Saturday 02 June 2012 – Tody Castillo

Tody Castillo (Houston, TX)

Steve Earle first heard Tody Castillo’s music when shopping for producers for Townes, his recent tribute to Townes Van Zandt. One listen to Castillo’s songs gave Earle enough confidence to hire Houston producer Steve Christensen, who helped produce and engineer the recording of Windhorse.  Born out of personal tragedy, yet teeming with hope, the songs on Windhorse show Castillo’s depth of songwriting. They range from the dreamy lullaby to all-out rock-and-roll anthems.  Castillo played most of the instruments on the recording, as well as being the only writer and singer.  His beautiful voice has range and depth rarely found in today’s rock scene.  This work maintains the cross-genre appeal that helped his 2005 self-titled release find a broad audience, earning the musician Houston Press‘ Best Unsigned Act award in 2005 (along with nominations for Song of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, and Best Rock/Pop). The album was also the top-selling release at Cactus Music and Video in 2005, outselling even the likes of Coldplay.

“This record unique for me because I’m such a different person,” Castillo says. “I released the first record in February 2005, a few months after I got married. A few months after that, I lost my brother due to an accident. That kind of thing is devastating. My wife then lost someone close in her family as well at the end of 2005. We joked about that year as being ‘the year of the death.’ The following year while playing and promoting the first record, my first son was born.  So I lost a brother, and became a husband and a father all around the same time. This record is about that.”

Recorded during coffee-fueled sessions at The Treehouse, the Houston Heights garage apartment studio of Steve Christensen, Windhorse is a series of intimate snapshots into Castillo’s life. The heartbreak over the death of his brother and the joy of becoming a father echo throughout this work.  Musicians Eddy Hobizal, Chris Masterson (currently with Son Volt), Steve Brown, and Ryan Biddle helped the duo by adding their skills to the piano, guitar, bass, and percussion on several songs.

Album highlights include “The Shape Of My Heart,” “Spoken Up Sooner,” “The Other Side of Love,” “Hearts On A String,” and “Mustang Island”.


Friday 01 June 2012 – Needful Things * PLF * Hypochristians * Turbokrieg * IPV

Needful Things (Pardubice, CZ)

NEEDFUL THINGS have been bombing our ears since 1995. The second only album called “Tentacles of Influence” coming out now after several split EPs, cassettes, compilations and one album. NEEDFUL recorded 19 pretty furious grindcore tracks with a new drummer in well-proven Hell Sound studio. Get ready for a portion of a fast and very tough grinding!!! Check out a few songs at NEEDFUL THINGS myspace in the meantime. We prepare a streaming of the whole album soon. CD will be released 20.1. and LP in the course of March.



PLF (Houston, TX)

Grinding ’em down since 1999. Pro-mosh, Pro-fun DIY grindcore. Toured the States 6 times, Germany / Czech once, and also did a more extensive european tour in 2008, going to Spain, the Basque Country, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech, and Poland. We Love to play lots of shows and have a good time. Scene-haters and crybabies FUCK OFF

Label: many—RSR, Rescued From Life, Zas, Jennifer Grind, Indecipherable Crap, Cyness, To Live a Lie, Power-it-up, Tower Violence, Psychotherapy, etc etc–basically anyone who’s willing to waste money on our noise

Manager: Socks the Motherfucking Kitty Cat



Hypochristians (Houston, TX)

Bio: formed in 94 by Francisco and Ray. Current line-up has been together since 2005

Members: Betty Crocker- earthmoving bass and pukes Saltanic- horrendous growls and spitting in your face FP- drums/guitar/vocals and church burnings 2009 live line up FP-guitar and vocals Betty Crocker- bass and vocals Dave- vocals Frank-drums

Influences: Peaches and Herb, The Jets, Juice Newton, Bananarama, Barry Manilow, New Editon, NKOTB, Spice Girls, and especially the GODZ Hanson




Turbokrieg (Houston, TX)
[Sorry no band links]
Metal Punk with Frank (ex-PLF, NIBIRU) + Mikey (5050/PLF) + Ben (Dissent/Warmaster)


IPV  (Houston, TX)

Genres: Metal / Grindcore / Powerviolence

Label: Stockpicker, The Whole, Eatshitbuydie, etc.
Members: Cody-Drums/Vocals Marshall-Guitar/Vocals

Sunday 27 May 2012 – The Cry! * Something Fierce * The Wrong Ones

The Cry! (Portland, OR)!/thecrypdx

The CRY! is four young guys from PDX who have reinvented the 2 min pop song for the next generation. Merging ’77 Punk with 50’s Doowop vocals and jangle of 60’s Pop-rock, The CRY! has created an energetic “New-Old School” sound that is earning them fans all across the country!

