December Monthly Food Specials

Hey there! It’s Joe posting the December Food Specials. If you didn’t know, the kitchen staff and I come up with a monthly pizza, pasta and salad special each month and I promised I would post them on the web….just to make you hungry. First up…. the salad…Bartlett pears, thinly sliced with Danish blue cheese, sweetened dried cranberries and toasted pecans over mixed greens with St. Arnold Santo vinaigrette and grilled skirt steak. Next…Penne pasta all’ Amatriciana..spicy marinara sauce with prosciutto and pecorino-romano tossed with penne. And last but not least, Frito Pie Pizza… crust topped with Rudz Angus beef chili, cheddar, Monterrey jack, mozzarella cheeses, and diced onions..and after it comes out we top it with Fritos and pickled jalapenos. Stop by and give them a try…Have a safe holiday. Cheers!

Tuesday 31 January 2012 – Rev Deadeye * Molly Gene One Whoaman Band

Rev Deadeye (Arizona)

The Reverend Deadeye is the Reverend’s son of a Reverend’s son. He spent his youth handlin’ snakes and performin’ at tent revivals alongside his Pentecostal family on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. This sacred musical heritage finds its way prominently into his performances. But don’t expect a Sunday mornin’ church service; instead, expect a Saturday night baptism with fire holy rollin’ revival. With his modified wok-lid resonator guitar, homemade beer can microphone, kick drum, and washtub snare, he delivers a punk-rock version of gritty pre-war delta blues which he blends with fiery gospel interpretations capable of turnin’ the whole room into a spirit filled bar room revival.

The Reverend Deadeye was struck down by an accident that could have sent him to the land of glory eternal……………but The Lord had another plan for the Reverend.

When the Reverend Deadeye was just a mere pup in the eyes of the lord, he was handlin’ a rattle snake that turned and bit him smack in the eye. This act would have spelled the end for any normal man. However, instead of losing his life that day an Angel of the Lord took away the sight in his good eye and gave him a vision in his bad eye.

That vision told him to go forth and preach the gospel to the world. That’s exactly what he would have done if he had been able to see more than four feet in front of his face. However, the Reverend still was able to devise a plan to get his message to each and every man and woman. That is exactly what he wants to bring to you today. He took and old rusty beer can and transformed it into a microphone for shoutin’. He found other various boxes that could be used for stompin’. He picked up his resonating electro-fied guitar that he would soon use for strummin’. He thus has prepared himself to shout, stomp, and strum his way into every wicked heart that he could stumble himself into

Don’t blame the reverend if he screams hellfire and damnation upon your soul. He doesn’t know no better, and he only does it because he loves you. That’s right, he cares for every goddamn one of you whether you’re damned to hell or not. He might be screaming “turn or burn” but the good ol’ Reverend knows where to find the Lord and intends to let everyone know. He told me were to find the Lord and I ain’t been the same since.

You see it was not so long ago that the Reverend placed the coals of hellfire upon my soul. As his face began to redden, and his eye began to cross, he told me exactly where to find what I’d been looking for. He hollered at me and said “I found the Lord in the bottom of the bottle”. That is exactly where each and everyone of you can find him as well, Amen.

The Reverend intends to let the whole world know that the straight and narrow road to redemption is getting stewed to the gills on corn squeezins’.

May the Lord Bless your sinnin’ soul, Deacon Jones


Molly Gene One Whoaman Band ( Warrensburg MO)

“For those who like their whiskey straight and their blues deep and dirty, Hillbilly Love by Molly Gene-One Whoaman Band is one not to be missed. I will warn those of you just edging your way into our little corner of purgatory that her first release, Hillbilly Love, may serve you well as training wheels, because onceHillbilly Love kicks in and this eleven track #10 train full of driving, moonshine-drenched and emotionally raw deep blues starts rolling down the rails, there’s no getting back off. I have been told by those who know Molly Gene and have shared a bill with her that “she’s a sweetheart, but when she gets on stage, the devil comes out” and nothing on this CD would make me believe otherwise. Molly Gene’s rasping gravelly vocals sway from urgently plaintive to intensely aggressive and set the tone from the outset.” The Boston Blues Society – Lee Jergensen

“Molly Gene, “The One Whoaman Band” is nothing at all like any one-person band you have ever seen or heard. She is not a novelty act; she is the real deal, and she plays genuine deep Blues. It’ll cut you to the bone. Her latest CD, “Hillbilly Love”, is one of the grittiest, gutsiest and aggressive Blues albums I have ever heard, and I had heard a lot.” The Coyote Bill Appreciation Society – KC BLUES NEWS

