Saturday 28 July 2012 – Masada * Toy Subs

Masada (Reunited members of the Zealots)

“The Zealots, a new wave party band in Nacodgoches, TX. … playing the piney woods circuit. Imagine a punkish band with Marshall stacks showing up at a honkey tonk down a bunch of dirt roads deep in the east Texas woods……remember that scene from the Blues Brothers with the chicken wire in front of the stage? It was just like that!” – Russell Callendar (Ex-Zealots)


Toy Subs (Houston, TX)

Toy Subs was started by Jamie Daruwala (vox, gtr) and Alex Tittel (ld gtr, vox). Other great musicians who play or have played with the band are Darwin Keys (dr, vox), and Bill Walter (bs, vox), Greg Mayfield (bs, vox), Johnny Simmons (dr), Stacey Steele (dr, bs, vox), Kevin Radomski (dr), Larry Waggoner (dr), William West (bs, vox), Jason Wreck (dr), and Jimmy Way (dr). Thanks also goes to Alan Doss, Jamie Ashby, Byron Williams, Frank Hart, and Mark Olsen for their musical gifts.

Friday 27 July 2012 – Mynabirds * Deep Time

Mynabirds (Washington DC)

The Mynabirds are a collective of musicians fronted by singer-songwriter Laura Burhenn. Founded in 2009 following the split of her previous DC band, Georgie James, the Mynabirds are currently based in Omaha, Nebraska. Their debut album, “What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood, was produced by Richard Swift and released to critical acclaim by Saddle Creek in April of 2010.

The Mynabirds supported their debut LP with more than a year of busy touring alongside bands-become-friends, including Bright Eyes, David Bazan and Crooked Fingers. In December of 2010, they released “All I Want is Truth (for Xmas)“, a limited edition 7″ on Saddle Creek, which featured an original (anti-commercialism) holiday song and a cover of the Zombies’ “This Will Be Our Year”.

At the end of 2011 following a year on the road as a member of Bright Eyes’ touring band, Laura headed back into the studio with Richard Swift to start on something new. The Mynabirds’ sophomore album, GENERALS, will be released on Saddle Creek on June 5, 2012. The first single, the title track “Generals” is available for FREE download here. The Mynabirds will be hitting the road for a short US tour in March 2012, including dates in the midwest, on the west coast, and down south for SXSW. Check out all the tour dates and come hear new songs live.


Deep Time (Austin TX)


DEEP TIME hesitated to invade your consciousness for so long. You were getting irritated.

“They’re late!” you moaned as you paced around the room, stamping out cigarette butts. “Who’s late?” your friends would ask, but you couldn’t answer ‘cos you didn’t quite know … you just knew DEEP TIME had to be out there, somewhere.

And they were. Like a doomsday cult lurking at the edge of the desert, they were biding their time, patiently poised to pounce. One day they would run free in their dune buggies, dispensing truth to the wretched, starving masses.

But they had to wait … for the right time! They had surveyed the scene for some years and, as occurs before each apocalypse, saw the Earth was rife with false prophets. DEEP TIME let them do their thing – they are part of the process, after all – and coolly watched them espouse their various dogmas, panaceas, crazes, and snake oils.

Each of these crazes precipitated mass hysteria, inspiring the mob to run this or that-a-way, drooling, sobbing, flailing about and/or groaning. Those so affected would eventually collapse on the ground, unconscious until awakened by a new plastic potentate with yet another craze, trend or fad. The crowd would dutifully chase, drool, collapse all over again.

While DEEP TIME watched all this transpire, they too could have joined the fray, jumped aboard the … When the time was right. When the dust had cleared and the ruins had settled into the precisely correct rubble proscenium on which to perform.
When would that time be? Luckily for you dear reviewer/ enthusiast or whoever you may be, IT IS RIGHT NOW.

DEEP TIME (née YELLOW FEVER) are from Austin TX, a bewitching pop duo, comprised of Jennifer Moore on Organ, electric guitar and vocal microphone, and Adam Jones on drums – who are as infectious and delightful as this time demands.

