Saturday 17 March 2012 – Letters To Voltron (EP Release) * The Local Skank * Royal Thunder

Letters To Voltron – (Houston, TX )

From the future form the past, Letters to Voltron began their quest to conquer the world through auto-erotic musical stylings and homemade macramé. Shortly after being introduced into modern society Robert Callicotte and John Wayne Comunale, and Marty Eck abandoned the macramé and started their own internet company at the age of twelve only to have it fold after six and a half months. Leaving thousands of disgr…untled shareholders in their wake the three pressed on with their sex crazed Robot to take on several other musical endeavors, including being loosely associated with Taint Magazine for a very short time. Now, under the Omega Prophet umbrella L2V are poised to take their endeavors into the 10th dimension.


The Local Skank (New Orleans, LA)

Skank: A rhythmic dance performed to reggae or ska music, characterized by bending forward, raising the knees, and extending the hands

The Local Skank: An all girl (and one guy) ska band originating out of New Orleans, characterized by their ska and pop-punk style of music.

… Mere chance brought the ladies and gentleman of The Local Skank together in the summer of 2008. Responding to a craigslist ad posted by guitarist Dani Moody, the band quickly fell into place. With trumpter Hannah Kreiger-Benson and trombonist Ashley Shabankareh, the line-up was near complete. However, the band locked into place with the addition of drummer Darryl DiMaggio. Coming from Ohio, Massachusetts, Texas, and Louisiana, these ladies and gentleman formed together to create an unique group previously lacking from the New Orleans music scene. With veteran rock musicians to their stylistically different backgrounds, including punk, goth, applachian dance, hip-hop, indie rock, and ska, The Local Skank has worked towards creating their own musical dogma. Naming themselves after their favorite style of dance, The Local Skank has been bringing a distinctive perspective to New Orleans and will continue to do so for as long as they can rock!

Royal Thunder (Atlanta, GA)

Royal Thunder, the Atlanta four-piece Brooklyn Vegan described as “Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde fronting Black Sabbath,” have completed recording their debut album, CVI. The album will be released on CD/2xLP/Digital on May 22 via Relapse Records.

“We poured all of our hard work and passion into this 10-song LP,” says vocalist/bass player Mlny Parsonz of the band’s mid-2011 recording sessions at Aria Recording Studio in Marietta, Ga. “We saw highs and lows along the way, but in the end we made it. We made something we are so proud of. We look back on our past efforts and take with us the good, and strive to keep going and growing. We can’t wait to see what the future holds and we hope this new album is an inspiration and light in the lives of everyone who listens to it.”

The band, which includes the aforementioned Parsonz as well as founder Josh Weaver (guitar), Lee Smith (drums) and Josh Coleman (guitar) will join Black Tusk for a half dozen dates leading up to performances at SXSW (specific showcase information to be announced shortly). Royal Thunder will also perform at this Saturday’s Scion Relapse Showcase at The Roxy in Los Angeles.

Royal Thunder released a self-titled EP in 2010 which won praise from a wide variety of outlets including Paste Magazine (“blues-infused rock’n’roll, wrapped in protective barbed-metal packaging”), NPR (“a revved-up Southern hard-rocker that howls like Led Zeppelin astride a psychedelic unicorn”) and Terrorizer (“‘Royal Thunder’ grabs you right from the first listen”).


Friday 16 March 2012 – Bootown Presents: Mijo (Two Shows)

Bootown – (Houston, TX )


At Rudyards. Our non-traditional take on the Benshi show returns! We will grape one of the greatest pieces of Amurrican film history to date: ROADHOUSE. Enough said.

ps – moustaches galore.

BooTown is dedicated to creating fun, original, collaborative theatre using interdisciplinary methods in non-traditional settings in order to cultivate new audiences.

Wednesday 14 March 2012 – Project Armageddon * Lo-Pan * Hawks

Project Armageddon (Conroe, TX)


Alexis “Dok” Marie
Raymond Matthews
Brandon Johnson


Lo-Pan (Columbus, OH)

They’re not saying that they’ve been everywhere or done everything, but Lo-pan can tell you it’s a pretty amazing planet we live on here, and a band would have to be some kind of fools to think we’re alone in THIS universe. A borrowed view of the world perhaps but Jack Burton doesn’t seem to mind and it eloquently explains the state of mind these rock and roll mad scientists come at the world from.

