Saturday 15 December 2018 – Merel & Tony with The Woe Woe Woes Record Release with Velveteen Echo,  Sarah Reid, and Nancy’s Son

Merel and Tony (Houston, TX)


MEREL & TONY met in 2013 while working on an art installation in a small Dutch village. Since then, they have released several EPs of songs, written music for THIS AMERICAN LIFE, been commissioned to compose a musical for a Houston-based theater company, recorded an album of protest songs funded by a grant from the Houston Arts Alliance, and toured Texas with their band, THE WOE WOE WOES. Merel & Tony now divide their time between Rome and Houston.


Velveteen Echo (Houston, TX)

Velveteen Echo draws equally from indie rock and bedroom pop to create a sound that is reminiscent of bands like The Sundays and The Cranberries.



Sarah Reid (Norman, OK)


Nancy’s Son (Houston, TX)
(Sorry, no link at this time)

Nancy’s Son is the experimental songwriting project of musician and writer Joe Wozny (aka Woe Jozney). Wozny is a 2018 artist in residence at the RecRoom and writes for various Houston publications and live performance events. In addition to improvised music concerts under his name on guitar, he plays regularly with Spencer Dobbs and Merel & Tony. He has a tape forthcoming with Gabe Martinez and Justin Jones on Anahuac Editions in August, and his debut song album is forthcoming whenever the dude who is mixing it can finish mixing it. His new podcast where he reviews intersections is now out on the Mocking Bird Network.



lineup in order for tonight is:
Nancy’s Son
Sarah Reid
Merel & Tony with The Woe Woe Woes
Velveteen Echo


Friday 14 December 2018 – Easy Credit Group Presents: The Medicine Years, The Daphne Blue, Daniel James & the Good Heart

The Medicine Years (Houston, TX)

Hailing from Houston, TX, this punk and grunge influenced band converged in the Winter of 2011, designed to transcend the pretentious tendencies that overwhelm our music scene by revisiting the core of the sounds they love. Previously, members of The Medicine Years played in bands like My Own Rival, Release the Controls, and Ellington, now look forward to forge new sounds together while still remaining sincere to their roots.


The Daphne Blue (Houston, TX)

Johnny played in the rain.
Paul got banned from SNL.
J guest starred on Portlandia.
Bob threw a no-hitter.
Wiz left the Earth.
… and that got us here.


Daniel James & the Good Heart (Houston, TX)


Friday 14 December 2018
Easy Credit Group Presents:
The Medicine Years, The Daphne Blue, Daniel James & the Good Heart
21+, doors 8pm
Presale $5, DOS $8



Saturday 08 December 2018 – Tee Vee, Why Bonnie, Space Kiddettes

Tee Vee (Houston, TX)

“Tee Vee is the mind and memories of Houston native Teresa Vicinanza. Known for her work as a singer and songwriter, Tee Vee encompasses her work as a producer and artist. She experiments with elements of synth pop, art pop, and dream pop. Tee Vee uses sampling, looping and layering, especially with vocal melodies and harmonies, to create an ethereal sound.”



Why Bonnie (Austin, TX)

“Austin four-piece Why Bonnie have a sound that’s endlessly familiar, yet one that still escapes description in fuzzy, effortless bliss. Originally the bedroom project of Blair Howerton, the band has spent the last few years channeling the shimmering dream pop of acts like Alvvays, Charly Bliss, and Beach House into something blown-out and overflowing with wide-eyed, summertime nostalgia.” – Spin



Space Kiddettes (Houston, TX)



Friday 07 December 2018 – JD Wilkes (of Legendary Shack Shakers), D. Kosmo, Charles Bryant

JD Wilkes (Paducah, KY)

JD Wilkes is an American musician, visual artist, author, filmmaker and self-proclaimed “southern surrealist”. He is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist (notably on harmonica and banjo), having recorded with such artists as Merle Haggard, John Carter Cash, Mike Patton, and Hank Williams III. Wilkes’ latest solo album Cattle in the Cane (Arkam Records, January 2015) includes his own renditions of traditional tunes (mostly old-time mountain music), with performances by elder Kentucky fiddler Charlie Stamper (the brother of Art Stamper) on many of the tracks. In the last two years, Wilkes has continued to develop his solo project, having toured with Charlie Parr and The Tillers, as well as performing at the 2015 Winnipeg Folk Festival.

