Friday, September 30, 2011 – One Red Martian

One Red Martian (Dallas, TX) –
Some of today’s greatest rock bands, including Muse and Kings of Leon, incubated their unique sonic signatures far away from big city “scenes” and have preserved them with close-knit, unchanging line-ups. Following in this formidable tradition comes One Red Martian: three brothers and a childhood friend who first made music in rural Upstate New York.

Though they relocated to Dallas in 2008, ORM’s unusually organic coming-together as teenagers four years earlier (the oldest member of the band is still just 21) has forever shaped them. “That’s a huge part of how we got to where we are today,” says singer/guitarist Jimi Woodul. “It’s even more intense than that now, because we’re better musicians and we’re more dedicated… [But] in many ways it’s very much similar to when we were just up in my family’s barn playing music.”

One Red Martian fuse influences from their parents’ record collections (Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, classic blues) with more contemporary fare (from Josh Ritter to Rage Against the Machine) into what they intriguingly dub “intensely lyrical ballad rock” and “genre-busting piano metal”.

“We want our songs to really say something,” says Jimi. “But, at the same time, we also want to be the heaviest piano band ever. We were very influenced by Ben Folds and Muse, but we wanted to take it a step further and make it as heavy as we can while still retaining some real substance in the lyrics and having extreme dynamics.”

Following their debut full-length, Studio Dog Sessions, self-recorded in their high school music room on borrowed equipment in ’08, ORM have now realized their aural ambitions with newly-released Spit My Brain. “we’re much more proficient with our instruments and much tighter as a live band [now],” Jimi, the band’s principal songwriter, explains. “and it was easier to go for more bold concepts lyrically because I’ve just become a better writer. The concepts are much more defined. I guess the theme of the album is seeing yourself as outside of yourself and having everybody else see that very pure view of yourself – you’re spitting your brain outside of your body.”

Recorded over 10 days in Texas, Spit My Brain includes the title track (the most personal song I’ve ever written”) and “Demondroid”, which was mixed by legendary rock producer Beau Hill (Alice Cooper, Ratt etc.) yet, while Spit is their finest recorded statement to date, One Red Martian remain focused on live performance. “When I hear a band and they’re totally sublime performers, with totally sympathetic vibrations going out into the crowd, it does something to me inside that I would like to give to somebody else,” says the singer. “And I think we’re capable of giving somebody that feeling.”

“We’re so committed to doing this, [but] it’s not really like we’re committed to success – It’s that we really, honestly want to make really great music…and nothing really gets in the way of that.”

Thursday, September 29 , 2011 – Rudyard’s Beer Tasting Dinner with Joe Apa Featuring Selections from the Karbach Brewing Co.

This month we are thrilled to host Houston’s newest home team, Karbach Brewing Company, for the September dinner. Brewmeister Eric Warner – erstwhile of Flying Dog Brewery – will be on hand to give us the lowdown on the brewery’s offerings. Joe Apa has ‘sampled’ all the new brews which are just now appearing in your favorite pubs around town & is matching them with some of the fall’s earliest local produce. This first dinner of the fall is gonna rock!

And the line up is…(drum roll):

Hopadillo IPA
Weisse Versa Wheat
Sympathy for the Lager
Karbach’s as yet unnamed Porter
Surprise Beer Cocktail Concoction

All you need to do is call the bar at 713-521-0521, get your reservation by Monday for $40 ($45 after that). Then, get up to Rudz Thursday night & get ready for the fun to begin.

Saturday, September 24, 2011 – Krullur * TurboKrieg * Peasant * Termination Force * U.Y.U.S.

Krullur (Houston Tx)


TurboKrieg (Houston Tx)

Grind From Houston.
Sorry, No info on-line.

Peasant (Houston, TX)

First gig ever. Includes some members of Landfill.



Termination Force (Houston, TX) –

Based out of Houston, TX, The band was originally named Crusher, formed in early 2005 as a portion of four with Dustin (vocals/guitar), Justin (Bass), Jimmy (vocals) and Matt (drums) and adding Joe later on to play bass where as Justin switched to guitar. The band has released three self recorded demos under the Crusher name, In 2007 they decided to change to their current name, TERMINATION FORCE. They have released a promo CD in 2007. Between 2008-2009, TERMINATION FORCE took a year and half off and is now planning a new demo for 2010. With a few line up changes within the band, the bands current line up now consists of Dustin (guitar/vocals), Justin (guitars), Jimmy (vocals) and Aldo (drums).


