Saturday 18 February – The Bandulus * the Suffers * DJ Moonstomp

The Bandulus (Austin, TX)

The Bandulus (BAN-DOO-LOOS) came to life in the summer of 2008. Formed by Jeremy Peña, the band plays traditional ska, rocksteady, and reggae.

The Bandulus released their debut album “Ska, Reggae, Soul” in July of 2010 that features an all star cast including Vic Ruggiero of the Slackers, Matt Jacobs, Ryan Scroggins, and former Stingers rhythm section Willy Camero and Patrick Kelly.

Bandulus have already shared the stage with yesterdays and todays top ska and reggae acts including the originators of ska The Skatalites, The Wailers, The Slackers, Easy Star All Stars, and The Aggrolites.


The Suffers (Houston, TX)

Comprised of current and former members of Los Skarnales, Heptic Skeptic, Idigenous, and others, The Suffers are just a few guys(and girl) having a good time playing music that they love.



DJ Moonstomp (Sorry, Info On Line)



Houston Press Preview: Rude: Your Essential First-Wave And 2-Tone Ska Playlist


Friday 17 February 2012 – The Sons of Hercules * Modfag & The White Belt* The Freakouts

The Sons of Hercules (San Antonio/Austin, TX)

Ask any connoisseur of classic late-60’s/early-70’s fuzzed-out, guitar-driven backstreet rock-n-roll (ie: MC5, New York Dolls, The Stooges, etc), and they’ll likely tell you that Texas’ Sons Of Hercules are one of the mightiest bands on earth today…. Fueled by the sneering charisma of veteran vocalist Frank Pugliese, San Antonio’s Sons of Hercules are no-nonsense artisans of raw-powered garage rock, knocking out stellar slabs of Nuggets-flavored noise that would’ve gotten them on Bandstand 40 years ago!


Mod Fag and THE White Belt (Houston, TX)

geoffery”admiral bumblewort”muller (e.m.s.s.,medshow,f.o.t.w.)
jimmy”getdown/thunderfoot”sanchez (guncrazy)
shane”coach”lauder (medshow,guncrazy)
patrick”hambone”mclaughlin (e.m.s.s.,medshow)
carri”soap “winscott (IBP)

alcohol,cocaine,painpills,weed,heroin,amyl nitrate,etc..

The Freakouts (Houston,TX)

Ash Kay-Vocals

“Think The Runaways meets The Ramones with a liitle bit of The Sex Pistols thrown in for good grace”


Thursday 16 February 2012 – Rogue Improv

Rogue Improv – (Houston, TX )

Rogue Improv is a long form improv comedy ensemble performing shows every Thursday (except for the last Thursday each month) beginning at 8:00 p.m. at Rudyard’s British Pub at 2010 Waugh, Houston, TX, 77006. $5 cash admission, great bar, great food.

In each show, Rogue takes a suggestion from the audience, using it as the inspiration to create a completely improvised, unscripted, 25-30 minute theat…rical universe. Rogue concentrates on “grounded” improv that instinctively creates the funny. Come see it to believe it. Rogue also offers classes for new aspiring improvisers and workshops for parties and corporate events.

Thursday 16 February 2012 – Generation Landslide * The English Muffin Divers * Sweeve

Generation Landslide (Houston, TX) GENERATION:landslide! is a band whose voice comes from the heart and soul of Houston, TX. There’s a raw element here seemingly absent from a great deal of the current bands that are touring and trying to make it. When I say “raw”, I don’t mean idiotic monkeys bashing things, needles peaking and your ears going into shock. No. These people are songwriters…artists…audiophiles. They have a great passion for music and the common man. They are the champions of “garage”-rock and psychedelia; a band of seekers. The band consists of Tom Underwood on Guitar/Vocals, Kathie Muncy on bass/Vocals, Sellers Thomas on guitar/vocals, and Charles Zittle on drums/vocals. The band’s first recording effort, “Tomorrow Was Yesterday”, was engineered by Steve Bundrick at (the now closed) Z-Lab Studios in Houston, TX (Bundrick has also filled in on drums from time to time as well as big Al Murphy). It features the guest talents of Greg Trifaldo, Greg Varhaug, and David Watkins as well as featuring the guitar talents of former member Wil Hudgens. Tom’s songwriting could be considered somewhere in the neighborhood of Warren Zevon, Lou Reed, and Tom Petty. There’s a strong pop sensibility with a raw punk edge.




The English Muffin Divers (Houston, TX)

New Wave Garage Rock

Ken – Rythrm Guitar/Vocals
Pete – Bass/Vocals
John – Lead Guitar
Mike – Drums



Sweeve (Houston, TX)

balls out front rock and roll

Hank – Git Fiddle
Moon – Batterie
Quick Finger – Low End
Peter Holder – Vox

…all SWEEVE all the time… Black Metal done right!


Sunday 12 February 2012 (4-8PM) – Occupy Wallspace 2 – For Love and Art: Art Show & Valentine’s Market

FOR LOVE AND ART – A Valentine’s Market
local art, photography, gifts, craft and folly
4 to 8 pm Sunday Feb 12, 2012

…for lovers of all types including the broken-hearted…

Agape love, romantic love, love of friends, love of life, love of family, love of food and drink, love thy neighbor, loveboat, mile high love, love is a four-letter word, love of humanity, Eros, unconditional love (dog)

Mark your Calendar – Support Main Street’s Economy for Valentine’s Day!

Artists: B.D. Himes, Bhavana, Lynn Chapman, Tracy Pierce, Tara Jordan-Greenleaf, Gordon Greenleaf, Robin Winfrey, Jphnnny Big Beer Rojas

Market: Deborah Steinau Jewelry,  Judy Malone-stein Jewelry, Jay Hamburger Hawaiian T-Shirts, Ya-Ya’s Homemade Chocolate, Greenleaf’s Local Honey, French Postcard Art, Mata Hari Photos, Other Pin-Ups, Nautical Collectibles, Mermaid Bottle Openers, Other Gift Items

Saturday 11 February 2012 – Feo Y Loco

Feo Y Loco (Houston, TX)
“The weirdest thing we’ve ever seen.”
The New York Daily News, New York, New York

“Almost every song leaves you apprehensive,
because if this stuff really happens, we’re all in a world of shit.”
The Crested Butte Chronicle and Pilot, Crested Butte, Colorado

“We can’t figure out who they sound like.”
The Houston Chronicle, Houston, Texas

“If their songs were made into a movie,
that movie would make Pulp Fiction seem like a picnic with nuns.”
The Santa Clara Press, Santa Clara, CA

“Stay away from my sister, you goombahs.”
Salvatore “Greasy Finger” Tortolini, Bayonne, New Jersey