Tuesday, September 13, 2011 – Cute Lepers * Something Fierce * CYCLOPS

Cute Lepers (Seattle, WA)

The Cute Lepers are 100% proof that ’77 punk rock/powerpop in the vein of Generation X, Buzzcocks, and The Boys is timeless in both sound and spirit.

Since their arrival on the scene in 2007, they’ve toured the US and Europe extensively, released two critically acclaimed LP’s (“Can’t Stand Modern Music” & “Smart Accessories”), as well as numerous limited 7” singles, most of which have been on trade…mark coloured vinyl!

With their Motown – esque girl pop harmonies and dance moves, flipped fingers to what’s supposedly hip and happening, and love of the Rolling Stones, they have distilled their influences to create something exceptionally fresh, rude and absolutely worthy of damaging your ears. The new album Adventure Time is due for an April 5th release, and is a continuation of where they left off: striving for a killer pop song while keeping both feet ankle deep in the dirt of first wave punk.


Something Fierce (Houston, TX) –

Something Fierce is a three-piece punk/pop band from Houston, Texas whose music combines the sound and attitude of first-wave 1977 punk with an energy and outlook that’s thoroughly contemporary, updating the attack of the Clash and the Buzzcocks for the 21st century.

Something Fierce were founded in 2005 by guitarist and lead vocalist Steven Garcia (ex-Gun Crazy and Born Liars) and bassist and voc…alist Niki Sevven (formerly with the Neckbreakers); the group went though several drummers before teaming up with Andrew Keith, who they recognized from his frequent presence at local shows and parties.

In 2006, Something Fierce recorded their debut album, Come for the Bastards, which they released themselves. The release was followed by frequent touring through the Southwest, with occasional road trips into the South and Midwest; they group also recorded a handful of 7″ releases, including a split single with the Hangouts. In 2008, Something Fierce released their second full-length album, There Are No Answers; while the first pressing of the album was distributed by the band itself, the Portland, Oregon-based punk label Dirtnap Records liked the disc and reissued it after signing the band in 2009.

The band continued to tour extensively and released a 7″ on Action Town Records in 2010 before recording their third album, Don’t Be So Cruel, in 2011. The third album found Something Fierce’s sound evolving in a more sophisticated, pop-influenced direction without losing sight of their punk roots. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi



(Sorry, no info on-line)


Sunday September 11, 2011 – Ese * Machine Gun Vendetta * Penny Arcade

Ese (Houston, TX) –

I found these guys on a drunken road trip to Denver a few months back. The debut EP “Wassup Ese” is classic barrio punk n’ roll… Think the Mexican Electric Frankenstein (a-la Manic Hispanic). LOUD DEATH CHAOS features 14 punk n’ roll tracks from Houston, TX. These guys tour like fiends… look for them in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Vegas, Denver… with more summer dates to be announced!!! – Zodiac Killer Records




Machine Gun Vendetta (Reno, NV) –

Machine Gun Vendetta was started in January of 2004 by four kids in a garage in northwest Reno. Since shortly after, MGV has been playing and supporting the local scene of the Reno/Sparks area for nearly seven years with their ferocious, punk rock intensity.

They’ve played in almost every bar and club in the Reno/Sparks area and have played many places in California and Las Vegas. MGV has had the p…leasure of sharing the stage with many great bands such as 7 Seconds, Guttermouth, The Freeze, The Adicts, Dr. Know, The Casualties, Krum Bums, Time Again, The Flatliners, Cobra Skulls, Knockout!, and more.

MGV pours their blood and sweat in practicing hard and playing shows hard, and truly enjoy music itself. Influences include Anti-flag, 7 seconds, Against All Authority, Bad Religion, Pour Habit, The Unseen, Subhumans, Guttermouth.
Their unique punk rock sound has gained them many fans in their hometown and all down the west coast. MGV loves to play on stage, and they wanna play for you, so go to a show!!



Penny Arcade (Houston, TX) –

Penny Arcade is an energized and fun led by an excentric front lady, Ema Kidd, that rocks the heads off anyone who is standing too close. Backed by the killer guitarist, Falcrow who shreds face-melting guitar riffs and Jimy the Fiend who is the world renowned worlds best drummer! Currently, Penny Arcade is working on their first two week tour playing in different states on the East Coast but it booked to play their first out of state tour! For four days, Penny Arcade will blow the minds of the good folks of Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Dallas TX!!

Keep out on the look out for Penny Arcade!

Saturday September 10, 2011 – White Crime * Born Again Virgins * The Burns

White Crime (Houston, TX) –

White Crime is a Houston dirtbag punk rock offshoot of the already quite dirtbag Houston white knuckle punk band The Cutters. It’s pretty much The Cutters without frontman Geo, so I’m guessing the Autobahn-paced one minute psychotic Vox Jaguar-fueled rave-ups are definitely intact, and that is the most important part of The Cutters’ sound, and undoubtedly the same for White Crime.







Born Again Virgins (Houston, TX) –

Born Again Virgins, based out of Houston, Texas, is a 4 piece rock’n roll party. It started with Adria on guitars and Aaron on drums coming together in mid 2009 working on a timely schedule to hammer out some loose ideas. Shortly thereafter they picked up James on vocals and Bryan “Big Rig” on bass to complete what is now BAV.

