Saturday 20 April 2019 – Pegstar Presents: Reagan Youth, Noogy

Reagan Youth (Queens, N.Y.)

Reagan Youth is an American punk rock band formed by singer Dave Rubinstein (Dave Insurgent) and guitarist Paul Bakija (Paul Cripple) in Queens, New York in early 1980. They were pivotal in introducing the style of hardcore punk to the East Coast punk scene, but have also been identified as a part of the peace punk movement. As strident radical anarchists, their name is a play on Hitler Youth.
Their initial career lasted until 1990, and singer Rubinstein committed suicide three years later following a series of tragic events. In 2006, Bakija reformed the band with bassist Al Pike, drummer Javier Madriaga, and several new members.

An important group in the New York/New Jersey hardcore scene, they performed regularly at CBGB and toured the U.S. extensively, often with other early punk bands such as the Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, and The Misfits. Beastie Boys and Rancid, among other significant successful punk rock and alternative rock groups, have cited Reagan Youth as an influence.


Noogy (Denton, TX)


Saturday April 20, 2019
Pegstar Presents:Reagan Youth, Noogy
doors 8pm, all ages
Tickets $12 Advance, $15 Day Of, $17 Day Of Box Office
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Friday 19 April 2019 – Merkava, Hogleg, Society of Bandits (Free)

Merkava (Houston, TX)


HogLeg (Houston, TX)

Montrose records recording artist and members from,Slim,Dixie Waste,Poor dumb bastards,Hells Engine,Red Hawk,Dead man’s hand. Old school Houston Rock!


The Society of Bandits (Houston, TX)

The Society of Bandits is a power trio from Houston Texas, enslaved to the soul of rock and roll and eternally bound to the groove, they play a unique brand of southern rock and they play it loud.

Saturday 13 April 2019 – Opie Hendrix, Arthur Yoria

Opie Hendrix (San Marcos, TX)

Texas-based Americana artist Opie Hendrix is back with his fifth studio release, Famous Vol. 1. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the “Opie Hendrix experience”.

Famous Vol. 1 combines the Indiana-born Hendrix’s diverse influences and years of musical experiences into a recording that sounds just as fresh as his first record. In that time, Hendrix has outlasted some of the venues in which he’s performed-such as the legendary CBGB’s in New York City-and lived to tell the tale. Famous’s title track can attest to that.

Though he’s won two Houston Press Music Awards for Best Root Rock/Rockabilly, it’s too simplistic to categorize him under those terms. Hendrix has shared the stage with Hal Ketchum, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Hayes Carll, Bobby Bare Jr., James McMurtry and more, but he’s also inspired by bands like The Smiths, Black Flag, and The Ramones.

“I’m not sure if I write the songs or if the songs write me”, Hendrix says. “I can’t be pigeonholed or labeled. I just play my feelings”. -Brittanie Shey

“Part Waylon Jennings, part Webb Wilder and part Hank III….conspiratorial works of the Old 97s, and sells them with good-ol’-boy exuberance and crisp arrangements..” -William Michael Smith, Texas Music Magazine


Arthur Yoria (Houston, TX)

Nomadic Americana musician Arthur Yoria has made a name for himself across the United States and internationally as a one-man band troubadour. Although a Chicago native, Yoria has lived in Austin, Dallas, Brooklyn, California and Colorado; has toured extensively in Colombia, England and Italy; and has been based in Houston for the past two years. After stints in the Houston-based bands The Jeepneys and Lavendula, Yoria released a solo four-song, self-titled EP in 2001, followed by a five-song EP, “Can You Still Look Adorable” in 2002. He has since released other EPs in English and in Spanish as well as three LPs. His most recent releases include his 2015 single “Ruff Life” and his 2016 single “Safe.” Yoria’s sound is best described as new wave indie-Americana enhanced by his combination guitar, vocals, harmonica, beats and keys which gives him the unforgettable sound of a one-man band.

“Arthur Yoria quickly established himself as one of the Houston area’s most interesting musicians”, says David A. Cobb of the Houston Press. “His tales of lovelorn angst set against melodic pop made for an infectious combination that drew fans worldwide, and his live shows whether full-band powerhouses, stripped-down, electronic-backed performances or simple acoustic-guitar sets, practically made him a household name among local music fans.”

Now in 2017, Yoria is unveiling a new single “Wishlist” from his upcoming record, set to be released in Feb. 2018. Having drawn inspiration from the likes of Cornelius, The Beach Boys and Hank Williams, the record touches on topics such as dealing with depression, making music for a living and then not making music for a living. Although some of the topics may be heavy, Yoria has put a positive spin on his new project as a whole and hopes it will inspire his fans. “Wishlist” delves into the process of an experienced artist getting “out of his own head” and coming to terms with the mental and emotional hardships of being an artist.

The record will be released on Splice Records and was recorded at Sugar Hill Studios in Houston and produced by Kelly Doyle (of Robert Ellis’ band) and engineered by the legendary Steve Christensen. The project features Tank Lisenbe on drums, Geoffrey Muller on bass and Will Van Horn on pedal steel. Most of the collaborators on the record are from Robert Ellis’ band and Yoria proclaims that with the pure chemistry between this group of talented musicians, they could easily become a “wrecking crew”in the Houston music scene.



Friday 12 April 2019 – Big Eyes, Something Fierce, Imposter Boys

Big Eyes (New York, NY)

KAIT ELDRIDGE has been the ringleader behind Big Eyes since 2010. Striving to find the perfect balance between punk, hard rock and pop, Big Eyes is content to be cemented “in between” the scenes.


Something Fierce (Houston, TX)

Something Fierce is a three-piece punk/pop band from Houston, Texas whose music combines the sound and attitude of first-wave 1977 punk with an energy and outlook that’s thoroughly contemporary, updating the attack of the Clash and the Buzzcocks for the 21st century. 


Imposter Boys (Houston, TX)

Three girls fond of form fitting black pants and naps. Living in good ol’ Houston, TX. Playing songs that make you bob yer head.


Tuesday 09 April 2019 – DBUK, Norman Westberg (doors 7pm)

DBUK (Denver, CO)

The Denver Broncos UK (shortened DBUK) comprise of Munly Munly, Lord Dwight Pentacost, Rebecca Vera and Slim Cessna of Slim Cessna’s Auto Club from Denver, Colorado. Opposite to the rousing sounds of SCAC, they create a sound that is clearly more subdued, ethereal and intimate with a lot of strings and percussion reminiscing of an agrarian, pre-industrial time.

As the album title implies the bands’ new full length consits of no less than 16 songs (!), Gothic Americana in a class of its own. A beautifully haunting brand of stark acoustic-gloom that will inevitably send shivers down the spines of the most seasoned fans. Having worked with an array of prominent musicians in the past, including members of Devotchka, Tarantella and David Eugene Edwards of 16 Horsepower, DBUK lead-vocalist and celebrated alt-country songwriter/storyteller Jay Munly’s voice is equal parts Peter Murphy and Nick Cave, and contrasts beautifully with Rebecca Vera’s falsetto on a number of the tracks on “Songs One Through Sixteen”. The album’s strings and percussion are intoxicatingly dramatic and are provided courtesy of Auto Club members Dwight Pentacost and Slim Cessna respectively, all culminating to create one of the more evocative releases the genre has seen quite possibly in years.

The band appeared on 2013’s Jack White “Rockin’ Legends” tribute album alongside Wanda Jackson, Shooter Jennings, Robert Gorden, Los Straightjackets, Gary U.S. Bonds and more and was recently named the Westword Weekly’s Best Denver American Artist!


Norman Westberg (New York, NY)