Jennifer Moore, once the torchbearer for girl-group legends THE CARROTS is something altogether unusual in the modern age; a singer with those endangered qualities: personality, style, and an arresting delivery. Adam Jones is the jazzy ‘batterista,’ as musical and dynamic a drummer as you will see on the scene today. Once upon a time, creatures such as these roamed the earth in the dozens; now they are as rare as the barely glimpsed yeti.

BUT! It’s not just their personality that recommends them. It’s the tunes, mate. Just listen to the new-wave polka-soul-serenading madness of “Gold Rush,” the toe-tapping Italo-mutation of “Sgt Sierra,” the easy-listening doom-incantation of “Gilligan” … every song on the record is a bon-a-fide catastrophe for the forces of predictability and boredom.

DEEP TIME are that kind of rare phenomenon that is easy to miss in the modern rock carnival because they don’t wear kabuki make-up or pour PBR on their head. Their bandwagon isn’t a monster truck or a garish tour bus with a broken toilet, so you might not see it parked outside of the club. Still, jump on when it drives by. It’s a sweet ride.

-Ian Svenonius 2012


Thursday 26 July 2012 – Tiziano Dominico * Bonneville Night Life * Blackie Dammett

Tiziano Dominico (Houston, TX)

Tiziano Dominico is a singer, songwriter, and visual artist living in Houston, TX. Tiziano grew up in the Northside of Houston in a very loving home as the son of an artist who encouraged and nurtured Tiziano’s creative expression in both music and art. Tiziano has been in several bands, most notably georgia’s Horse.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy (with a focus in both Eastern thought and Analytical Philosophy) and Psychology, traveling abroad and experiencing many adventures, Tiziano has chosen songwriting to be his main form of artistic and creative expression. His subject matter ranges from the literal to the abstract, all stemming from the most elemental and contemplative aspects of our human experience.

Tiziano creates his songs with only his guitar and his voice. Despite his dedication to this bare-bones method of songcraft, he firmly believes that performing and collaborating with musicians of technical goodness, aesthetic appeal, and high creativity are the necessary conditions for elevating his songs to their full musical potential.

Tiziano Dominico is: Matt Willhelm – Bass, Backing Vocals , Omar Felker -Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Pastor Oropeza – Drums, Percussions and Backing Vocals and Tiziano Dominico – Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals.


Bonneville Night Life (Houston, TX)

Genre: Ragtime,Blues,Other
Members: Omar Lisandro – Vocals,Piano,Keyboards
Pat Laughrey-Bass
Ben Stroman -Guitar
Marcus Hughes-(Guest) Drummer


Blackie Dammett (Houston, TX)

Power trio playing some good ol’ southern rock/blues really loud and with distortion and good tones and stuff. Sounds like the band CREAM shat out 3 babies and neglected to teach them anything musically. But either by destiny or a genetical marvel, they mysteriously arose from nothing, out of thin air, to conquer there pho which was thy instruments. Now they are good friends with their instruments and wield them as thy own weapon. With a blessing thrown down on their shoulder from the rock gods. These 3 brave, handsome, well endowed, drunk men were given only one name. A name so beautifully disgusting that when only heard as a whispered, it sends shivers down women’s spines to there naughty places and puts men’s feet on pins and needles as they piss themselves. And yet these men lay down there women as gifts, and bring other gifts, like expensive whiskey and healthy herbs, as offerings of peace so that they make pass without injury. That name, that glorious name is BLACKIE DAMMETT!!!! Oh and we live and rage in…


Monday 23 July 2012 – A Couple Of Stand Up Guys Open Mic

A Couple Of Stand Up Guys (Houston, TX)

Formed in January 2012, it is a rotating group of comedic talent from the Houston area set on revitalizing the local comedy scene with new talent featuring the best of Comedy and Music culled from the Houston Open Mic scene. Currently the group is performing Bi-Monthly shows within the Houston area.
Our Free Comedy Open Mic Show Opens At 9:00. Show starts at 9:30. 

Your Guest Hosts This Week Are
Brian Zeolla
Dusti Rhodes 

Feature Comic
Albert Deleon

The Shredder Show.
Here’s how it works:
Comics write (or type) their brand new, never-before-heard jokes on paper and bring them to stage. If the crowd likes it, they keep it. If not, they feed it to the shredder.