“From the depths of the one-man band underground there has emerged an undeniably impressive female singer/songwriter — a one-woman band, rather — whose dirty blues and raw country sound is quickly earning her a place among the more notable artists of that particular movement. Molly Dyer, better known as Molly Gene One Whoaman Band, is a down-home young woman, all cowboy boots and t-shirts and flannels, all soul and grit and fire. Her bottleneck slide technique is reminiscent of the old blues greats, though with a rock ‘n’ roll edge. Her raspy whiskey and cigarettes vocals, which do not come across as androgynous but remain entirely feminine, join together with her big plugged-in guitar sound to form songs that are as wicked as a desert rattlesnake, as sharp as a straight razor, as fiery as a sip of backwoods moonshine, as sultry as summer nights in the Deep South, and nearly as sexy as Molly herself.” James Carlson – Philadelphia

Saturday 28 January 2012 – MacAdams (CD Release) * Wasi Townsend and Madlov

MacAdams (Houston, TX) –

Born into the world ablaze with freedom and awesomeness, MacAdams brings bright explosive rock and roll into a world of darkness.






Wasi Townsend and Madlove (Houston, TX)

Wasi’s voice has been described as powerfully dark, sultry and wild. Wasi performs with raw emotion reminiscent of artists like Tom Waits and Nina Simone, delivering positive messages about the awesomeness of creation and the oneness of us all.

Born on March 8th in Long Island, New York, Wasi picked up the guitar at 19 and has never stopped writing. Wasi proclaims – “I want to be larger than life and then show people that we are all the same.” The paradox of greatness wrapped in humility is a theme that spans his writings. His first album “The first 5” in 2005 with band Snowshoe and Lewis introduced Wasi as a folk-rocker with every day journey charged lyrics with songs like “Breezy System ” Do Your Thing” and “It’s Going Down”. Soon after the band breaking in 2006, Wasi began studying audio engineering and production to release a solo body of work titled ” Dark Noise” which explored his need to confront and understand pain, fear and himself.

With soulful jazz rock rhythms and melody based guitar, the smooth lush chords and altered time signatures are his intriguing method to sound and movement. You must experience this artist!! He is not your ordinary rock star, but he rocks nonetheless. His up and coming November 2011 acoustic EP release, Black Sea, tells human stories of the ache to break through the mundane in relationships.

Friday 27 Janauary 2012 – Black Irish Texas * Murder The Stout * Jason Bancroft & The Wealthy

Black Irish Texas (Austin, TX)

“Black Irish Texas hails from, appropriately enough, Austin, Texas and they’ve been playing their own high-energy, smart-ass brand of Celtic rockabilly since 2004. On To Hell With the King, their debut CD, they commit some of that Irish rock mayhem to disc. They’ve shared stages with the Dropkick Murphys, the Street Dogs and their fellow Texas hell-raisers, the Flametrick Subs. Ya can tell a tongue in cheek sense of humor is an integral part of the band’s raison d’être from the lyrics of their first song “Get ‘Em Off”–.”Forget your Catholic morals, girl/ you and I belong in hell” Their wild get off your butts & mosh (or dance til you drop) sound infiltrates all eleven songs on To Hell With The King. And while you’re moving around the room, work the brain cells a bit cuz the lyrics are some funny shit. (Bonus Point—a Hot Rod Lincoln-esque interval in the middle of the title track.)-” The Slums Off Hollywood Boulevard CD Review: Black Irish Texas-To Hell With The King


Murder The Stout (Houston, TX)

2010 sees the return of Murder the Stout with an all new exciting lineup.
Scots born Morrison is the only member from the original 2004 band. These days he takes on the lead role and is ably supported by Street Dog, Johnny Rioux on mandolin/vocals with Kevin Murphy who soars on electric guitar/vocals. 

New shows & new recordings are on the way to support the new lineup. Recent performance have shown the energy levels have been upped even higher, if that seems possible from the early raw fast & furious days when they were classed as “Clancy Brothers on Red Bull”!

Drink up, sing up & we’ll see you soon!!

Jason Bancroft and The Wealthy Beggars (Houston, TX)

The Wealthy Beggars, is Jason Bancroft singer/songwriter of the infamous Texas Street Punk band – Black Star Brigade from Austin, Tx. Now back in his hometown of Houston he has been playing music in the Texas punk rock arena for over 15 years and now expands his career with a new sound. The Wealthy Beggars bring a soulful, punk influenced acoustic folk sound with a sense of urgency to a willing audience. The current line up: Jason Bancroft – vocals, guitar & harmonica; Carl Chambless – Drums and Tim Winstead – lead guitar.

