Friday 30 March 2012 – My Education * Super Robot Party * A Sundae Drive

My Education (Austin, TX)

Trying to pigeonhole the music of Austin’s My Education is akin to trying to stuff a pigeon in a hole: the sound is calamitous, there’s movement all around, the frenzied beating of wings against wall, and somewhere something is pumping out blood. There is an oddly, compelling tension that rears its head when the night hits its darkest hour and the crescendos hit their highest peaks. This is the feeling you get when My Education’s newest LP, ‘Sunrise’, takes off with soaring, cinematic instrumentals – an amazing concoction of guitar drones, melodic viola, and thundering rhythms.

Sunrise, a new album of pieces from their original score for F.W. Murnau’s 1927 silent masterpiece “Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans”, finds the band in peak form. Having perfected the material with live film performances over the last two years with sold out shows across the USA, My Education has captured 40 plus minutes of a soundtrack to the long dark night of the soul. Sunrise is an aural experience that is original and unique. This soundtrack finds parallels with the soundscapes Popol Vuh created for Werner Herzog’s films. All told, this is their most diverse and mature release to date.

Since forming in 1999, the band’s membership has expanded and contracted while the sonic landscapes have grown with each release. My Education has released 5 full-length albums, several singles, compilation appearances, and a 12″ vinyl collaboration with avant-hip hop duo Dalek. Recordings have been remixed by members of bands Kinski, Pelican, the Red Sparowes and Dalek. Albums include 5 Popes, Italian, Moody Dipper, Bad Vibrations and the latest Sunrise out on Strange Attractors Audio House in the USA & Canada and on Golden Antenna in Europe.

Several tours throughout the country have kept fans abuzz with My Education’s experimental blend of stoned drones and noisy tones. The sonic squalls captivate the listener with intoxicating waves of aural exhilaration. The music of My Education takes you on a journey of mischief & mayhem – from sunset to Sunrise.

In June 2010 the band completed a series of improvisational recordings with Salt Lake City ensemble Theta Naught that were edited and mixed by the Bump Boyz in Headbump Studios and released April 2011 on Differential Records. “Sound Mass” performances at festivals SXSW and Austin Psych Fest were greeted with wild acclaim, and a Daytrotter Sound Mass session was released in July 2011. My Education’s collaboration with the Noble Motion dance company premiered to three sold out shows in June 2011 at the Austin Ballet. More shows are planned under this collaboration in various cities around the nation. Expect to hear a new album of Sunrise remixes in early 2012 as well as an out-of-print album (“5 Popes”) remastered and re-released in 2012 in a nice vinyl package. The band are currently keeping busy in the studio putting the finishing touches on tracks for a forthcoming new album titled “For All of Our Friends”. A SXSW 2012 showcase has been confirmed as well as a European tour in Fall 2012.


Super Robot Party (Pasadena, TX)

I hadn’t seen Super Robot Party, but I know the guys from 10 years ago. Matt Crow was in mytwilightpilot, and there’s a definite mtp stamp on their sound, but the vocals take the band in a decidedly britpop direction, so it comes out a little like if you slowed down and then Americanized the sound of Doves. in other words, beautiful!
-Jason Smith –
Super Robot Party: This new reverb-laden five piece crafts ethereal shoegaze drones, touched with tidbits of folk. The experimental mixture sounds a lot like someone’s garage in 1991, heck even a blend of several garages on the street, full of kids and guitars. The Pasadena group has nearly three dozen tracks available on Soundcloud, or for the full experience, catch them tonight at Dean’s with Jealous Creatures and A Sundae Drive.
-Marc Brubaker – The Houston Press


A Sundae Drive (Houston, TX)

For most of the band’s debut EP, You’re Gonna Get Me, it feels like A Sundae Drive just rolls hazily along, serene smiles across the band members’ faces as the music unwinds itself to whatever its eventual destination’s going to be. They nod and sway like they’ve done it forever, but they’re not dreampop (or shoegaze, or whatever you want to call it), not exactly, but they’ve taken pieces of that sound and made ‘em their own.

Take the driving bass at the start of “…And See the World,” for one example — it bumps its way speedily through, Britpop-style, but over the top there’re wavery, watery guitars that bring to mind Teenage Fanclub (or maybe Surfer Blood), as well as some sweetly drifting harmony vocals. On the other end of the spectrum, “I’m a Poster” is right-angled and math-y, with defiant, J. Robbins-like vocals, spiraling guitars, and a jagged, almost stop-start structure. And despite the differences, it all sounds like the same band, which is no mean feat in itself.