Wilkes is perhaps best known as the founder of the Legendary Shack Shakers, a Southern Gothic rock and blues band formed in the mid 90s. Fans of his work with Legendary Shack Shakers include Stephen King, Robert Plant and former Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra. Rolling Stone named Wilkes as the “best frontman” at the 2015 Americana Music Association Festival for his performance with the band. Regarding the group’s “southern gothic” lyricism, Billboard Magazine said “[Wilkes writes] mind-blowing lyrics rife with Biblical references and ruminations of life, death, sin and redemption.” Legendary Shack Shakers have toured with the likes of Robert Plant and The Black Keys, among others. Their music has been featured in HBO’s True Blood series, and in a long-running Geico commercial.

JD Wilkes has been compared to iconoclasts like David Byrne, Iggy Pop, or Jerry Lee Lewis, and with his small, wiry frame and intense, incandescent performances, it’s not hard to see why. But while he plays the carnival barker onstage, he’s a dedicated lifelong student of true Southern culture. Master banjo player Dom Flemons said, “JD is a real old-Kentucky banjo player and he can take that to the bank! I gotta watch out next time I see his banjo.” A resident of Paducah, Kentucky, Wilkes is a Kentucky Colonel, an honorable title bestowed by the state’s Governor upon those with a connection to, or who are famous residents of the state of Kentucky. In 2015, Wilkes was featured on the BBC original series Songs of the South, in an episode focusing on the musical history of Tennessee and Kentucky.

Aside from his prolific career in music, Wilkes is also a published writer, having recently authored the book Barn Dances and Jamborees Across Kentucky, an exploration of his state’s social music and dance history based on extensive fieldwork and research. A true Southern Renaissance man, Wilkes is also an accomplished visual artist (specializing in comics, sideshow banners and book illustrations) as well as a documentary filmmaker (his documentary Seven Signs explores “music, myths, and the American South” and was screened at the UK’s prestigious Raindance Film Festival).



D. Kosmo (Houston, TX)

“D. Kosmo sings dirty tunes from someplace down deeper than the devil.” David Garrick~Houston Press

Charles Bryant (Pasadena, TX)

In an article published by Texas Music Magazine last year, music journalist Trey Gutierrez wrote: Charles Bryant may the most prolific Texas songwriter you’ve never heard of. His 3rd, and latest CD, titled ‘Kiss The Sun’ was named one it’s best Texas album releases of 2017. In his review of the album, music journalist William Michael Smith concluded: “A vast, sweeping work of beauty, grace, compassion and heart, ‘Kiss The Sun’gives hope to those who miss the bruising word constructions of Townes Van Zandt and other Houston singer-songwriters who set the bar so high to begin with. ‘Kiss The Sun’ is no less than a minor masterpiece from a true underdog an native son”.

All this is especially shocking considering that Charles is a lifelong agoraphobic who didn’t play his 1st open-mic until he was 50 years, at McGonigel’s Mucky Duck in Houston in late 2012. This was in response to a devastating series of health crises in 2011, later found to be caused by a rare blood-clotting disorder that was creating potentially life-threatening blood clots in his legs and lungs. Convinced that he didn’t want to take his songs to the grave with him without them being heard, he decided that he needed to try to get on a stage. He has now been performing in public for almost 6 years.