Born out of a combination of dirty rock and roll, stale beer and an unhealthy obsession with “Big Trouble In Little China,” Columbus’s Lo-Pan have been tearing up the club circuit since 2005. Lo-Pan burst onto the local scene with their locally released self-titled album back in 2006. The local buzz gave way to more national attention as bands told bands and Lo-Pan began gracing venues big and small with names like Red Giant, Devil To Pay, Torche, the Sword, Saviours, Year Long Disaster, Red Fang, Valkyrie, & the Atomic Bitchwax (just to name a few). Fast forward five years and there’s hardly a band worth playing with that they haven’t shared a stage with. Enter the sophomore release, “Sasquanaut.” Initial pressings on local indie Nice Life Records sold out quickly and as before the best praise is when one band on the road tells another “Hey, man you’ve got to check this out.” Which brought them, album masters in hand to us here at Small Stone. Enter Sasquanaut, mark 2: “Sasquanaut (Remixed & Re-mastered).” Heavier, more dynamic, louder and just that tiny bit more polished. Not ones to sit on their hands when there was rock and roll to make, Lo-pan handed over the masters and headed right back into to the studio to see if they could rock just a little bit harder.

“Salvador” is the result of yet another frenetic battle between these humble Columbus rock and rollers and their inner demons. Eleven tracks of white hot rock and roll fury played like the boys were fighting for their immortal souls. The thunderous low ends and pummeling drums continue to beat your ears into submission. And battling it out front and center is the eternal dual between killer riffs and those soaring vocals. Look for the album late spring on both CD and 180 gram virgin vinyl and look for the band on the road pretty much all the time. After all, the porkchop express is never really off the road. And as always remember; IT’S ALL IN THE REFLEXES!


Hawks (Sorry, no verifiable information at this time)


Monday 12 March 2012 – Dead Leaf Echo * Fan-Tan * Me You Us Them

Dead Leaf Echo (NYC/Brooklyn)

Dead Leaf Echo.  The words are rich literature. Nabakov.  Conjured images of drugged passions fading into nihilistic apprehension.  An Art Project blossomed in 2006, DLE has matured rapidly since it’s birth now unveiling their unique style of Nouveau New Wave.

DLE has released numerous EP’s, Singles and Remixes in addition to their noir film videos and heavy tour schedule prompting Time Out NY to call them “Some of the best live music in the city” The band just played Escape to NY festival and SXSW this year on bills with The Psychedelic Furs and A Place to Bury Strangers and rocked sold out shows last year opening for 90′s shoegaze legends Chapterhouse and Ulrich Schnauss.

Dead Leaf Echo’s previous work with Ulrich Schnauss on their Pale Fire EP has now caught the attention of famed 4AD producer John Fryer (Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil) who has mixed their debut LP “Thought and Language” to be released next year.  A concept album that follows the conception and birth of a child and his discovery of thought and language.

By incorporating elements of ambient, baroque, dream-pop, shoegaze, New Wave, and Goth, and crafting every aspect of their sound and vision, they remain one of the few left willing to work on high-art as concept.  Chiming guitars in twin stereo reverbs with shimmering vocals and silky basslines DLE runs the gamut of what is now possible within the contemporary underground by running at the forefront of the indie NYC music scene.

New 7″ “Kingmaker” released on 1.31.12

Fan-Tan (Brooklyn,NY)

Brooklyn post-punk trio Fan-tan began in 2007 when Ryan Lee and Sandee K moved from Chapel Hill to Brooklyn. After four years of touring and recording, they met drummer Mike Sherburn while on the road to SXSW, and the band was complete.

The group has become known for their intense live performances, melding guitar noise with icy rhythm, haloed by sharp, lilting vocal melodies. Their sound recalls a more rigid My Bloody Valentine or a less rigid Gang of Four. A more dramatic Jesus and Mary Chain. A kinder Suicide.

Fan-tan’s debut LP, A Strange Game, is slated for release in spring 2012 on Goodnight Records, with a national tour to follow.

Check out the first single, “1989”, released in summer 2011 and available for free download via

Me You Us Them (Brooklyn,NY)

“Who is this band?!? Loving this blissed-out, warped, bendy, post-weirdo music… Highly recommended.”

“…no shortage of hauntingly searing guitars, driving bass licks, and beastly drumming.”
–XLR8R Magazine

“Me You Us Them meld an intense blend of distorted, off-kilter guitar riffs with searing vocals melodies, rendering them one of the most memorable groups in recent memory.”
–Paste Magazine NYC

…mold together not just Sonic Youth drone-grooves and guitar screams but also shoegaze melodicism and palatable bits of screamo without making it sound like a mess. In fact, they sound like they know exactly what they’re doing.
–the Village Voice

“…’Post-Data’ sounds incredibly fresh with more catchy tones and flourishes than I am able to count.”