Then there’s “Buenos Aires, Manny Pacquiao,” a soft-voiced look backwards at childhood that makes me think of Austinites Meryll more than anything else; both bands craft songs that are intensely personal and reference events that happened when the singer was a kid but still feel utterly relevant to the listener, right here in the present. There’s also a resemblance to Copeland’s gently-rocking post-emo pop, both on “Buenos Aires” or on the steadily-building “So Sleep.”

What’s really interesting about the EP, though, is that A Sundae Drive sound like a pop band that doesn’t really realize it is a pop band. They’ve got all the indie-rock influences poking out from beneath their sleeves, sure, and it’s obvious they love a lot of sharper-edged stuff — the Pixies-esque guitar drone in the background on “Alone Bad, Friends Good” gives that away, not to mention that nice “walking” melody — but the actual songs they’re writing are warm and fuzzy ’round the edges, nodding in a friendly way when you walk in the door.

At the EP’s end, when the band turns down for the up-close, slow-stepping rumble of “I’m Gonna Miss You Like Crazy,” with the droney, half-distorted, Seam-like guitar line and frontman Zeek Garcia’s deliberate, quiet vocals whispering in my ear, it hits me: I really, really like this band. A Sundae Drive don’t need to bash you over the head with how good they are; they’d much rather stand in the corner, plug in, and play until your brain catches up to what your ears already know. – Space City Rock


Thursday 29 March 2012 – Venomus Maximus * Ancient VVisdom * Texxxas

Venomous Maximus (Houston, TX)

Houston’s Venomous Maximus gurgles with the sounds of proto-metal gods Pentagram and Blue Cheer as well as new-school leaders like High on Fire. The headspace of this band falls somewhere between a Alejandro Jodorowsky film and a New Orleans voodoo den. Hail Satan and pass the chicken feet.

Bands we’ve played with: High on Fire, Mastodon, Pentagram, Eyehategod, Fu Manchu, The Sword, Valiant Thorr, Red Fang, deadhorse, Royal Thunder, Tombs, Early Man, Torche, Honky, Dixie Witch, Black Cobra, Priestess, Black Tusk, Bison BC, Dead Meadow, Green and Wood, Gypsyhawk, Suplecs, Ancient VVisdom





Ancient VVisdom (Austin, TX)

A dark, enlightening foresight into the future of humankind dictated by singer/songwriter Nathan Opposition.

Ancient VVisdom was founded in Austin, TX in late 2009 with the order consisting of Nathan Opposition , writer and vocalist, Justin “Ribs” Mason on acoustic guitar, and Nathan’s brother, Michael on electric guitar.

In 2010, they recorded and released a split 12” EP with Charles Manson entitled “Inner Earth Inferno” (Withdrawal Records), which garnished praise from critics and cultists alike.

The band spent the rest of the year sharpening their blackened craft, using acoustic guitars to give the music an organic connection to the nefarious rites they beget. Writing well over an albums-worth of material, they chose the most appropriate songs for their debut LP ” a godlike inferno” to record at The Bubble, a local, vvorld renowned studio in Austin, TX. For the recording , they enlisted additional instrumentation by
Alex Hughes (Hatred Surge, Iron Age) to play the bowed stand-up bass, Wade Allison (Iron Age) machete percussion and guest guitar lead on “lost civilization”, Chase VVarlow on bamboo percussion and
Jason Buntz (engineer and co-producer) on select guitar and synth.

Not unlike early death rock and neo-folkore sound, Ancient VVisdom incorporates electric guitar effects, synth sounds, vocal harmonies and abstract percussion to create a deeper, ethereal quality to their minimalist arranagements. Nathan’s powerfully honest voice is complimented by lyrics ranging from mysteries of the occult, paganism, satanic philosophy, and forbidden knowledge.


Texxxas (Houston, TX)

Dave Ellington- Guitar
Sara Leon-Bass
Cory Jackson-Drums

Heavy Shit with members from Bowel, Incisor, Unhinged, Kruller, Superbuick and many many more…





Thursday 29 March 2012- (early) March 2012 Rudz Beer Tasting Dinner with Joe Apa featuring (512) Brewery

Hi Beer People!

