Sunday 05 May 2019 – The Houston Traditional and Hot Jazz Collective presents Hot Jazz Sundays at Rudz (6-8PM, Free)

Come enjoy Gypsy swing and Traditional jazz out on the patio, The first Sunday of each month from 6-8pm.
Musicians, bring your instruments as this is an open jam.
Dancers, swing dance lesson from 6-7, so bring your dancing shoes!
Patrons, this is a free event so tip your bartenders (as always).

Yours in Django,
The Houston Traditional and Hot Jazz Collective


Saturday 04 May 2019 – Rudyards and Under the Radar Brewery present Guitar Battle 2 (doors 7pm)

Rudyards and Under the Radar Brewery present…
Guitar Battle 2!!
10 of some of Houston’s very talented guitar players will go head to head live at Rudz!
Pint night starts at 7pm
Guitar battle at 8 pm
Live music from Parallel Waves ( ) at 9:30pm
Glassware and swag for guests that buy Under the Radar Beer.
How it will go down:
Each guitar player will have a guitar solo spot to show off their skills (usually about 3-8  minutes).  Your illustrious host, Jamie, will announce each player on stage and give out 15 score sheets to selected guests in the audience. The guest will then rate each player on a scale of 1 to 10.  At the end of the show, Jamie tally up the scores and determine the winner who will receive a mega prize from Under The Radar Brewery.

Friday 03 May 2019 – Empty Shells, Departure, Dimphonic, 10000 Chiefs Under the Sea

Empty Shells (Houston, TX)

Formed in 2013 and led by the fiery guitar playing and emotive vocals of mercurial frontman Jonathan Espeche along with the pummeling rhythm section of Michael San Luis (bass) and Austin Hand (drums).

With a sound that encompasses the immediacy and aggressiveness of the early 1990’s alternative movement, lead guitar heroics of the 1970’s, as well the atmospheric sound of shoegaze; they have taken their influences and created a sound that is uniquely their own. Their dense wall of guitar and high energy live shows have garnered them comparisons to bands such as Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure, Nirvana, and My Bloody Valentine.

They have been tapped to open shows locally for national acts such as Clinic, No Joy, Yuck, Antemasque, and are quickly establishing themselves as an up and coming band to watch.


Departure (Houston, TX)
Departure is a band whose sound is best described as melding the aggression of 90’s hardcore bands like Converge and Zao with the melody and emotion of bands like Thursday, Poison the Well, and Hopesfall. Currently recording their debut EP set for release later in 2019.


Dimphonic (Houston, TX)

Dimphonic is three piece alternative/dreamrock/nugaze band from Spring, TX. Dreamy vocals and rushes of glistening guitar alternate with blasts of heavy riffs and pummeling rhythms with a stunning sound that recalls bands like Deftones, Quicksand, and My Bloody Valentine.
Check out their album “Nur5e” here:

10,000 Chiefs Under the Sea (Houston, TX)

10000 Chiefs Under the Sea is a jazz infused rock trio from Houston. Inspired by legends like Jimi Hendrix, Radiohead, and Wayne Shorter, 10000 Chiefs Under the Sea brings a powerful essence to the stage that takes the willing on an inspiring journey of discovery. On their upcoming self titled album, the band’s adaptive style meshes seamlessly with a thematic premise centered around creativity, equality, and self-actualization.

Saturday 27 April 2019 – Endhipendit Presents: Doomstress, Liquid Sound Company, The Lucid Furs, Warlung, Kill The Lizard

A night full of loud & nasty rock n’ roll! Houston heavy hitters Doomstress will headline & deliver a heavy dose of 70s influenced doom rock with heavy riffs, tasty grooves, and powerful female vocals. They’ll be joined by Dallas psychedelic rock legends ‘The Liquid Sound Company’ featuring John Perez of doom metal legends Solitude Aeternus! John filled in on bass for Electric Wizard in the early days, & has tour managed Venom, Saint Vitus, Arch Enemy and others. The Lucid Furs stew up a heavy concoction of Detroit hard rock, psych, and blues. Opening the show are Houston’s new kids on the block, Kill The Lizard; think hardcore punk kids who love thrash, massive build ups, and play raw & energetic rock n roll.


Doomstress (Houston, TX)

In March of 2016, burning passion, relentless drive, and an undying love for heavy metal music is what fueled bassist/lead vocalist Doomstress Alexis to bring to life the powerful entity that is Doomstress. In May of 2016, Doomstress arose before the people with Supernatural Kvlt Sounds, an EP of material rooted in doom, NWOBHM, and occult rock with influences such as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Cathedral, and Uriah Heap. These influences can be easily identified in Doomstress’ heavy grooves, layered twin guitars, strong melodic vocals, and a thunderous yet dynamic rhythm section.

When asked what inspires her lyrics, Doomstress Alexis said, “Honestly, real world news makes for good doom music.” Finding inspiration in current events, personal experiences, and at times even social and political commentary, Doomstress creates songs that, opposed to being preachy, are engaging. “While the personal experiences come through in the songs, it’s easy for the listener to find themselves in these songs and to make that connection.”


Liquid Sound Company (Arlington, TX)

Psychedelic psounds from the loco lone star state of Texas! Mind bending, way out music for those that want to explore the PSYCHEDELIC!