With influences ranging from AC/DC to The Decendents, Born Again Virgin…s has created a unique, energetic and fresh sound that will keep you moving till the last note. They are currently working to solidify their self titled e.p. and begin efforts to take the show on the road.

“BAV is a completely acceptable music alternative to driving your car headfirst into oncoming traffic, particularly when the lead vocalist James Red unhinges his jaw and lets loose the full force of his rocker screech.” – Shea Serrano of Houston Press




The Burns (Sorry, No Info On-line)

Friday September 09, 2011 – MacAdams * Opposite Day* Lotus Effect

MacAdams (Houston, TX) –

Born into the world ablaze with freedom and awesomeness, MacAdams brings bright explosive rock and roll into a world of darkness.





Opposite Day ( Austin, TX) –

Animals, history, safety, Madonna’s 80’s hits, and space aliens got in a fight with freaky riffs, jazz harmonies, pop hooks, speedy instrumental wankery, reasonably earnest emotion, and serious heaviness. Then they forgot what they were fighting about, fell in love and started a family. They had a baby and named it Opposite Day.





Lotus Effect (Houston, TX)

Progressive tendencies, melodic vocals, and energetic live shows are the trademark of Lotus Effect, an alt-prog indie-rock act from Houston. They have been compared to The Fall of Troy and Sounds of Animals Fighting and have already supported such national acts as Nico Vega, Von Iva and Semi Precious Weapons. Lotus Effect has headlined 94.5 FM The Buzz’s Texas showcase, opened for a Houston Dynamo home game, and hosted a fan appreciation party at St. Arnold’s Brewery. – 29-95.com

Sunday September 04, 2011 – Venomous Maximus * Ancient Wisdom * Ocean of Slumber

Venomous Maximus (Houston, TX) –

“Yeah, I know I’m way, way behind on this one… For some reason, the debut 7″ from metal dudes Venomous Maximus has just taken a little while to grow on me. I’m not entirely sure why — this stuff is really and truly up my alley, especially lately, when my car’s stereo practically lives on a diet of Red Fang, Priestess, and The Sword. I’d put it in there and listen, expecting to love it outright, but it just didn’t click, at least not immediately.

In the end, I think it’s drummer Bongo who won me over; try as I might, I just can’t get that stomping, crushing, heavy-yet-not-bassy rhythm on A-side “Give Up The Witch” out of my damn head. Once I was sucked in, I found myself grinning and nodding along, mentally ticking off a big list of all my own metal heroes as I listened. This is the sound of a bunch of guys who I’d bet came up listening to and loving classic metal, from Sabbath to Metallica to Maiden, and they fly that influence proudly, holding it over their collective heads like a flag.

In doing so, they call to mind all three of those bands I mentioned above, especially The Sword, considering the subject matter of “Witch” (it’s about, duh, a witch). B-side “The Living Dead” is a little more contemporary, less in the fantasy-metal vein, but hell, even then it’s nicely busy and bluesy, closer to Red Fang or Early Man than the previous track.

Now, I know it’ll sound strange, but to me the coolest thing about this 7″, honestly, is that the Venomous Maximus guys know when not to overdo it. I hear a crap-ton of metal each week, and far, far too much of it is bruisingly heavy and overloaded, with growly, unintelligible vocals crammed into my ears so deep they give me a freaking headache. I’m all for dynamics and up-front production and all that, definitely, but sometimes it’s really just a distraction.

Not here, though — for being a heavy, sharp-edged slab of metal, the record is relatively clean and straightforward, sound-wise. On both songs, I can make out every damn word frontman/tattoo artist Gregg Higgins is bellowing into the mic, every twisting, distorted riff that comes out of Christian Larson’s guitar, and even the surprisingly melodic little bass bits Trevi Biles throws into the mire on “The Living Dead.” And that’s very cool, at least to me.

So there you go. Late though I am in saying it, yeah, I’ll admit it: I’m fucking loving these guys.” –  Jeremy Hart, Space City Rock


Ancient Wisdom

(Sorry No Info On-Line)


Ocean of Slumber (Houston, TX) –

Oceans of slumber formed in late 2010 with the goal of creating original music. With Sean Gary and Anthony Contreras on guitar, Dobber on drums and Keegan Kelly on bass we set out on a sonic journey from metal and beyond. We are currently seeking a dedicated vocalist who can bring our music to the next level

Saturday September 03, 2011 – The Escatones * Infinite Apaches * Art Institute * Tom Gun

The Escatones (Houston, TX) –

“An intriguing band of (relative, anyway) youngsters, The Escatones‘ sound belies their age somewhat; listening to the woozy jangle and whoa-oh-oh choruses, I can’t help but think of ’60s psych-garage bands or revivalists like the fuzzy-edged Dutchess & the Duke. They’re surfy and raggedy when necessary, bright and Beatlesque when that’s called for, and yes, they apparently wear muu-muus (or something like ‘em) when they play. You can download three songs’ worth of smiling, jangly, loopy, surfiness on over here, in the form of free EP Owls in The Headlights of the Sulfur Digging Bulldozer. It’s fun, bright-sounding, nonchalantly goofy stuff, and I’m liking it.” -Jeremy Hart, Spacecityrock.com

Infinite Apaches (Houston, TX) –

Stephen Burton, Carl Rond, Dillon Wilborn, and Lou Miller








Art Institute (Houston, TX)

Brothers Alex and Eddie Art Institute were born in The Netherlands. After the family moved to Pasadena, Texas – Eddie began studying classical piano and Alex took up the sitar. By their early teens, it was Eddie who was playing sitar and Alex had switched to drums.