This month’s food & beer pairing is built around (512) Brewery’s delicious selections brought fresh to us weekly from Austin. Joe Apa has been using a bounty of locally sourced spring ingredients for the 5 course dinner menu for the following beers:

(51…2) Wit
(512) IPA
Black IPA
Cascabel Cream Stout
Barrel Aged 2X Pecan Porter

The price is $35 per person through today (Monday 3/26) & $40 thereafter. Just call up to Rudz @ 713-521-0521 With your credit card ready & the bartender will make your reservation. What better way to start your weekend than a casual beer & food fete at Rudz! See you there!

Wednesday 28 March 2012 – Continental (Ex-Dropkick Murphys) * Jason Bancroft & The Wealthy Beggars * Grizzly

Continental (Rick Barton Ex-Dropkick Murphys)

Hail Granite City Rock&Roll! Rick Barton (former Dropkick
Murphys, Outlets) has returned, with his son Stephen, in his new band

Continental deliver honest, working class music
and gut wrenching love songs based on the scarring experiences of their
frontman, Rick Barton. “I’ll be climbing down a 40-foot ladder to step
on stage,” says Barton in reference to his long career as a housepainter. “My work is how we support the band’s ability to tour.”

And tour Continental shall!!! Continental will be embarking on a
headlining US tour January 26th through May 1 and intend to live up to
their name by performing in every state and many small towns along the
way. Look for the Continental’s debut album due out on East Grand
Recordings in June 2012.



Jason Bancroft and The Wealthy Beggars (Houston, Tx)

The Wealthy Beggars, is Jason Bancroft singer/songwriter of the infamous Texas Street Punk band – Black Star Brigade from Austin, Tx. Now back in his hometown of Houston he has been playing music in the Texas punk rock arena for over 15 years and now expands his career with a new sound. The Wealthy Beggars bring a soulful, punk influenced acoustic folk sound with a sense of urgency to a willing audience. The current line up: Jason Bancroft – vocals, guitar & harmonica; Carl Chambless – Drums and Tim Winstead – lead guitar.



Grizzly (Houston, TX)

At the end of 2008 a Craigslist add was answered by a country style trio to enlist a singer-songwriter. In one fell swoop, singer-songwriter Chad Lyles managed to find a group of like minded musicians to help bring Grizzly to fruition. Grizzly at that point was a four piece that brought simplistic story telling and raw energy together that spanned the age and genre gaps. After a year of writing and a 3 song demo the boys in grizzly felt that there was something missing. After much debate, Chad’s long time friend and jazz student/teacher Matt Peters was recruited as a lead guitarist. This brought Grizzly to a whole new level of musicianship. With the impeccable timing of Ric’s drumming paired with Joe Varner’s catchy pocket bass lines and held down by Brian Ramsey’s solid rhythm guitar sprinkled with his own memorable melodies, Matt’s wandering leads and the raspy story telling of Chad’s vocals, Grizzly intertwines rock roots with classic country, punk and rockabilly to create a new style of Southern Americana. In the summer of 2009 Grizzly met Eric Tucker (Jesse Dayton/ Whiskey Boat) who was interested in producing a record with them. After a few months in the studio, and with the guidance of Eric, Grizzly’s first baby was born; ‘How Fast They Fade’ A six song EP, that is the culmination of the band’s hard work and late night debauchery. Looking toward the future Grizzly is currently writing new songs, playing shows and looking forward to taking their music on the road.


Saturday 24 March 2012 – Luxurata * Tickle * Pura Pharm

Luxurata (Houston, TX)

Get lost in the sonic rock and delicate melodies of this dual guitar band. The unique alt-pop/indie rock sound will leave you wanting more. Luxurata was formed in the spring of 2002 and consisted of long time musical collaborators Mike Porterfield (vocals & bass) and Brian Schack (guitar), Dave Darby (drums, formerly of Ruskabank). Texas guitar legend Harry O’ (from the famed Zealots) joined in 2011. The diverse musical background of its members comes together in the unique alt-pop/indie rock sound of the band. Compositions range from sonic guitar rock to delicate melodies.


Tickle (Sorry, no verifiable information On-line)



PuraPharm (Houston, TX)

Purapharm is the vision of, and was formed by, long-time singer/songwriter/guitarist, Tessa. She is now joined by bassist, and husband, Paul Adams, Niki Sims on saxophone and clarinet, and Anthony “Buffalo” Rodriguez on the beat machine, vocals, keyboards and guitar. Paul and Tessa are also the founding members of their former band, 61-Cygni ( ), and they released two cd’s, “Binaural Beatings” and “Playing In The Halocline”. They played numerous shows in 61-Cygni, making a solid and original impression on the Houston music scene.