UYUS (Houston, TX) –

We walked into Fitzgerald’s downstairs to catch an experimental noise song by Grindin’ Teeth before stepping it upstairs to hear the band U.Y.U.S. I never got to see them back in the day, but I remember their flyers/album art. They turned in a good set of straight-ahead hardcore, and the crowd was enthusiastic and steadily building. There was still a slow-moving line, backed up into the parking lot, of people waiting to get in to the club. The band was energized and thankful; they reminisced between songs about the Axiom with sweat dripping off them telling the youngsters in the crowd to “Live it up! ‘Cause it goes by fast!” – Space City Rock



Friday, September 23, 2011 – Gypsyhawk * Venomous Maximus * Automatic Thrill

Gypsyhawk (Los Angeles, CA) –

“Combining the sound of Thin Lizzy, Hawkwind, and Black Sabbath with – somehow – just a few average dudes out there to return music to the people that appreciate it, Gypsyhawk is a band’s band, a fan’s band…and a god damn rock band when rock and roll needs it most. In a time when music is shoveled down your throat, Gypsyhawk backs up the walk (and mabye a little swagger) with rock. The band’s first… show in their hometown of Pasadena, Calif. yielded an enthusiastic and devoted crowd, showing the promise Gypsyhawk holds in the palm of their hands…well, as soon as this next solo is done. Then they’ll have a free hand…. Turn down the lights and turn up the tunes indeed.”


Venomous Maximus (Houston, TX) –

“Yeah, I know I’m way, way behind on this one… For some reason, the debut 7″ from metal dudes Venomous Maximus has just taken a little while to grow on me. I’m not entirely sure why — this stuff is really and truly up my alley, especially lately, when my car’s stereo practically lives on a diet of Red Fang, Priestess, and The Sword. I’d put it in there and listen, expecting to love it outright, but it just didn’t… click, at least not immediately.

In the end, I think it’s drummer Bongo who won me over; try as I might, I just can’t get that stomping, crushing, heavy-yet-not-bassy rhythm on A-side “Give Up The Witch” out of my damn head. Once I was sucked in, I found myself grinning and nodding along, mentally ticking off a big list of all my own metal heroes as I listened. This is the sound of a bunch of guys who I’d bet came up listening to and loving classic metal, from Sabbath to Metallica to Maiden, and they fly that influence proudly, holding it over their collective heads like a flag.

In doing so, they call to mind all three of those bands I mentioned above, especially The Sword, considering the subject matter of “Witch” (it’s about, duh, a witch). B-side “The Living Dead” is a little more contemporary, less in the fantasy-metal vein, but hell, even then it’s nicely busy and bluesy, closer to Red Fang or Early Man than the previous track.

Now, I know it’ll sound strange, but to me the coolest thing about this 7″, honestly, is that the Venomous Maximus guys know when not to overdo it. I hear a crap-ton of metal each week, and far, far too much of it is bruisingly heavy and overloaded, with growly, unintelligible vocals crammed into my ears so deep they give me a freaking headache. I’m all for dynamics and up-front production and all that, definitely, but sometimes it’s really just a distraction.

Not here, though — for being a heavy, sharp-edged slab of metal, the record is relatively clean and straightforward, sound-wise. On both songs, I can make out every damn word frontman/tattoo artist Gregg Higgins is bellowing into the mic, every twisting, distorted riff that comes out of Christian Larson’s guitar, and even the surprisingly melodic little bass bits Trevi Biles throws into the mire on “The Living Dead.” And that’s very cool, at least to me.

So there you go. Late though I am in saying it, yeah, I’ll admit it: I’m fucking loving these guys.” – Jeremy Hart, Space City Rock


Automatic Thrill (Houston, TX) –

Houston’s very own heavy metal, rock’n’roll, local band developed for your aural pleasure.

Tony Fulco-singer

Stevie Sims-drummer

Ryan Poole-guitar

Travis Massacre-guitar

Chadwick Davis-bass