“This band’s impressive wall of guitars rivals in “My-Bloody-Valentine-ness” that of Asobi Seksu’s first album – I’d recommend any follower of the toe staring sonic cult to check out these guys’ tunes.”
–The Deli Magazine

“New York City continues to churn out a zillion bandsthatpitchforkloves every day. So when we tell you that Me You Us Them is our favorite new band from the NYC, we recognize the magnitude of the compliment.”

“‘Post-Data’ is a stunning amalgamation of all the best parts of shoegaze, post-punk, indie rock and New Wave. ‘Post-Data’ isn’t a redundant knock-off of the music it wishes it could be, but rather an album that envelopes and transforms the past into the future.”
–Amplifier Magazine



Saturday 10 March 2012- (Late) David Ramirez & The Cartel, Holy Fiction, Sara Van Buskirk

David Ramirez & The Cartel (Austin, TX)

“The best damn songwriter you don’t know yet”. – Paste Magazine

“Soulful, stirring, heartbreaking. David makes you hang on the turn of every phrase”. – The Civil Wars

I’m a wandering man, got no money in the bank, got no wife at home watching children”. Nothing could more accurately depict the adventurous, carefree spirit of singer-songwriter David Ramirez. Uneasy with being in one place for too long, David repeatedly finds himself on the road playing his brand of modern Americana that fans have coined “Folk-brewed Pop”.

He’s been writing and performing for over 10 years. From his teen years swapping songs with friends in Houston to the struggles of making a name for himself in Nashville, David’s songwriting journey has spanned multiple EP’s and a full-length, American Soil which garnered over 1,200 downloads in a 48-hr. period on Noisetrade. In 2010, David played 150 shows on numerous, independently booked tours. Feeling truly at home on the road, he calls his second home Austin, Texas. It’s here where he wrote and recorded his latest release, Strangetown EP.

The songs, with their heart-yearning lyrics and sparse musical backdrop, tells things as he sees them: honest, unfiltered and true. “Wandering Man” is a revved up, foot-stomper that would make Johnny Cash proud and turn even the most fickle listener into a true believer. “Shoeboxes” and “Argue With Heaven” find David coming to terms with life’s ups and downs and the reality of lost loves and broken hearts. “I Think I Like You” hits your ears like a whispered secret and the title track, “Strange Town” weaves a memorable, melancholy lyric with an infectious, heart-pulsing beat.

David Ramirez knows no luxury. He wants no satisfaction. All he needs is an acoustic guitar and the words in his mouth to tell the true stories of a wandering man. But to see him live, with only that acoustic guitar in hand, spitting those words into rings of fire, is to experience something real…something that cannot be reproduced.

Holy Fiction (Houston, TX)

“vibrantsoundscapes that rise and fall with Evan Lecker’s voice, leavinglisteners yearning for more” -AustinTownHall

“Each track[is] the ideal canvas for the voice of singer/guitarist Evan Lecker.His rich, powerful vocals are on full display as he croons heartfeltlyrics on songs like the 90s-throwback “Golden City Lights,” theslow-burning lament “Hours From It” and the unshakeable “MoreThan Ever.” -Paste Magazine

Holy Fiction is the new project formed by members of Ethan Durelle, Pilot Drift, Hemyah and A Pacific Model. Eager to create music that is both listenable and intelligent, Holy Fiction is currently crafting songs in a much different fashion than their former outfits.


Sara Van Buskirk (Houston, TX)

Houston Press – This weekend, local singer-songwriter Sara Van Buskirk releases her debut LP, The Place Where You Are, after a few years of on-and-off tinkering. It’s a riveting work, built around her muscular voice and backed by a stellar cast of Houston pickers and players.  The ten-track album is relentlessly pretty and tough as nails, showcasing the songs that Buskirk has been workshopping in coffeehouses and venues like AvantGarden for a good five years now.

Saturday 10 March 2012 – (Early) Bootown Presents: Mijo

Bootown – (Houston, TX )


At Rudyards. Our non-traditional take on the Benshi show returns! We will grape one of the greatest pieces of Amurrican film history to date: ROADHOUSE. Enough said.

ps – moustaches galore.

BooTown is dedicated to creating fun, original, collaborative theatre using interdisciplinary methods in non-traditional settings in order to cultivate new audiences.


Friday 09 March 2012 – Bootown Presents: Mijo

Bootown – (Houston, TX )


At Rudyards. Our non-traditional take on the Benshi show returns! We will grape one of the greatest pieces of Amurrican film history to date: ROADHOUSE. Enough said.

ps – moustaches galore.

BooTown is dedicated to creating fun, original, collaborative theatre using interdisciplinary methods in non-traditional settings in order to cultivate new audiences.