With Purapharm, they have maintained the wall of spaciousness provided by Tessa’s guitars & vocals and Paul’s thunderin’ bass groove foundations, but also added the soothing melodies of Niki’s horns and Buffalo’s hypnotic rhythms & melodies. The sound is toned down an iota from the 61-Cygni sound and is slightly more meditative, yet still maintaining the influences of bands like Curve, The Church, My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins & Sonic Youth to name a few, that were ever-so present in 61-Cygni.

Purapharm is currently in the studio and in the pre-production stages of work on their debut release.


Friday 23 March 2012 – Lotus Effect * Shadow Hound * Jealous Creatures

Lotus Effect (Houston, TX)

Progressive tendencies, melodic vocals, and energetic live shows are the trademark of Lotus Effect, an alt-prog indie-rock act from Houston. They have been compared to The Fall of Troy and Sounds of Animals Fighting and have already supported such national acts as Nico Vega, Von Iva and Semi Precious Weapons. Lotus Effect has headlined 94.5 FM The Buzz’s Texas showcase, opened for a Houston Dynamo home game, and hosted a fan appreciation party at St. Arnold’s Brewery. –



Shadow Hound (Houston, TX)

“Shadow Hound is growing fast with notoriety among the Houston rock circuit. Lately they have been playing a pretty heavy rotation at Jetlounge ending as the night’s headlining band. Music fans are packing in more and more each time. The band’s sound gives a new state in reformation of music. Heavy fast pumping bass riffs, a cool melodic voice of reasoning, and one crazy ass hard hitting drummer w…ho has been know to bust drum heads during shows. these three guys give it their all every show, yet still have a humble and greatful appreciation towards their fans and anyone else who will stop and listen.” – Brandy Ankrom

“As the afternoon went on the acts became a more music-centric bunch with fewer budding stand-up routines on display. Shadowhound turned out an inspired, albeit brief, revival of Sex Pistols tinged “stoner pop” to an enthusiastic crowd at Big Top, but stole the audience’s hearts more effectively when singer Casey Horn rushed off stage to his mother after the set, greeting her with a sweaty hug and smile.” – Houston Press

” Shadow Hound formed from the wreckage of the Houston Suburb scene. In a mess of drug addiction, dead end jobs, and closed doors, Shadow Hound breaks through and reminds us we can always find a light… if we can punch through a wall… ”

I look around at the shit sidewalks overgrown with trees that you can’t even walk on. I see starving people in the streets falling further in this stretched thin economy. I see rich people still not giving a shit. I see a haze of nu-metal and rap rock that has been looming over this city. I see this wall and I need to smash it. I see these people telling me it’s not worth it and I want to kick their teeth in. Maybe only some of you are worthy. Maybe none of you are. But I’m building an army, and I want you to join. – Casey Horn



Jealous Creatures – (Houston, TX )

Taking shape in early 2011, Jealous Creatures began as a collaboration between Houston locals Sarah Hirsch and Josh Barry.

Hirsch had spent time in Austin playing guitar and singing with a number of bands before deciding to return to her hometown and start something fresh. Barry, who had worked his way through a lengthy stint as drummer in Houston new wave band Japanic, was on the lookout for something new.

Reworking Hirsch’s folk-laced demos into riff-driven rock songs, the pair decided to recruit additional members for a full-fledged band. After hooking up with ex-Big Top bassist Lisa Gallo Roth, fellow Japanic keyboardist Rob Smith, and guitarist Ian Hlavacek, the band released its debut album on their own Critter Records label.

The self-titled EP showcases both sides of the band, with full-on rock like “Coffee Stains’ and ‘Faith in Man?,’ paying homage to the gritty pop rock of Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders—while tracks like the subdued Eggs Alone embody a successful mix of raucous indie rock and Norah Jones-like soul.

Currently, the band is pleasing crowds around Texas with their live shows and has plans to return to the studio in June 2011 to record their first full length recording.

Thursday 22 March 2012 – (Early) TNM Houston: Rogue and Special Guest STAND UP TOUR


We have some of our TNM New Orleans Stand Up Family coming in THIS THURSDAY (3/15) for fun entertainment times!

Chris Trew
Dane Faucheux
Drew Platt
Cyrus Cooper

Houston’s Best of 2011 ROGUE IMPROV will open for these guys with a SPEED HAROLD!

$5 gets you all of this and undying love and affection from Amy Birkhead and Royal Millen, WINK! 8PM