between Joe Lovchik (guitar) and Seth Johnson (bass). Joe and Seth met through mutual friends and found they had the same vision for a heavy, instrumental sound. Nathan Smith (drums) was quickly recruited to fill out the jam sessions, and the trio began writing. Soon, the band made a unique impression in their hometown with their epic songcraft and psychedelic projections. Guitarist Ahmad Saad joined Alone on the Moon in 2015, adding a rich, new layer to the group’s heady outpourings of distortion.

The band recorded its first EP in 2015 and quickly began producing pupil-dilating live spectacles across Southeast Texas incorporating video projections, lighting arrays, and Class 2 lasers. Alone on the Moon’s vivid debut album, Spectra, was release in August of 2018 and is available on all digital download and streaming platforms.


Great White Fire (Houston, TX)




The Thief and the Architect (Houston, TX)

We are the entity known as The Thief and The Architect, reprogramming and adjusting sonic frequencies into harmonic waves.


Parallel Waves (Houston, TX)






Sunday 30 December 2018 – Live and Loud Productions Presents: The 13th Victim, Reagan Era Rejects, The Stuff

The 13th Victim (Austin, TX)

Based out of Austin Texas. Gritty punk stuff that is more dirty than poppy, contains fast tight east coast hardcore elements along with a little bit of crossover. Main vocal styling in the veins of; DeCry, Social Unrest, Tales of Terror, with the pre and post 77′.


Reagan Era Rejects (Houston, TX)



Saturday 29 December 2018 – Winter Wonderglam: Killer Hearts, Dead Roses, Quinn The Brain

Killer Hearts (Houston, TX)

 TKH – featuring members of Electric Frankenstein, Texas Terri & The Stiff Ones, Down & Dirties and The Wrong Ones
“Killer Hearts are a searing rock n roll band from Houston. – These guys are impressive to see live and they have the rock ‘n’ roll power ” -David Garrick, FPH


Dead Roses (Houston, TX)

“We’re not just a band…..we’re a fucking tragedy” – with these immortal words, they launched into their debut set on Valentine’s Day of 2004, and H-town’s infamous DEAD ROSES were born. Since then, they have played shows with notable acts such as the DEMOLITION DOLLRODS, GLASS CANDY, DEAD MOON, BOBBY CONN, LOST SOUNDS, LES GEORGES LENINGRAD, FATAL FLYING GUILLOTINES, MEAT PUPPETS, and DIRT BOMBS. Heart broken, sleep deprived, glam damage is this group’s forte. Their formidable line-up includes former members of the LEPERS, INTROVERTS, CULTURCIDE, PAIN TEENS, TRUTH DECAY, VULGARIANS, NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE, THE HAUNTING ALLURE OF ELKE PALLENBERG’S VOID, SWARM OF ANGELS, HIGH ALMOND CONTENT, NTX PISTOLS, DISCOMFORTRON, BALACLAVAS, FUTURE BLONDES, DIAMONDS AND PEARLS, AFTER PARTY, UNGARISCHE DEUTSCHE FREUNDSCHAFT, DOTS, MYSTERY FLAVOR, and BRIDE OF PINBOT to name a few. DEAD ROSES have recorded and re-recorded their epic first release nine times, but refuse to put it out until it absolutely meets their impossibly high standards of excellence. Other activities/interests include socializing with international superstars, needlepoint, speaking with fake foreign accents, experimenting with eyeliner, and getting kicked out of ALICE COOPER concerts.



Quinn the Brain (Houston, TX)
Post-punk / alt-rock power trio from Houston, Texas

Friday 28 December 2018 – The Prof. Fuzz 63, The Wheel Workers, Super Robot Party


Prof.Fuzz 63 (Dallas, TX)

The Prof.Fuzz 63 is a Dallas-based lo-fi fuzzed-out garage-rock trio that’s been described by one listener as the “love child of Tom Waits and the Supersuckers.” Someone else said we sound like the Velvet Underground, “but not as cool as Lou Reed, because, who is?” Yet another critic said we sounded like “1991 Mudhoney with fuzzed out guitars and British Invasion organ.” We’re ok with those descriptions. We sing songs about food, sex, kittens, crustaceans, pandas, seduction & disappointment, minnie pearl, and nick cave. You know, the intersections where idyllic fantasies get broadsided by the under-insured 18-wheelers of real life running the red light.



The Wheel Workers (Houston, TX)

Since late 2010, The Wheel Workers’ crisp sound and intelligent lyrics have earned them growing recognition in Houston’s active indie rock scene. Recently, they were nominated in numerous categories in the prestigious 2014 Houston Press Music Awards, including Best Songwriter (Steven Higginbotham), Best Keyboardist (Allison McPhail) and Best Pop Act.