The first 20 spots on the sign up this week are reserved for those who would like to participate. You still get 6 minutes. NOT EVERY JOKE HAS TO BE NEW. Just bring a couple of new things you’ve been working on to test out.

The shredder will remain onstage for the night. ALL COMICS ARE WELCOME to participate, but the first 20 must participate.

If you want to participate, just shout out what # you’d like on the wall of this event.

You can sign up yourself and one other person for pre-signup.

1 Frank Garcia
2 Owen Dunn
3 Bo Toups
4 Al Bahmani
5 Derrick Bryant
6 Taurean Tomlin
7 Jessykill MendozaApolinar
8 Stephanie Fisher
9 Coleman Cox
10 Bryson Brown
11 Kenneth Johnson
12 Derrick Fields
13 Ku Egenti
14 Joshua Quebodeaux
15 Zac Brooks
16 Tim Mathis
17 Robert Morrisey
18 Thad Sweigart
19 Mark Hurtado


Saturday 21 July 2012 – Eagle Claw * From Beyond

Eagle Claw (Austin, TX)
Weighing in at 700 pounds, two guitars, a bass and drums, Austin, Tx’s instruMetal outfit EAGLE CLAW is; Matt Rade, Michael Gonzalez, Luther Smalls and Bart Butler. Formed in the fall of 2007, the band started gaining momentum quickly when their Demo “Bastard Usurper” first infiltrated Austin’s music scene. This was followed up by their first official release entitled “Poacher”, which features 9 tracks that propels the listener through a dualistic soundscape of the void and the light.



From Beyond (Houston, TX)


“The next group up, From Beyond, was more than happy to provide [more power]. As soon as they took the stage, a huge fog of smoke blasted forth from a machine onstage, providing the proper atmospherics for a band that’s probably kicked over a dozen or more bongs thus far into its young lifespan.

From Beyond’s riffs are built to crush. The power trio makes no secret of their Sabbath infatuation, and their heavy, stoned rumble combined with the pulsing bass from the Beat Connection show downstairs to rattle the audience thoroughly. It felt a tad like being one of the little metal players in a game of electric football.

It was cool, heavy stuff. From Beyond should be a fun band to watch as they continue to gel and explore — assuming you can catch a glimpse through the smoke.After a nice drum solo from Dick Beeman (smoke break!), the band went into a long jam that I think must have been the title track to its recent EP release, One Year. It was pure bar-chord annihilation that I think spontaneously caused a few audience members’ hair to grow out.” – Houston Press

Friday 20 July 2012 – Giant Fight * The Young Leaves * Penny Arcade

Giant Fight (Houston, TX)

We are a high energy Punk Rock band from good ole Houston, Texas!! We arrived in the night by way of pirate ship in the Gulf of Mexico. Earth has been very welcoming. Feel free to join us! When you ask? When we feel like it and tell you where and what time.
That is all……..for now.

Danny AKA Mr. Shortcomings- Lead Guitar/Human Cannon Ball
Nick – Rhythm Guitar/Beast-master
Tim the Magnificent failure- Bass/Magician



The Young Leaves (Massachussetts)

The Young Leaves are three dudes from Massachusetts playing indie/punk rock in the vein of Archers of Loaf, Husker Du, and Dinosaur Jr.

All of our records are available for FREE at our Bandcamp page (

The Fall Song/In the Morning Cassete Single (John Wilkes Booth, 2012)
Am I Cool?/Something Missing 7″ Single (Art of the Underground, 2011)
Life Underneath LP (Drunken Sailor Records, 2011)
Split w/ The Fake Boys (Thirsty & Miserable Recordings, 2009)
Big Old Me CD (self-released, 2007)


Penny Arcade (Houston, TX)

Penny Arcade is an energized and fun led by an excentric front lady, Ema Kidd, that rocks the heads off anyone who is standing too close. Backed by the killer guitarist, Falcrow who shreds face-melting guitar riffs and Jimy the Fiend who is the world renowned worlds best drummer! Currently, Penny Arcade is working on their first two week tour playing in different states on the East Coast but it booked to play their first out of state tour! For four days, Penny Arcade will blow the minds of the good folks of Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Dallas TX!!

Keep out on the look out for Penny Arcade!