Thursday 26 January 2012 – Rudyard’s Beer Tasting Dinner with Joe Apa Featuring selections from Real Ale Brewing Company

Join us on Thursday, January 26th at 7:00PM as we welcome the guys from Real Ale. Past Real Ale tastings have always had something special and this one is no exception. On tap will be Anniversary XV (Russian Imper…ial Stout), Hans Pils, Kracken {French oak barrel-aged Sisyphus(Barleywine)} and a special cask of ESB; bottle selction will feature Lost Gold IPA. Sign up at the bar with a bartender or call in your reservation at 713-521-0521. Seating is limited and there’s a discount for those who sign up before Monday, January 23rd.

Tastings feature 5 courses paired with 5 beers; for the Real Ale Tasting cost is $50 per person ($45 per person before Monday, January 23rd)

Tuesday 24 January 2012 – Mike Stinson * Delicate Cutters

   Mike Stinson (Houston, TX)

“Named “Best Country-Western Artist in L.A.” by Los Angeles magazine and called “the uncrowned king of the L.A. neo-honky tonkers” by Billboard, Mike Stinson is in a class by himself among Southern California country performers.

The universally respected singer-songwriter has issued two widely admired independent albums, Jack of All Heartache and Last Fool at the Bar, and 2009 will see the release of his third CD, The Jukebox In Your Heart, produced by the noted Austin, Texas musician Jesse Dayton and recorded at Willie Nelson’s Pedernales Studios.

Active on the booming Los Angeles country-rock scene since 2001, Virginia-born Stinson draws inspiration from such stylistic progenitors as Nelson, Merle Haggard, Ray Price, George Jones, Bob Dylan, and Gram Parsons. He has made the honky-tonk template his own, spinning a distinctive take on the barroom muse in sharply-crafted songs that are by turns rousingly comic and profoundly heartbreaking. His evocative wordplay, emotional directness, and down-to-earth sincerity as both a songsmith and performer have forged an abiding bond with his fans.

Other performers have caught on to Stinson’s impassioned writing: His contemporary classic “The Late Great Golden State” has been covered by both Dwight Yoakam and Billy Bob Thornton. His music has also made inroads in Hollywood: Stinson’s songs have been heard on the soundtracks to the hit TV shows Mad Men, Weeds, and Cold Case, and in the feature comedy National Lampoon’s Adam and Eve.

A knock-‘em-down live performer, Stinson has attracted a legion of devoted followers with eight years of saloon-rocking shows. He is a perennially popular attraction, and plays packed-to-the-walls residencies at the Redwood Bar & Grill in downtown L.A., the Cinema Bar in Culver City, and the Grand Ole Echo at the Echo in Echo Park.” – Chris Morris

    Delicate Cutters (Birmingham, Al.)

It opens with a plea.  While everything around us, world events, work, technology, all seem to push and shout at us to “Go! Go! Go!” Some Creatures, Delicate Cutters’ first recording for Skybucket Records, emerges as a sobering voice, calling on us to slow down, savor these moments, this music, each other…  Over the course of the thirteen tracks comprising Some Creatures, Delicate Cutters examine themes of transition, family, impermanence and loss, delivering a message rich with hope, compassion and a powerful understanding of how these shared experiences connect us with one another.

Following extensive performances across the southeast in support of 2006’s We Are Not Lovers, Delicate Cutters reconvened in 2009, pared down from a quintet to a quartet, to begin working on the songs that would become Some Creatures.  This paring down offered new opportunities for Janet Simpson to explore more space in her songwriting.  This space provides an opportunity for each player’s own voice and expression to be explored in the ensemble.   The result is a set songs that are trim without being spare, a focused album of unified vision.

Kevin Nicholson, a well-known fiddle player in the southeastern U.S.’s Irish music scene, helps propel the emotional intensity of the album.  Ferocious at times, at others subdued and textural, his play sets a deft balance with Janet’s vocal and instrumental work.  Chance Shirley, in addition to leading the rhythm section, brings his experience as a film director to the band, enhancing the cinematic scope of the album, a fact evidenced by the licensing of one of the album’s tracks in the upcoming film L.A. I Hate You starring Malcolm McDowell.  Bass player Brian Moon also produced the album, his intimacy with songs apparent in the rewards found in repeated intentional listens.

Having completed Some Creatures, Delicate Cutters have resumed writing and performing across the Southeast as they gear up for the album’s early 2011 release.