“These kids from the PDX get my vote as the “next big thing” to come out of the Northwest. A perfect fusion of doo-wop, pop and punk translates onstage with a “beyond their years” skill set and unrivaled, cohesive camaraderie.” – Tim Basaraba – Nada Mucho

“When The Cry showed up for their gig at the International Pop Overthrow festival in Seattle, I was pleasantly suprised to see such young men sporting ’60s styled clothes and haircuts. I was intrigued, and couldn’t wait to see their set. Well, they delivered the goods: lots of ’60s and ’70s inspired tunes spiked with in your face vocals, hooks galore, and enough energy to light up the city of Bend! These kids were taught well, and if this is the wave of the future, I hope they ride it for many years to come!”” – David Bash – Founder/CEO,The International Pop Overthrow Festival


Something Fierce (Houston, TX)

Something Fierce is a three-piece punk/pop band from Houston, Texas whose music combines the sound and attitude of first-wave 1977 punk with an energy and outlook that’s thoroughly contemporary, updating the attack of the Clash and the Buzzcocks for the 21st century.

Something Fierce were founded in 2005 by guitarist and lead vocalist Steven Garcia (ex-Gun Crazy and Born Liars) and bassist and vocalist Niki Sevven (formerly with the Neckbreakers); the group went though several drummers before teaming up with Andrew Keith, who they recognized from his frequent presence at local shows and parties.

In 2006, Something Fierce recorded their debut album, Come for the Bastards, which they released themselves. The release was followed by frequent touring through the Southwest, with occasional road trips into the South and Midwest; they group also recorded a handful of 7″ releases, including a split single with the Hangouts. In 2008, Something Fierce released their second full-length album, There Are No Answers; while the first pressing of the album was distributed by the band itself, the Portland, Oregon-based punk label Dirtnap Records liked the disc and reissued it after signing the band in 2009.

The band continued to tour extensively and released a 7″ on Action Town Records in 2010 before recording their third album, Don’t Be So Cruel, in 2011. The third album found Something Fierce’s sound evolving in a more sophisticated, pop-influenced direction without losing sight of their punk roots. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


The Wrong Ones (Houston, TX)

“The end of the world has been on people’s minds lately, what with the Mayans apparently penciling in the apocalypse next year and the Rapture rain-checked for October of this ‘un. That preoccupation with the end of the world is why we skipped straight to ‘Doomsday Transmission” on the Wrongs Ones’ new album, Deceiver (Cutthroat Records).

In most of their moments, the Wrong Ones are a textbook punk band. That’s not meant as a knock against them, but what expectations you hold in your head when you’re told that an album is a punk album will be met within standard parameters when you throw on Deceiver. True, it’s a bit angrier than modern punk, and there is a curious lack of artistic difference in that sung vitriol.” – Houston Press

Saturday 26 May 2012 – Black Cobra * Gaza * Lord Dying

Black Cobra (San Francisco, CA)

Southern Lord is proud to present the new opus from The Bay Area’s devastating duo BLACK COBRA. Formed by drummer Rafa Martinez (ex-16, ex-Acid King) and guitarist/vocalist Jason Landrian (ex-Cavity), BLACK COBRA catapulted themselves onto the scene in 2001 with their ravenous, upbeat and ultimately unique style of punk/hardcore-fueled sludge metal. They were picked up almost immediately by indie At A Loss Recordings becoming the band’s label home for the release of their debut full-length, Bestial, and follow-up album, Feather And Stone. By 2009, with the band then virtually a household name to the tens of thousands of fans who’ve seen their flooring live performances over the years, BLACK COBRA signed with juggernaut Southern Lord Recordings for the release of Chronomega, the band’s most diverse material to date.

For the recording of this, the band’s second release for Southern Lord Recordings, BLACK COBRA recently ventured across the continent to pound out their anticipated new album, the follow-up to 2009’s massively well-received Chronomega. This time around the outfit enlisted the talents of Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou and his God City Studio in Salem, Massachusetts. After a brutal week-and-a-half in the notorious lair, ‘COBRA hammered out what will soon be known to the world as their almighty fourth full-length album, “Invernal”. This is BLACK COBRA’s most honed and diversified material to date, and will definitely tear your face off completely.

Gaza (Salt Lake City, UT)

From Salt Lake City, Gaza play a dark, glooming and frantic breed of hardcore and metal mixed with grind. Combining the sludgy, droney elements of Crowbar or Soilent Green with the absolute blasting force of Pig Destroyer, adjectives like abrasive and devastating, do not even begin to touch the full extremes of this group. I Don’t Care Where I Go When I Die was an absolutely bleak & terrifying experience and follow up He Is Never Coming Back took the band to new extreme heights and has won all sorts of critical acclaim. This is some of the most hateful and frightening music that we will probably ever release.


