Monday, September 19, 2011

It’s Steak Night! 10 oz hand cut ribeye with garlic mashed potatoes, and local

veggies (Utility Research Garden’s hierloom okra with yellow squash and tomatoes).

Just $10! Football on the tube! Cold beer always! Try a Morgul from Real Ale: part

of the Mysterium Verum Collection: this is a porter that has been aged for 7 months

in Makers Mark and 4 Roses Bourbon barrels. Smooth, smoky with a great malt

profile and a hint of vanilla.

 Drink Specials are Jim Beam shots with a longneck Schlitz for $5 and Jaeger shots

 are just $3. (like givin’ it away!)

 I’m working on food for BestFest this week so if you haven’t made plans for this

weekend (Sept 24-25) come on over to midtown and see me.

Tonight (Thursday, September 15) – Rogue Improv (early) / Illegal Wiretaps * Darwin’s Finches * Only Beast (late)

Tonight we have two shows….

First it’s comedy with Rogue Improv
more details here (link)

Then later we’ll have music with Illegal Wiretaps, Darwin’s Finches, and Only Beast
More info here (link)