In 1974, the Art Institute brothers, bassist Michael Anthony and vocalist David Lee Roth began playing local gigs as Mammoth. When they discovered that another Pasadena band was already using that name, Roth suggested the group take the name Art Institute. The brothers didn’t like it at first, but when no one came up with a better name, they went along with it.

In 1976, Art Institute were getting regular work playing clubs on Houston’s Sunset Strip. It was here that they came to the attention of KISS frontman Gene Simmons, who was so impressed with the band that he paid for their first demo tape. In 1978, their self-titled debut album was released, becoming one of the most successful debut albums ever and bringing hard rock into the musical mainstream.

Over the next 20 years, the Art Institutes and Anthony remained the core of the increasingly influential and successful band. Roth left the group in 1985, primarily because of disagreements with Eddie Art Institute. Sammy Hagar, then the lead singer for Montrose, replaced Roth. The “Van Hagar” era lasted until 1996. Gary Cherone signed on for two years, and one album, as lead singer. Hagar rejoined the band for a reunion tour in 2004.

The Roth era brought the greatest critical acclaim, though the Hagar era was the most successful commercially. In 2007, the Art Institute brothers, Eddie’s son Wolfgang and Roth re-formed Art Institute for a reunion tour.


Tom Gun (Austin, TX)s

Tom Gun is an Austin, Texas-based trio comprised of three of the most handsome, charmingly awkward gentlemen this side of the Mississippi. Hunter and Tyler hail from sunny Florida, where they became friends after a dispute over a metal-detecting find on a beach in St. Augustine. Ryan, a film student from Iowa, moved to Austin when he tired of making documentaries about pigs and corn. He met Hunter and Tyler through a friend of a friend of an ex-girlfriend and the rest is history!
Their musical influences range from Bowie to Rush and Primus to Fraggle Rock. One of their musical goals is to make people who don’t have a sense of humor to feel uncomfortable.
Tom Gun is known for their willingness to play anywhere at any time. They have held performances at places ranging from hotel ballrooms, to martini bars, to outdoor festivals. They aim to please!

Fun Facts
-All three of the band members work for the same car insurance company. Cubicle buddies, hooray!
-All three loser hate the movie Top Gun with a passion. We try at all times to distance ourelves from the movie as much as possible.
-If you can think of a third interesting fact, do email me. two seems lacking, no?

Friday September, 02 – Black Congress * The Men (NYC) * Weird Party

Black Congress (Houston, TX) –

Impossible to describe through cheap comparisons to other bands, BLACK CONGRESS’ 2nd EP is nothing if not noise fighting reverb fighting feedback. Underneath this wall of sound is an actual competent band playing some of the harshest music that Houston has seen in a while. Just don’t tell Roy they sound like the Jesus Lizard and everything will be OK.


The Men (New York City, NY)

The Men yes, “The,” are a four-piece post punk outfit from Brooklyn, NY. Their catalog, which began in 2008 with a hand-dubbed self-released demo cassette, has grown to include two LP’s — We Are the Men and Immaculada — two more tapes, and a 7-inch. They have toured three times, played over 75 shows and have grown a following of die hard fans crowding into living rooms and basements throughout the five boroughs, desperately trying to see them. The buzz in their hometown has grown so fervent that the Village Voice debuted this album’s first single, “Bataille,” a full six months before the record was scheduled to street. Named for the famed French pornographic writer, the track review expounds, “rides a pug-ugly joy-punk riff into almost krautrock oblivion — complete with gorgeous voice cracks and face-mooshing distortion.”

Nick Chiericozzi, Mark Perro and Chris Hansell recorded this album at Python Patrol in 2010. Rich Samis joined the band shortly after and is now their full time drummer. Having three songwriters in the band allows them to pull from innumerable post punk sources, referencing drone, metal, shoegaze, and even Suicide lyrics on Leave Home. Recording to tape for the first time here, using elements of distortion, feedback, pop hooks, and a couple of beautifully destructive instrumental passages, The Men have been described by Mishka as, “more composers than musicians.” They have breathed new life into the genre of hardcore and created a seminal album that is truly for punks of all ages.

Weird Party (Houston, TX) –

Why the fuss about a band yet to play a show debuting songs on a college radio show? For one, Weird Party’s pedigree is hard to fuck with: helmed by (former?) Fatal Flying Guilloteens frontman Shawn Adolph and featuring once-and-future members of Sugar Shack, Muhammadali and Welfare Mothers, they’ve earned the right to at least some of the hype they’ve been generating. – 29-95.com