Lord Dying (Portland, OR)
Lord Dying come from Portland, Oregon, a place over abundant with purveyors of the heavy riff. A region where the inhabitants are plagued with nerve and joint damage due to lack of sunlight. In a time where everyone is trying to out-sludge or out-doom each other Lord Dying gives something less than a fuck. They are a metal band with members of Black Elk , Portals, Le Force, and Cremains, who in their short, one years time as a band have shared the stage with Unsane, Red Fang, Yob, Valient Thorr, and others locally. They have also braved the west coast twice, the first time alone, only to meet up with crazy prog-shredmeisters Danava and heavy lust-lifers Lecherous Gaze for a few shows, followed a few months later by another co-headling tour with local heavy punishers Nether Regions. Shortly after Lord Dying teamed up with longtime bros Kelly and Erica G and solidified the first monumental release, Lord Dying “s/t”, in 7” form on his Powerblaster Records label. Lord Dying are here to pummel with heavy riffs and promote simpler things like Cold brew-Hot Shower.


Friday 25 May 2012 – Broken Arrows * Sideshow Tragedy * Red 100’s

Broken Arrows (Sorry No verifiable Information at this time)


Sideshow Tragedy (Austin, TX)

The Sideshow Tragedy burns up stages with blues-damaged garage rock…ancient resonator guitars played through an array of effects boxes backed by a kick ass kit master and percussionist, topped with R&B drenched vocals and dark, poetic lyrics.

“I’m influenced by Chris Whitley, and I kind of blend his approach of playing National guitars with that really loose Keith Richards/Johnny Thunders guitar style…I’m trying to marry blues and punk aesthetics with that of songwriters like Leonard Cohen and Townes Van Zandt.” — Nathan Singleton.


Red 100’s (Dallas, TX)

The Red 100’s won best Blues Act for the Dallas Observer Music Award’s – 2011

“The Red 100’s have raw energy and gritty guitar licks so dirty that it becomes hard to decide if you should take a shower or just continue to roll around in it. Their music will get you drunk on rock and roll, love you up, and even leave a note in the morning for good measure. It is oh so dirty in all the right ways.” Pegasus News

“Finding modern music that embodies the spirit of Deep Ellum’s days as a haven for blues visionaries and outcasts is far more difficult than one might expect. If you’re looking for a history lesson fueled by fried, live-wire guitars and amp-busting distortion, look no further than Dallas blues-rockers The Red 100’s.”

The Red 100’s are a band from Dallas, TX that screams Rock N’ Roll through the use of high voltage Marshall guitar amps. Culminating from influences such as Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, The Red 100’s embark on a hungry rampage to hand deliver their rock tinged synthesis of blues and soul to the masses.

“This is meat-and-potatoes rock, cooked well done and smothered in gravy. The best way to enjoy this stuff is with a couple of (cheap) beers and a pack of Marlboros. Music this soaked in fuzzed-out ’60s garage rock has to be enjoyed with the proper old-school vices.” Dallas Observer

Thursday 24 May 2012 – Gut Radio * Sour Patch

Gut Radio (Baytown, TX)

It was kind of like Chernobyl, but better.

One day, special agent Red Taint noticed that crew leader Death Shark was online, so he sent a Fb text. Through a short conversation the two realized that they would be converging on the same metropolitan area within a few months. A few months after this indeed happened, a pact was made that the bearded rock and roll that would espouse from their alliance would shake the earth from the sonic orgasm that is….


Sour Patch (San Jose, CA)

Sourpatch is a four piece 90’s pop-worship ensemble from San Jose, Ca—-whose songs talk of (but aren’t limited to) crushes painfully hopeless, awkwardly awesome and feelings of the like. Formed from a mutual love of songs about unbearably impossible romances, Sourpatch channels the 90’s Northwest sound and in vein of bands like Velocity Girl, Tiger Trap, Rocketship, Boyracer, Cub, Heavenly, Go Sailor, Black Tambourine, and so many 90’s west coast babes! or any number of female/queer punk groups on the roster of Spin Art, Slumberland, Chainsaw & K records in the ’90s.

Formed in San Jose in late 2007, Nicole Munoz, Christine Tupou, Mander Farrell, and Rich Gutierrez played two coastal U.S. tours, self-released a seven-song demo, and released a free single on Where It’s At Is Where You Are (WIAIWYA) by the end of 2009. In 2010, the band announced that they would be releasing their debut album, Crushin’, on Athens, GA’s Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records. Since then they have toured throughout the U.S. twice, another east coast tour and a UK tour in early 2011 also releasing another 7″ single “mira mija” and appearing on several compilations.

Plans for early 2012 include a new full length LP “stagger & fade” with artwork from kicking giants tae won yu plus a full 5 week US tour!

Sourpatch endorses a gender freeing, queer positive, feminist thinking, body positive, crush worthy lifestyle!

Give us coffee and we will never stop being your friend.