Wednesday 21 August 2019 – LEYA, Æyer, Tom Carter & Rachel Orosco , Doula


Leya (New York City, New York)

NNA is honored to present ‘The Fool,’ the debut album from NYC-based duo LEYA. Violinist Adam Markiewicz (The Dreebs) and harpist Marilu Donovan have succeeded in creating an incredibly original sound for their project. They combine modernity and antiquity with their chosen instruments by taking ideas from contemporary pop and experimental music, and seamlessly integrating them into classical instrumentation and moods. Utilizing a combination of normal and detuned intervals together with ethereal layered vocals, the resulting sound of LEYA is unmistakable and haunting. It is both ancient and singular in tone, but remains open to the influences and ideas of the modern day underground in it’s structural simplicity.

LEYA aims to deconstruct the traditional connotations of the harp and violin by luxuriating in the deviant juxtaposition of ugliness vs. beauty. These two stringed instruments are most commonly associated with classical beauty, but by altering their sound through unorthodox tunings, extended techniques, amplification, and effects, Donovan and Markiewicz are able to mine the depths of their darker, more unsettling capacities. The tuning system created for Donovan’s harp is specific to the project, and was discovered by chance. Rather than being driven by scientific or conceptual intentions, this tuning is chosen based on it’s sound alone, giving LEYA a defined identity that embraces human instinct and imperfection.


Æyer (Houston, TX)




Tom Carter (Charalmbides, Morning Scales the Mountain) & Rachel Orosco

Tom Carter’s electric guitar work weaves strands of melody, drone, fuzz, and charged silence into intricately detailedinstant compositions. Best known for his work with iconoclastic acid-folk improvisers Charalambides, Tom Carter currently focuses on solo performances and recordings. His Three Lobed 2LP Long Time Underground was selected as the number-one experimental album of 2015 by Pitchfork.


Doula (Houston, TX)

Saturday 17 August 2019 – Baron von Bomblast, Los De Verdad, Branagan


Baron Von Bomblast (Houston, TX)

Members:Destroy the living,Bowel, Middlefinger, Slag, Deadhorse, Manhole, Dolly rockers, Brian’s Johnson, 30 foot fall, Pasadena Napalm Division, nuff said


Los De Verdad (Houston, TX)\


Branagan (Houston, TX)


Friday 16 August 2019 – Easy Credit Group Presents: Two Player, Yaupon, Brothers Grymn

Two Player (Austin, TX)

Two Player is an Austin-based power duo featuring brothers Hoag (drums/lead vocals) and Bonesaw (guitar). Formed in 2018, these former frontmen of Full Service combine progressive rhythms with exciting, complex lead guitar work and dulcet vocal acrobatics, all disguised and packaged into lean, savory arrangements. It’s a touch of math rock and a spoonful of pop, with a live performance that showcases the brothers’ deep and unrivaled chemistry and musical eccentricity.


Yaupon (Houston, TX)
Yaupon (pronounced “yo-pawn”) is a word for a shrub or tree, but it is also the name of a rock band in Houston, TX. In 2017, Yaupon grew out of the ashes of former local bands Race To The Moon, Hello Elle, and Golden Sombrero – groups that had once shared a practice space together complete with two mini-fridges. Yaupon is a product of collaboration between songwriters, instrumentalists, and baseball debaters. The Yaupon vibe is inspired by favorite 70s tunes the band members grew up listening to in their dads’ trucks/sport utility vehicles. Yaupon has been described as a band that “adds a bit of raucous modern Southern rock to their textured indie rock sound.”




Brothers Grymn (Houston, TX)

Dope funk sound. Exuding swagger and confidence by combining classic guitar riffs, boastful lyrics, a thundering beat with a modern electronic edge Brothers Grymn has emerged a new favorite. An army of sound, they play with a ferocity all their own


Friday August 16, 2019
Easy Credit Group Presents:
Two Player
with Yaupon and Brothers Grymn
21+, doors 8pm

Saturday 10 August 2019 – Little T&A Presents: Pride Kills, HOODS, Skourge, The Pose, ¡BLUNT!

Pride Kills (Houston, TX)

Formed in ’02, we have been crushing the world with our raging riffs, our enlightening lyrics, and our unquestioned sexual prowess ever since. No scene, city, club, house, or woman can handle the raw, destructive intensity that is PRIDE KILLS. Despite member changes, working offshore, families, huge quantities of booze and drugs, a lack of musical ability, and massive amounts of kicking eachother’s asses, we still continue to be a force to reckon with. If you have yet to get penetrated with the ravaging force of PRIDE KILLS, then there remains a hole in your loins where we belong. So, open your hearts and spread your legs, cause PRIDE KILLS is here to rape your souls and break everything we fucking see. EAT SHIT.


HOODS (Sacramento, CA)

We started out in early 1995 in Sacramento, CA. With a love for punk/hardcore/metal this band has brought me all over the world. I love music and the people who help us do what we love. Thanks for years of continuous support- MH


Skourge (Houston, TX)


The Pose (Houston, TX)


¡BLUNT! (Houston, TX)





Friday 09 August 2019 – Two Byrds Production Presents: DDC, Hooligan 45, Gone Rogue, Gen Why

Two Byrds Productions will be hosting a night of jams with Georgia’s own DDC and The Hanging Judge. This will be a jam packed weekend of heavy hitting bands since this show is the night before Pride Kills and Hoods. Do your push ups, coochie ups and downs and run a few laps cause August is about to be LIT!!  No presale tickets. Doors at 8pm. $12 cover.


DDC (Atlanta, GA)


Hooligan 45 (Houston, TX)


Gone Rogue (Houston, TX)


Gen Why (Houston, TX)



Sunday 04 August 2019 – Local Honey Collective presents: Michael Sinclair, Ryan Adam Wells, Moe Lerma (doors 7pm)

Michael Sinclair (Houston, TX)


Ryan Adam Wells (Los Angeles, CA; by way of Charlestown, IN and Louisville, KY)

Ryan Adam Wells is an Alternative Country Singer Songwriter, Vaudeville Comedian, and all around Renaissance man. He has performed to sold out crowds in Texas, L.A., Canada, Scotland, and Australia, and garnered several awards and commendations along the way. Raised on a family farm in Charlestown, Indiana, Ryan spent his whole life writing songs and singing. As a child, he would sing in front of his parent’s home camera and make up songs on the spot. He grew up idolizing folks like Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, Jim Henson, The Stray Cats, and Blondie; and in later years Bob Marley, AC/DC, Hank Williams, The Velvet Underground, The Dead Kennedys, relishing in finding ways to let all his influences shine through his own work. In his teen years he fronted the fun-loving, excitably strange punk band “Mugged By a Hobo” in Louisville, KY, until giving up the punk life for folk and country. In the early 00’s he fronted The Slide, who reviewers called “a cross between the Violent Femmes and Elvis Presley”. Ryan is currently based in Houston, TX, where he has built a name for himself as a solo act. He can also be found as the Emcee for the Burlesque Troupe “The Moonlight Dolls”, and as one third of the comedy troupe “Sound & Fury”. Now with his 5 Star Rated Show “Beers About Songs”,He is constantly on the road bringing his music to everyone who’ll listen.


Moe Lerma (Houston, TX)