Rudz Beer Tasting Dinners with Chef Jordan Economy

Come see your local hairy Chef at Montrose’s living room.

Join us each month as Chef Jordan Economy brings you an extraordinary culinary experience pairing carefully crafted dishes with beer selections from the finest breweries around. Each month brings you selections from a different brewery and a unique dining experience.

Prices vary for each dinner and seating is limited to just 50 so call (713)-521-0521 now and make your reservations or sign up at the bar.


Thursday 23 August 2018, 7pm

The Return of the Rudz Beer Tasting Dinners with Chef Jordan Economy

It’s back!  It’s finally back and what better way to kick off Rudz’s 40th Anniversary Weekend than showcasing the unparalleled skills of our Chef Jordan Economy with his first beer dinner?  Five courses of fabulous food paired with fantastic selection from Blanco, Texas’ Real Ale Brewing.

Beer!  Food! Glassware!  Swag!

Damn, why are you sitting there reading this?

Make your reservation now before all the seats are gone!