The Lucid Furs (Detroit, MI)

Five bereaved souls here to wash your minds with their hard rock, psych and blues concoctions. To hold on to your morality, virtue and chastity DO NOT listen to The Lucid Furs!


Warlung (Houston, TX)

Founded in 2016, former members of Houston’s The Dead Revolt and Rivers joined forces to push the limits of song writing and creativity. Inspired by the sounds of old, WARLUNG has taken what the 70’s era of rock and psychedelia gave us and turned it into a hi-powered, white knuckled ride, down the rock n’ roll highway. The debut album is entitled, “Sleepwalker”


Kill The Lizard (Houston, TX)

From the depths of the inner earth, to the lighted stage in front of fellow shapeshifters.



Saturday April 27, 2019
Endhipendit Presents: Doomstress, Liquid Sound Company, The Lucid Furs, Warlung, Kill The Lizard
Tickets Available at:


Friday 26 April 2019 – The Satanic Overlords of Rock n Roll, Hot Crimes, Killer Hearts, Genzales

Satanic Overlords of Rock n Roll (Houston, TX)

Evil Rock N Roll in the vein of the Dwarves, Black Sabbath, Turbonegro and all of the other Devil loving rock bands you seem to enjoy!


Hot Crimes (Austin, TX)

Real deal, live & raw rock and roll! If Austin is the live music capital of anywhere, we are the bloodstain on on that map!



Killer Hearts (Houston, TX)

 TKH – featuring members of Electric Frankenstein, Texas Terri & The Stiff Ones, Down & Dirties and The Wrong Ones
“Killer Hearts are a searing rock n roll band from Houston. – These guys are impressive to see live and they have the rock ‘n’ roll power ” -David Garrick, FPH


The Genzales (Houston, TX)

Taking their name (and inspiration) from Johnny Thunders’ birth surname, the Genzales formed in early 2017 with the idea of just writing some songs and playing ragged and energetic rock and roll: punk rock molded in the form of not only their namesake, but other miscreant rock and roll punk forebears as well like Loney-era Groovies, Real Kids, Nervous Eaters…the Lazy Cowgirls. Messy, noisy and never earnest, and always sullied by their roots, their songs always nod to the Kinks and the Pretty Things. Band members consist of remnants of Houston bands like the Born Liars, modfag and the Freakouts, as well as the B-Movie Rats from Los Angeles. New single for ‘Don’t Smoke in Bed’ on Raw Ramp Records coming soon.

Thursday 25 April 2019 – Skating Polly, Monsterwatch, Quinn the Brain

Skating Polly (Tacoma, WA)

Skating Polly, a sister duo from Oklahoma made up of Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse, formed in 2009 after a jam session at the girls’ Halloween party. Their sophomore album, Lost Wonderfuls, was produced by Exene Cervenka of X and mixed by Kliph Scurlock of The Flaming Lips. Lost Wonderfuls was released in April, 2013. They are now working on their third album, Fuzz Steilacoom, set to be released early 2014. Fuzz Steilacoom was tracked by Calvin Johnson of Beat Happening.

Raised on ‘70s punk and early-‘90s alt-rock, Mayo (age 13) and Bighorse (18) mine inspiration from artists as disparate as Johnny Cash, The Ramones, NWA, Nirvana, and Bikini Kill and saturate their own songs with a raw energy reminiscent of their musical heroes. Skating Polly takes a minimalist approach to songwriting, with the two largely self-taught musicians (Bighorse plays guitar, Mayo plays a guitar/bass hybrid called a basitar, and both girls play drums and piano) crafting super-catchy melodies mainly by “messing around with our instruments and figuring out how to make cool noises,” according to Bighorse. But despite their stripped-down aesthetic, each track on Lost Wonderfuls retains a rich emotionalism that’s at turns brutally in-your-face, gut-wrenchingly tender, and irresistibly fun.

Along with earning the adoration of Cervenka (whom they befriended after attending one of the X singer’s 2010 solo shows and playing their demos on a cell phone), Skating Polly has found fans in Rosanne Cash and Sean Lennon, taken the stage with punk legends like Mike Watt, and opened up for such indie heavy-hitters as Deerhoof and Band of Horses. Tapping Mayo’s dad as their tour manager, the stepsisters typically hit the road with their entire family and optimize their travel time by making up songs on their ukulele.

Both Mayo and Bighorse are intent on ignoring what’s fashionable and staying true to their passion for challenging music with long-lasting appeal. “The musicians we’re most inspired by are the ones who keep on going and going, who devote their entire lives to coming up with new and different stuff,” says Mayo. “A lot of times at our shows people will come up to us and tell us, ‘Keep on doing what you’re doing, don’t ever stop’ and we’re just like, ‘Yeah—we weren’t planning on ever stopping.”


Monsterwatch (Seattle, WA)

Break free from negativity, judgement and self doubt. We are Monsterwatch and we are here strictly for you and your pleasure.



Quinn the Brain (Houston, TX)
Post-punk / alt-rock power trio from Houston, Texas



Thursday April, 25 2019
Skating Polly, Monsterwatch, Quinn The Brain
21+, doors 7pm,  $10