21+, $10.00

Saturday 01 December 2018 – Two Byrds Productions Presents: Make Your Mark, Liberty and Justice, Storm of Ages


Make Your Mark (Des Moines, Iowa)


Liberty and Justice (Houston, TX)



Storm of Ages (Houston, TX)


Saturday December 01, 2018
Two Byrds Productions Presents
Make Your Mark, Liberty and Justice, Storm of Ages
21+, Doors 8pm, $12 at the door


Friday 30 November 2018 – Die Fast, Bayou Vimana, Smashed Idols


Die Fast (Los Angeles, CA)

In late 2000, frontman Tod Jünker drove a black Dodge van from Houston to LA, leaving behind legendary Texas hardcore rockers Spunk (with whom he’d opened for the likes of White Zombie and L7) to found Die Fast.

With the first incarnation of Die Fast, Tod took his DIY attitude and aggressive approach into the studio and recorded Live Ammunition. As good as the album turned out, it lacked the grit and grime that Tod craved. Die Fast disbanded, and Tod recruited a fresh garrison of cannon fodder.
Now a bunch of Texas have come to fill the shoes of the fallen and show the world they have a good / bad thing coming .

The new, filthier, more flavorful incarnation of Die Fast has been working with famous band-ruining Hollywood producer Mudrock on an album-length blitz scheduled for release in April….of what year we do not know, tentatively titled Star Spangled War. Creek,Creak or Chair Faces Door.

No matter when it comes out it will be Louder,Faster and Harder. It will machine guns and blown engines, dive bombers and a nuclear war..




Bayou Vimana (Houston, TX)

Without compromise, Bayou Vimana’s signature combination of wailing dual guitars by Chris Chow(WD-40oz, Twenty-Three, Donkey Punch) and Arnett “Pnut” Vaughn(End Result, Small Craft Advisory, Donkey Punch, Transmaniacon MC) layered over the substratal backbone delivered by bassist Kelsey Heath(Childman, The Drunks, Dead Mineral) and drummer James Vidler(Vice Grip, Gerth, Unhinged, Incisor) forges a thunderous distorted melody for vocalist Bryan “Ghetto” Smith(Donkey Punch, Twenty-Three, WD-40oz) to revel the band’s past with stories of bars, booze, fast women, and the pursuit of good times. Playing in, out, around, and sometimes underneath each other in the vibrant downtown Houston music scene from the early ’90s to the present, Bayou Vimana’s members developed close friendships with each other early on while cutting their teeth in different projects at legendary local venues including Emo’s Houston, The Vatican/The Abyss, Goat’s Head Soup, Instant Karma, Blue Iguana, Fitzgerald’s, Mary Jane’s, and The Engine Room. After the highly successful release of their debut 6 song “Origin Sound-Southwing Audio Masters EP” in 2017, Bayou Vimana is set to expand and deliver it’s live show throughout the Southeastern United States and will enter Southwing Audio early Summer 2018 to begin work on their first full-length release.

“Bayou Vimana nicely bridges early 80s sleazy rock and roll with a contemporary attitude. Their music is chock-full of catchy hooks and danceable melodies. It is impossible to not have a great time at their gigs” – Jeff Reno(singer for Khobretti, owner of Feral Noise)

“Houston is the quintessential melting pot, and Bayou Vimana is the quintessential melting pot band.” – Dave Ellington (Guitarist for Bowel, manager at Boondocks)

“As a record label owner, you have to be open to all music. Bayou Vimana brings that old school garage rock sound back into the fold of an over flooding of bands chasing the same sound. With the feel of old AC/DC & Guns N’ Roses to Fu Manchu, you can’t go wrong. If you are a fan of old school rock & roll that grabs your soul, give em a listen.” Big Bald Brian (owner Ossuary Industries)



smashed Idols

Smashed Idols (Houston, TX)

The Smashed Idols hail from Houston, Texas where we rip up the scene with hooky guitar, bass, and drumz. We like to mix it up with hot space sauce and alien lyrics. The jam Bring The Invasion was influenced by Stephen Hawking’s warning that we need to colonize other planets before we get visited by our nasty neighbors.



Friday 30 November 2018
Die Fast, Bayou Vimana, Smashed Idols
21+, $6
Doors 8pm, Music 9pm