The Wheel Workers have played regularly around Texas, performing at SXSW in Austin, enjoying the honor of playing on the same stage as The Flaming Lips at Free Press Summerfest in Houston, and opening for national touring acts such as Miniature Tigers, Elf Power, The Coathangers and Thao & The Get Down Stay Down.

The band is currently promoting its second full-length album, Past to Present, recorded at SugarHill Studios with producer Dan Workman and released by ZenHill Records.

“They’ve managed to craft a dozen tracks that are thoughtful, warm, friendly, melodic, and addictive as all hell (it’s seriously impossible to not sing along to “Chemicals,” for one)….” – Space City Rock

“I’m enraptured by the deftness with which The Wheel Workers have brought together the sounds of Radiohead, ELO, Pink Floyd, The Flaming Lips, twothirtyeight, and The Rentals with such fantastic aplomb. Past to Present is packed to the gills with crazy-good pop music that also manages to be insightful, dense, and heartfelt art-rock.” – Dryvetyme Online



Super Robot Party (Houston, TX)

Super Robot Party was founded by Richard Crandall, writing songs with James Gomez. In August of 2011, the band grew with the enlisting of Matt Crow on guitar/vocals and Joe Scott on drums. Within a couple of months, the band finished writing songs and began rehearsal and fine tuning for live performances.In September of 2012, Super Robot Party released their debut album, Electrocity. The band meshes glitch electronics with spaced out guitar and vocals. Super Robot Party conjures the likeness of sonic noise to form their own brand of spaced out noisy indie rock.



Saturday 22 December 2018 – Project Grimm’s 9th Annual Xmas Party Bonanza with BLACK and Konkerüte

It’s xmas time again, kiddies! This year we’ll be featuring local heavies BLACK and Konkerüte. As always we’ll attempt to get a fairly early start (around 9:30) so c’mon early, eat, and get your fill of the finest tots and ales that this town has to offer.

Hot Ogden Loafs

Project Grimm (Houston, TX)

Appointed by the Great Black Wizard to rain sorrow down upon the feckless masses. Project Grimm is a dagger in the side of joy.


BLACK (Houston, TX)

BLACK. Eclectic rock with a taste of doom, blues, and old school metal. Featuring former members of Honky, Whorehound, and A Thousand Knives of Fire.

Konkerüte (Houston, TX)

KONKERÜTE was formed in the summer of 2015. When four friends got tired of waiting… Waiting for the fire in our hearts to cool… Waiting for the songs in our head to fade to memory… Waiting to set up, tune up, and play the songs in our souls. A phonetic derivative of John the Conquer Root, KONKERÜTE looks to encapsulate the unbroken spirit and elusive nature of our namesake.





Friday 21 December 2018 – Young Mammals, Pearl Crush, Ruiners, McCullough Ferguson

Young Mammals (Houston, TX)

“the grand-daddies of H-POP”

“They play raw and loose, with complex songs built around fire and ice dynamics of restrained verses, exploding choruses and linear bridges between the verses of their songs that give them life from start to finish.” – 002 Houston


Pearl Crush (Houston, TX)

Pearl Crush is the solo effort of Houston-based musician, producer and vocalist Mandy Kim Clinton. Clinton creates across genres, combining synth and dream pop with R&B influences and ambient flourishes. Pearl Crush layers lush guitars, textural synths and intimate vocals over counterpoint drum beats and orchestral MIDI work.

As a Korean American adoptee, Clinton explores her dual, sometimes fractured identity through her first love – pop music. Inhabiting a liminal space between the country she was cast from and the racially fraught culture she was raised in, Clinton carves out space for herself in the music industry by writing openly about her experiences from her unique perspective. Her music practice is often an exercise in world-building; Clinton creates sonic spaces, which, to her, feel like the home she yearns for in the physical world. Through her practice, she contributes to the important work being done by many other Asian American artists to amend America’s expansive catalog of artistic and historical narratives by inserting their own, after centuries of erasure.



Ruiners (Houston, TX)

“By all accounts, the gentlemen of Houston’s Ruiners look like nice fine boys, the kind who would take their grandma’s groceries in from the car. That is, until they perform. Whether it be in person or on their latest album Typecast, the four piece quickly turn into rabid punks who emote elements of ’90s D.C. punk with the darkness of these modern times.” – Houston Press


McCullough Ferguson (Houston, TX)
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Thursday 20 December 2018 – Brash Brewing Presents The 1st Annual Lemmymas


On December 24th in Staffordshire England a child was born. They swaddled him in black leather and lay him upon the bar. Three wisemen came bearing Whiskey, a pack of Marlboros, and a bass guitar. They named him Lemmy and he became a God. Join us 12/20/18 at Rudz as we celebrate the one and only Lemmy Kilmister. Brash beers on tap, Lemmymas glassware, and face melting Motorhead covers from Doomstress, Horehound, the Journey Agents, and other local bands.